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Midnight’s Warrior by Donna Grant

ISBN-10: 0312552599

ISBN-13: 978-0312552596

Mass Market Paperback

Dark Warriors #4

November 27, 2012

Midnight’s Warrior

Ramsey ~ Our HERO!

The fierce one. He’s not a man to show emotion, but Ramsey sees all. His destiny is before him, but will he be able to face his future with his past riding him?

Born: September 1284
Turned: 1305
God: Ehtexia, god of thieves
Warrior Color: Bronze
Manipulates mass


A Druid whose magic is so unpredictable that she doesn’t try to use it. Her family is, and when they try to force her to become one, she runs away. For ten years she’s kept on the run until a man unlike any other enters her life, a man who makes her yearn to trust again.

An Exclusive Excerpt from Midnight’s Warrior, featuring Ramsey ~
“And if I was a drough.   Would you still be trying to save me?”
Ramsey looked into her blue-green eyes and answered honestly.  “Without a doubt.”
Her smile, warm and sincere, filled the room.  He was about to ask her about her childhood when his advanced hearing caught the sound of something above the din of the snowstorm. 
Ramsey was on his feet instantly.  Almost immediately Ramsey’s mobile rang.
“He’s here!”  Charon shouted over the snow. 
Ramsey hung up and looked at Tara.  Her face had lost all its color and the coffee mug fell from her hands.  He had little choice but to protect her until Fallon could get her out.  
He went to her and grabbed her arms.  “Stay with me.  Do you understand?  You have to stay with me until it’s time for you to leave.  I’ll keep you safe.” 
When she didn’t answer he gave her a little shake. 
“Yes, yes!” she shouted.
“Get your coat,” Ramsey ordered. 
He wished like hell Fallon was here so he could take Tara away.  Ramsey put his hand on the door and looked at the magic tendrils swirling around him. 
The sound of Declan’s helicopter grew louder as it neared the castle.  Ramsey doused all the lights in the cottage and watched as the chopper set down behind the castle. 
The helicopter door opened and four mercenaries clad in all black with black masks covering their faces rushed out, their rifles up and ready to use.  A moment later Declan climbed out of the chopper and waved it away. 
“The chopper willna be far.  Declan will want it close enough to take you away,” Ramsey told Tara as she came up behind him. 
“I won’t go with him.”
“No, you willna.”
The mercs split up.  Two went with Declan toward the castle while two fanned out.  Ramsey smiled as he saw Charon’s copper skin rise out of the snow and snap the head of one of the guards. 
“Was that Charon?”  Tara asked breathlessly. 
Ramsey nodded, a smile on his face as he realized they did outnumber Declan.  Ending the bastard was going to be easier than Ramsey thought. 
But Ramsey’s smile died when Charon whirled around to face ten more mercenaries. 
A roar went through Ramsey when the first N90 bullet ripped through Charon. 

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