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My Favorite Fantasy: Tripled by Bethany Michaels – Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

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My Favorite Fantasy: Tripled

by Bethany Michaels

Published by Dragonfly Press Books

Erotic Contemporary Romance

Contains Light Bondage, Menage (M/F/M)

Heat Level: Sizzling

Approx. Word Count: 20,000


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London and Nick have been friends since college but when Nick moves in with London during renovations to his own apartment, things quickly start to become less than platonic. Just as London is    starting to see the upside to this new development, she meets the perfect guy for her, Collin, an artist at the art gallery where she works.


Nick is her best friend, her confidant, the one person on Earth she can just be herself with. But Collin feeds her intellect, her artistic side, her soul.  Once she’s finally tasted each of them, London knows she has to choose, but cannot decide which man she can live without. Luckily Nick and Collin have it all figured out and are determined to show London that two are always better than one.


What’s Your Fantasy?


Sexual fantasies—every woman’s got them, whether they choose to share or not. One of the reasons I love erotic romance is that we can explore these fantasies in a safe way, either as a reader or as a writer (or both!). You can be the mom, the wife and the church secretary by day and still indulge in a fantasy lifestyle that’s none of those things as soon as you power up your ereader. Here are some of the most popular fantasies women share and some recommended reading if you’d like to explore:


Sex with strangers. No judgment, no repercussions, no morning after. You meet a handsome sexy man and connect instantly. He flirts with you. You flirt with him. Both of you have sex on the brain and it’s practically a foregone conclusion that it’s going to happen. One of the best sex with strangers erotic romances I’ve read is Megan Hart’s Stranger from Harlequin Spice. It explores the fantasy (in detail) but also the reasons the heroine chooses sexual partners she doesn’t know (and pays them).  (OMG…Stranger is the perfect book for that and one of my all time favorites.  I broke my erotic cherry on that book-Harlie)


Forced seduction. Many modern readers have an issue with this old-school romance trope and avoid any book with forced seduction scenes. It’s a controversial fantasy not often played out in modern romances, but many women still have a secret fantasy about having the choice taken from them. The fantasy is about being so desirable a man can’t help himself. It’s about not having to choose whether to be the good girl and saying “no” or being the bad girl and saying “yes”. If you’d like to read one of these very well done, try Mary Janice Davidson’s novella “Love’s Prisoner” which is in Secrets Volume 6 from Red Sage Publishing. The werewolf hero is compelled by his nature and the full moon to claim his mate, and the woman’s reactions are believable yet still hot.


Being watched. Like many others, this fantasy is about feeling desirable and holding a man’s attention. It’s about a woman’s power of seduction and control. It’s also about the forbidden—sex is usually a private thing between two people. Allowing outsiders in to watch the performance is considered taboo and therefore the perfect fantasy. A great exhibitionist novella is Acting the Part by Eva Cassel from Harlequin Spice. The heroine and hero are actors whose love scenes on camera are more than just pretend.


Male on male action. In the past year or two male on male romance for straight women has boomed. Lesbian erotica has always been a popular male fantasy and mow it seems women are getting in on the act. What’s appealing? Well, two men instead of one, of course. But it’s also about breaking the mold of what romance looks like. Loving freely. Honestly, I never really got the turn-on of male/male romance until I read Emma Holly’s Fairyville. The book is not centered around a male/male romance or sexual relationship per se, but there is a secondary romance involving two male characters that I found very hot.


Multiple partners. Probably the most common sexual fantasy, imagining having a threesome tops many women’s lists. If we’re talking straight women imagining going to bed with two men, it’s often about attention, being desired and cared for. But of course there are many different flavors of ménage romance—male/female/male; male/male/female; female/male/female and other variations. This is a hugely popular sub-genre in erotic romance. A really good one I read recently was Inside Heat by Roz Lee. The heroes are super hot pro baseball players. This book isn’t just about the hot sex the three have; it’s about what happens afterwards and how relationships change over time.


I hate calling an erotic ménage a cute story but that’s what this story is…cute.  I loved it.  The dynamic between London/Nick, London/Collin, Nick/London/Collin were great.  It was hot, fun and the emotions between Nick and London were realistic.  I mean, really what happens when you want to sleep with your best friend?

I did that and it actually hurt our friendship a bit.  Made it strained and through the years we lost touch but I do think about him from time to time.  What’s he doing?  Is he married yet?  With Nick and London, they don’t have to think about the what happens after.  It just happens and the emotions grow between them until London has to make that choice.  Except, she really doesn’t have to.  Two gorgeous men make her mind up for her.

Collin was a the dream that London had always had.  Someone that could stimulate her mind and get her regarding her job.   Nick couldn’t do that…none of her one nighter’s could and that’s what makes Collin such a great third in the ménage.  After encounters with both Nick and Collin, London is confused.  What is she supposed to do?  Choose?

Wow, the ending for Nick, London and Collin is the only way that the book could have ended for me and the only one that makes sense.  Be prepared for voyeurism, a little light bondage, some very sexy m/f/m and some of the best “best friend” sex that I’ve read in a long time.

Don’t miss out on this “cute” story about best friends, the one that comes into your life when you least expected it and the oh so sexy way that it could possibly end up.  🙂





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About the Author:

Bethany Michaels grew up in a small Indiana farm town, which gave her lots of time to indulge her love for reading and writing.  She currently lives outside Nashville,Tennessee with her husband and children.


Bethany is the author of over a dozen short stories, novellas and novels. She writes hot sexy love stories for several publishers including Red Sage, Whispers and Siren and is working on some independent titles as well. She earned a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Nomination for her novel, Nashville Heat and is a member of Romance Writers of America, Music City Romance Writers and Indiana Romance Writers of America.


When not at work on her next book or catching up the laundry or dishes, Bethany enjoys watching movies, hiking, reading, travelling and volunteering with her kids’ scout troops. She is trying to enjoy snacking on vegetables and using the treadmill rather than snacking on potato chips and using the television, but isn’t quite there yet.


Visit Bethany online at:

Website –

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