It’s Tuesday

I got AWESOME news from my doctor today.  When I went to the annual trip, my doctor did a biopsy to check for anything wrong with my lining.  I have very heavy monthlies and I needed to know if anything was wrong.  Well, I’m fine but we still have to figure out how to make me more comfortable during that time.

Not sure that anyone knows this but I review books for a website now.  I just turned in my second review and I tried to be fair.  Have you ever read a book and found that either the hero/heroine was lacking?  I did in this book and I think I wrote a fair review.  The rest of the story and even the hero were great, just not the heroine.   If you review, please comment and let me know how you handle situations like that. 

I’m off the bed……………..I’m tired and sleepy. 

So what do you think?

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