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Mema’s Review of Falling for the Marine by Samathe Beck

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I Love A Man In Uniform… Better Yet, Out Of It!!!


What can I say….Samanthe Beck has done it again! This is the second McCade brothers story and it had me from beginning to end. Loved the chemistry between Michael and Chloe Kincaid. The story begins with Chloe placing herself in a precarious situation… When she calls out in cries of help, it is Michael who comes to her rescue.  But as enticing Chloe is to the Major, he is in physical pain and gracefully walks away. Yet the seed of want and desire has been planted by both. Chloe is shocked to see Michael sprawled out on her massage table the following afternoon.. The heat and flames erupt placing both of them in a very compromising position. One that causes Chloe her job. Distraught, Chloe goes and ‘drinks’ her cares away at the local bar…In charges Michael, saving his damsel yet again (strike 2).

After waking up next to Michael, she is at a lost…she has no job, no car and no apartment now. Michael feels terrible and helps her the only way he can think of, he offers his extra bedroom to Chloe. At first Chloe doesn’t want to accept but without her job and no other choices available, she accepts. Michael could lose his post too because of the situation they were found in at the clinic. Michael tells Chloe if they pretend to be engaged, she can save him from being brought up on charges and possible discharge. It would also save them both from any embarrassment of their actions.

What I thoroughly enjoyed was the undeniable and instant attraction between Chloe and Michael. It was playful, fun, loving and was intense and delicious. Chloe had a few admirable qualities about her. She had great optimism despite being unlucky in love before, has a carefree spirit, yet knows she must put her heart on the line. Michael is the ultimate loyal, responsible, big hearted alpha solider male with looks to kill. But he does show us his vulnerability, which shows with his injury and caring nature. This just made me love him even more. He figures Chloe out almost instantly and calls her out when she tries to pull away and shut down. Their personalities and the chemistry work incredibly well together. It was wonderful to be able to see their relationship grow into something very real, something that could plausibly happen to anyone. I laughed, cried, even a bit of puzzlement but everything was pulled into a surprising and enjoyable ending, actual perfection for a couple who started off as an odd pairing… Samanthe brings the viewer into the story from the beginning and hold you there on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out..’And then…’ I truly loved this book as I do her others “Lover Undercover” and “Private Practice”, both well worth reads also.

I look forward to more stories of love and desire and everything that goes along with it from Samanthe Beck, a worthy new author to keep your eye on. Believe me, you will not be disappointed!!!


I highly recommend this book as well as her others!


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2 thoughts on “Mema’s Review of Falling for the Marine by Samathe Beck

  1. What a great book! Love the chemistry between Michael & Chloe… You can never go wrong with a man in…hehehe or out of uniform! Check it out…well worth the read!!!

  2. Mema, thanks so much for checking out “Falling for the Marine”! I’m glad you enjoyed the crazy adventures of Michael & Chloe. They were a blast to write and I love hearing readers say the story made them laugh (in the good way)!

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