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Just Chemisty by Vera Jax – Review/Excerpt



Logan is powerfully attracted to the woman standing before him in the elevator. Minutes later he discovers that they have at least one thing in common: both work for Blue Dreams Marketing—he in the LA office and she in the Houston branch. And he is Sam’s superior.

Sam is equally attracted to Logan. Not one to let opportunities slip by, she gets him to share a “lunch” where each is the main course. But Sam has worked too hard to jeopardize a career she loves for the sake of sexual chemistry. Everyone knows that sleeping with—let alone dating—a superior is bad business. Worse still is the fact that Logan is being considered for a promotion that may put Sam’s job on the line.

Sam breaks it off with Logan. But he won’t let her go, even after being presented with evidence that Sam is involved in another office affair. In the end corporate intrigue forces Sam and Logan to band together for the sake of their careers. Logan is determined to remain at Sam’s side, but will she let him?




Minutes later Sam stood up and headed toward the restroom. The hallway was so poorly lit that she could hardly see her own feet. The walls were covered with dark blue wallpaper and illuminated only by small, candle-shaped sconces. Suddenly his hand was on her wrist and pulling her toward him. Her heart raced.

“This is a bad idea.”

“I know.” His voice was soft, a growl stuck in his throat.

He laid a finger on her lips and dragged it down her mouth, her chin, her throat, between her breasts and past her belly button. Turning her back to the wall, he pressed into her. She should have felt embarrassed, maybe even humiliated at the gesture, but the desire to turn him on overrode everything else.

And this was definitely turning him on. His finger hadn’t stopped its downward path. With his other hand he reached under her skirt and lifted it up.

“People are going to see us,” she whispered.

“Scared?” he taunted.

Fuck you, she thought.

His hands were moving her underwear aside and his middle finger was finding its way through her slit. She let out a ragged breath. He moved in closer and put a second finger inside her. She leaned against the wall and moaned. His thumb was caressing her clit while his other hand was under her shirt. Instinctively, she laid one hand over his and placed the other on her own breast.

“You’re so fucking dirty,” he growled.

She released his hand and slid her fingers next to his zipper. Finding his hard cock, she squeezed it through the jean fabric. She heard a voice say, “Fuck me. Fuck me!” It was hers.

Being so out of control was not Sam’s style. Today at lunch she had acted more in character. She had been known to make the first move before—maybe not so suddenly and certainly not without at least some conversation—but usually she stayed in control. The sex afterwards, and this, right now, were completely outside her MO and yet, surprisingly, within her comfort zone. He was her equal, and it felt delicious.

“You want me to fuck you?” Logan kissed her mouth, nibbling her lower lip. “I don’t think you’ve deserved it.” His tone said otherwise.

“Fuck me!” she repeated authoritatively, putting her hands around his neck and pulling him in. She may have been the one pleading, but she was leading this dance.

“No!” His voice was sharp, decisive. He pulled his hands and his erection away from her. She felt like someone had run a current through her, making her whole body vibrate, and then suddenly turned it off.

“You and I are going on a date first.”

She frowned at him, frowned at his indecent proposal. “I don’t play games,” she retorted, turned on and irritated all at once.

“Neither do I. I want to fuck you. You know I do,” he pressed the long shaft of his unmistakably erect dick against her hip, “But we are going on a date first.” His admission that he wanted her, along with his erect cock against her skirt, soothed her ego.

“Okay. But aren’t you leaving tomorrow?”

“Yes. But I’ll be back in two weeks.”

Her eyes widened, her eyebrows were raised in surprise, “Two weeks!”

“Yes, baby, two weeks. Think you can wait that long?” His voice was teasing, gentle.

“Sure.” She’d tried to sound casual, but she knew her response had come out a little more affectionately than intended. And she really wasn’t sure how on earth she was going to manage those two weeks.

“Good.” He leaned in, and his lips softly claimed her mouth.

Her hands were around his neck, her fingers threading through his hair. She pulled him toward her, hard.

He took his mouth off hers. “Stop. I want you so fucking bad my dick hurts. But I am not screwing you in a bathroom. Keep doing this to me and I may just end up fucking you here.”

Her expression must have given away her confusion, because he added, “You deserve better.”


As I have previously stated, I love office romances.  But this one was a tad different.  Way different and it was fantastic!  I won’t go over the blurb so I will tell you what I loved about it.  Plus, my new Kindle Fire was completely on fire the whole time I read this book.  Just fair warning…  😉

Sam was one hell of a woman.  She knew what she wanted in and out of bed.  I liked her strength and that she wasn’t afraid of her own sexuality.  I hate weak heroine’s that need a man to show her how good sex can be.  From the first encounter to the last, she knew what she wanted and she wanted Logan.  But at what cost?

Logan was a dream.  Protective, tender and willing to give Sam everything she wanted and more in the bedroom.  They both had to learn to give and take in the bedroom and oh what a treat that was to this reader.

The blackmail element was great, too.  Who hasn’t heard about blackmail in the office in this day and time?  What got me was the way the author pulled Sam and Logan apart but then they realized the need to be together to take the blackmailer down.

In the end, I was cheering for Sam and Logan.  If there is one couple that I have read lately, they needed their HEA and they got it.










Vera Jax is a full-time professional in Texas, where she lives with her husband and their children. A sex-positive and body-positive feminist, she loves writing erotica, reading about female sexuality, and celebrating women’s sexual autonomy. Vera does volunteer work with a non-profit that helps women and their families. She believes erotica gives women a safe space where they can explore their fantasies with no shame or judgment and where they can see their desires and urges reflected in a positive light. You can find Vera online at www.verajax.com.




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