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Little Red – Tysche Dwai – Blurb

There’s something wicked in the woods tonight, and Red’s about to find more than she bargained for in Grandma’s bed.

Little Red – Tysche Dwai – Excerpt

There’s something wicked in the woods tonight, as Constance “Red” Caldicott discovers on her way to her grandmother’s house. Handsome Vladimir Drakul, with his poet’s shirt and dreamy accent seems a bit young for Grandmother, but Red would sure be willing to become better acquainted. Things are looking up in Enchanted Forest after all…

Butterfly – Decadent Kane – Blurb


The devil’s finally caught up with them and Lacey must pay his dues to save the demon she loves.


Butterfly – Decadent Kane – Excerpt

On Lacey’s last trip through Hell to gain her powers, she took more than she was allowed. She stole the demon she fell in love with. Now the devil’s finally caught up with them and she must pay his dues to save the demon she loves. But is the price too steep?


One Way to Say Goodbye – Robin S. Crawford – Blurb

There are many ways to say “goodbye,” but you can only do it once.

One Way to Say Goodbye – Robin S. Crawford – Excerpt

Her lover has been unfaithful for a second time. Not willing to give him another chance, she confronts him, determined to put an end to the relationship. He knows before she says a word that he’s been found out. Unaware of how she plans to say goodbye, he attempts to seduce her one last time.


Last Kiss – D. F. Krieger – Blurb

If you had only hours left with your loved one, would you make them count?

Last Kiss –D. F. Krieger – Excerpt

Lana and her husband Jeremy are spending their final days together, even as the wound on his arm festers and his mind falls apart. Can she still the grief in her heart long enough to appreciate their last kiss, or will the pending murder she must commit steal the remaining moments they have?


No Change in Policy in Room 8 – Torie James – Blurb


In the dark of night, two strangers discover it’s not the beast under the bed that needs to be fed but the one on top.


No Change in Policy in Room 8 – Torie James – Excerpt


Nerdy sexpot, Maggie, is good at minding her own business. But when Tall, Dark, and Horny makes his presence known, she answers the siren call of anonymous lust on the first ring. Able to get her juices stirring, she’s more than willing to give this contender a shot. Thinly veiled secrets don’t hold water when mystery bleeds into misery and pleasure demands payment with pain.


The Dark Man – HK Sterling – Blurb

What if the world was a simple game of dice or cards? Would you be willing to risk it all for love?

The Dark Man – H.K. Sterling – Blurb

What if life was as simple as a game of dice or poker? What if humans lived their lives unaware that they were pawns, played on a board by those who were just a little more than human? Would fate intervene? Would love mean anything? If you were a God among humans, wouldn’t you be just maybe, slightly, bored?


Blindfold – Jay Wilburn – Blurb


Hiding from each other and the monsters outside in the world, Tracy and Paul will find out new truths from their game through the wall.


Blindfold – Jay Wilburn – Excerpt

Tracy misses the outside, ruled by the monsters from whom she hides. She plays with Paul and uses what power she has over him in their game through the wall. As danger closes in, their playtime reveals the secrets they have tried to hide from each other and the world. Put on the blindfold, obey her commands, and hide the truth as long for as possible.



Dangerous Desires – Jen Bradlee – Blurb


Writing about dangerous men is one thing. Finding yourself face to face with one, well, that was another matter entirely.

Dangerous Desires – Jen Bradlee – Excerpt

Emily Poe likes to write about dangerous men, but she never intended to come face to face with one. When a masked vigilante kills two of her attackers, she finds the lines between fiction and reality blurred. How dangerous can one man really be?


Three Little Men – Dianne Hartsock

Renting a secluded cabin for Valentine’s Day is Billy’s idea. One that goes terribly wrong.

Three Little Men – Dianne Hartsock – Excerpt

I’ve been dating my sexy boyfriend for months now, so when Billy asks me to spend Valentine’s Day with him in a secluded cabin, I don’t think twice. Time alone in the woods will be perfect. Only we’re not alone. There’s something in the trees that terrifies me. Something that scratches at the windows and bangs on the door. Something that Billy invites in to join us.

Awaiting Our Reunion – Christine Morgan – Blurb

A haunting story of patience, perseverance, remembrance, and the tragedy of lovers torn apart.


Awaiting Our Reunion – Christine Morgan – Excerpt


Oh, for that one special night, that chance to be together again! How far would you go and how long would you wait for the sake of your lover? To keep the promises you made? What would you do to rekindle your romance when all else seems lost? Will you be able to forgive each other and overcome the tragedy that first tore you apart?


Rhythm and Blues – Brantwijn Serrah – Blurb

At the music festival Ronnie meets her black-magic boy; between heights of ecstasy and terror, he has a proposition to release her from all her sorrows.

Rhythm and Blues – Brantwijn Serrah – Excerpt


She fled to Memphis for a weekend’s escape her monster of an older brother. But on the banks of the Mississippi River, Ronnie’s about to meet another monster… and this black-magic boy brings with him all sorts of wicked, malicious promises.


Tempting Sin – Shelli Rosewarne – Blurb


Sin is designed to be tempting, and sometimes not even an angel can resist.


Tempting Sin – Shelli Rosewarne – Excerpt


Isaura is an angel; she should be above feelings of restlessness and desire. Yet one scorching kiss from a demon, and she’s tempted beyond belief. All she can think about is that she desperately wants more. But for that Isuara would need to fall from heaven, risking her body and her heart on the chance that she can tempt sin as well.


Rebirth with a Rose – Kera Faire – Blurb

These Roses are black


What should I do?


Rebirth could be mine,


At the expense of you.


Rebirth with a Rose – Kera Faire – Excerpt


Most people want hearts and flowers. She just wants life. Sadly the one man she choses to help her achieve this isn’t up to the job.

Someone else is, but if she choses—and uses—him, there can only be one winner. It has to be her.

Can she have her rebirth, and live? Or will he win, and all her sacrifices have been in vain?



Invoking Ostara – Lisa A. Adams – Blurb

Macey has trained extensively to complete the sacred ceremony of invoking Ostara, but when madness ensues and threatens her lover, will Ostara hear her pleas?

Invoking Ostara – Lisa A. Adams – Excerpt


Macey has the training, the knowledge, and the willpower to complete the sacred ritual of invoking the goddess Ostara. The one thing she lacks is courage. Entering the cold chamber, Macey’s training fails. She knows what she has to do but is unsure that she is willing to give her virginity to a stranger.

Brandon knows his part to play and is looking forward to it. But he also hides a secret. This ritual will be like no other, and he will do whatever it takes to make sure of it.



Spider Prince – Iyana Jenna – Blurb

After thinking he was abducted by the monster spider, Ghaelt, Aleich Rhaydyn woke up to something entirely different.


Spider Prince – Iyana Jenna – Excerpt


Unable to control himself, the monster spider, Ghaelt, caught Aleich in his web. Ghaelt soon found himself falling for unconscious captive. Trying to be careful, Ghaelt couldn’t resist the temptation; but then Aleich woke up.


Stormy Night in Old Town – Kelly Ryan – Blurb


A freak snowstorm brings Amber into the arms of the man who has haunted her dreams, Damian, or is it something else bringing them together?

Stormy Night in Old Town – Kelly Ryan – Excerpt


Amber finds herself trapped in a virtual ghost town as a desert snowstorm shuts down the town. She seeks shelter with the only other person around, the man whom she has lusted after from afar. Now that they are alone all their pent up longing for each other is being unleashed in a flash. Is it just their own wants and desires driving them, the craziness of the storm heightening the tension between them, or is there something more guiding them into each other’s arms?



Aphrodisiac – Roni Sharpe – Blurb


A supernatural predator is drawn to a human female while on his way to a meeting, creating a unique experience for them both.

Aphrodisiac – Roni Sharpe – Excerpt

On his way to a meeting, a supernatural predator is drawn to a human female in the elevator. He’s not normally the type to take a detour, especially when he’s already fed, but this woman presents a unique opportunity for him to experience a meal he thought didn’t exist.


Siren’s Call – Shelli Rosewarne – Blurb


When Ciaran meets the mysterious Rae, he is convinced she is his dream woman. But what will he have to do to keep her?


Siren’s Call – Shelli Rosewarne – Excerpt


Ciaran is well aware that he’s not exactly God’s gift to women, so when a midnight stroll on the beach leads to the most beautiful woman he’d ever met jumping his bones, he assumes he must be dreaming.

The fact that she disappears into thin air the next morning only adds to that, but Ciaran finds he just can’t let it go. He will do anything to see his mystery woman again. Anything.



Feral – Decadent Kane – Blurb

Is it enough to give up one soul in order to save all of the rest?

Feral – Decadent Kane – Excerpt


Nova’s always been curious about the drow, those dark diseased elves. Society cast them aside, but when she meets Dace and the danger he represents to her, she can’t seem to control herself. She’ll have to give up her soul to save everyone from his madness. Will it be enough to sate his Feral?


The Shed –  Brantwijn Serrah – Blurb

Rebekah can’t sleep—not with the screams and cries of pain coming from her neighbor’s shed at night. What dreadful secret can he be hiding?

The Shed – Brantwijn Serrah – Excerpt


A trip to the river is Rebekah’s annual escape. This year, though, she has a new neighbor, and he’s a bit of a strange one. Then one night, the sounds of screams jerk Rebekah out of her sleep, and she’s horrified to realize they’re coming from her neighbor’s backyard shed…


Under the Shadow of Wings – HK Sterling – Blurb

Love between Gods and Super-humans can be a dangerous thing

Under the Shadow of Wings – H.K. Sterling – Excerpt


All kinds of species exist on Earth. Kat is one of them, just learning her way around, beholden to her relatives. Their burden rests on her. In a world where possession is nine-tenths of the law, what’s a girl to do for dinner?

Now, now, remember not to play with your food.


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