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Gage had been with the Knight family for more years than he could remember. He watched as each of his brothers found and claimed their mates. it really was no surprise to Gage when he found his own mate in a beautiful fey woman who had already become as close as family.

The only problem was that Serena was promised to another man by her family. Gage knows what he must do in order to bring her back to his side. He will have to become the thing he hates most and embrace his heritage that he tried so hard to forget. His family will stand strong beside him as they face danger again for the sake of love.


Gage’s head was forcefully yanked back as she fisted his hair and pulled.  He growled deep in his throat and thrust his hips more forcefully into her body, making her pull even harder.  He bent his head and crushed his mouth into her soft lips, tasting and licking and sucking for all he was worth.   Fuck, she tasted like cherry candy.  At one time, when he ate food, cherry was his favorite flavor.  He hadn’t eaten in more years than he could remember, not since he was young, but he would have loved a piece of cherry candy right then.  He slammed his tongue into her mouth in rhythm with his hips, just to hear her make that sexy, deep moan that he loved so much.  And she did.  She moaned and then surprised him by catching that tongue and sucking it further.  It was his turn to moan then.

Her hands released his hair and slid down his sweat-soaked back, all the way to his ass.  She gave each cheek a strong squeeze and pulled him harder into her body.  “Soon,” she whispered in his ear, and didn’t that just send little shivers zinging all over his body.  He knew exactly what was about to happen.  He felt her tighten around him from the inside out and he could feel the tingle building in his lower back.  He hoped he could hold off just long enough to make her shout his name again.

And then, she did.  “Gage!” she shouted into the night.

“Fuck yes!” he growled as he hooked his arms under her knees, raising them up to give him all the access he could want to throw himself into her in a wild rhythm that sent them both flying.

As they lay together catching their breath, he wondered what she was thinking.  He could invade her thoughts if he wanted, but out of respect for her, he did not.  He loved the way it felt to just lay with her and he wished deep down that it would never end.  This spot in the forest had become a regular meeting place for them and he had begun to think of it as their spot.

As if on cue, she wiggled out from under him, stood quickly, and began to dress.  “I wish it didn’t have to be this way,” she said with sadness in her eyes.

“I know Princess,” he said softly.  She smiled at his endearment for her.  “But it has to be unless we can find another way.”

“I know,” she said.  “Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

He watched as she pulled her dress over her head and pulled her long, auburn hair out and shook it.  His heart skipped a beat as she ran her fingers through it to straighten it out.  He stood and dressed himself as well, but his eyes never left her.  She was so beautiful, so strong, and yet so innocent in some ways.  Was it any wonder that he was head over heels for her?

“I have to go now,” she reminded him.  “I will see you again tomorrow?”

“Of course,” he replied.  He watched her walk away with that glide that belonged only to her.  When she was nearly out of sight, she turned and waved to him.  He waved back as he whispered, “Bye Serena.”

After she was out of sight, Gage moved his feet.  He always followed her to make sure she arrived home safely.  He kept her just in his line of sight, but he never got close enough that she could see him or sense him near.  He would never forgive himself if something happened to her after sneaking out to meet him.  He had to use his vampire speed to keep up with her on many occasions, and this was one of them.  She may not have the exceptional sight or the mental abilities that he did, but that woman was far from powerless.  She could hold her own in battle, and that was a huge turn on for him.

It was funny he thought, that when he first met her, she had been the enemy.  She and her family had been conned by the dragon, Merrick, who wanted Leigh as his own.  He managed to convince the Fey that Rebel and the rest of the Knight family had kidnapped Leigh and that she was Merrick’s mate.  Of course, that was not the case, but the Fey had a healthy respect for mates and believed him.

It was Serena who saw the truth.  She saw it in the way Leigh and Rebel had acted on that fateful night.  It was Serena who convinced her mother to side with the vampires by telling her that Leigh was pregnant with Rebel’s child.  Children are so precious to the Fey, and her mother was quick to offer aid to an unborn child.  So many things happened that night.  It was the night that Antonio died, well, the first time.  It was the night that Gage had almost died as well.  Serena had helped Jacque to fix his broken and bloody body, and for that, he owed her his life.  She had been there to rescue Leigh from Merrick and she had been there to help Antonio return from the dead, if only for a short time.  It was Serena’s magic that gave the family the extra magical push they needed.  She had been key to just about everything, from defeating Merrick to Jacque and Frankie finally becoming official mates.  Of course, Frankie was now a vampire, no thanks to Merrick.  He had left her for dead and if Jacque hadn’t changed her… Well, Gage didn’t care to think about that.

He shifted his train of thought back to the woman he was following through the enchanted forest near her home.  He moved quietly so he didn’t disturb the leaves on the ground or scare any creature that might be awake in the middle of the night.  Serena moved with an ethereal grace that was hers alone.  Her long auburn hair whipped out behind her as she ran effortlessly through the night.  Gage sighed.  He couldn’t help it.  He knew the second it escaped his lips that he was turning into a big puddle of mush where she was concerned.  She was his perfect mate, and he knew it.

It was a shame he couldn’t seem to make her mother understand that.  Anora was queen of their Fey clan.  Gage had approached her in person to ask for Serena; hell, he begged for her.  But Anora let him know in no uncertain terms that Serena was to wed some damned prince from the other side of the world, to whom she had been promised since birth.

Gage watched as Serena snuck back into her home, and once she was safe inside, he turned to leave.  Dawn would be approaching soon and he still had much to do.  He ran out of the forest and through the city streets.  When he reached the main strip, he found what he was looking for.

“Hey there cutie,” the woman said.  “You lookin’ for a date?”

“Not exactly,” Gage replied.  He gifted her with one of his gorgeous, boyish grins.  He explained to the prostitute what he needed, and she looked at him like he had grown another head.

“Whatever gets you off, I guess,” she finally said with a shrug of her shoulders.  She dug into the bag slung over one side of her body.  Gage thought it looked a little like a Mary Poppins bag and wondered if she could pull an umbrella out of it.  Hell, he thought he could probably fit himself into it if he folded his body up in the right way.  He restrained himself from laughing at the mental image his mind formed, but just barely.

“Ah here it is,” she exclaimed, pulling her hand out of the bag.  “Just hold still.”  She proceeded to thoroughly drench him in her perfume.  She started at his neck, sprayed his shirt, his hair, and anything else she could.  When he could hardly breathe for choking on the smell, Gage stopped her.

“Thank you, that will do,” he choked out.  He reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet.  He handed the working gal a crisp hundred dollar bill.

“Anytime, Sugar,” she grinned as she took the money.


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I live in KY with my beautiful family which includes my children, my fiancé Greg, and two cats. When I am not writing, I enjoy the little things in life; a good book, a movie, going to a ball game, and watching my children do what kids do (usually the girls torturing my son in some creative way).
I love to both read and write paranormal books. For me, it is an escape from the real world that doesn’t come from anywhere else. When my characters talk, I listen. Someday soon, I hope to devote myself to writing full time.



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