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His Desire, Her Surrrender by Malia Mallory (Promo/Excerpt/Interview)

His Desire, Her Surrender

Dominating BDSM Billionaires Erotic Romance #2

by Malia Mallory

Published:  March 5, 2013

Length:  125 pages

Genre:  Adult Fiction, Erotica/BDSM


Today We Welcome Malia Mallory, Author of His Desire, Her Surrender! 

Is His Desire, Her Surrender a single title, or part of a series?

His Desire, Her Surrender is the second book in the Dominating BDSM Billionaires Series. The first book was His Need, Her Desire. The first two books are both about the relationship between Tabitha and Marcus. I’m working now on book three, which is about Marcus’s brother, Jonah. I have tentatively entitled it Her Wish, His Command. The BDSM elements in the series are relatively light.

What were your inspirations for the story?

I think I was inspired first by the setting and the character ideas. Tabitha meets Marcus in Hawaii while she is on vacation. Though I live in Hawaii, I had vacation on the brain and began thinking about how much fun a couple could have here and how intrinsically romantic Hawaii can be. In addition, I envisioned Tabitha as a rather spunky heroine. Marcus intimidates her at times, but she doesn’t let him completely overwhelm her.

Please share your setting for His Desire, Her Surrender. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most?

I’ll admit, I used locations that I knew well. I currently live in Hawaii and, as I said, that is where Marcus and Tabitha begin their romance. The setting moves to New York City in the second book and I lived there for fifteen years. Though the plots don’t rely heavily on the setting, I tried to add elements that I knew from being familiar with both areas.

What do I like most about Hawaii? The weather in Hawaii simply cannot be beat. It is not too hot and not too cold. Most places on the mainland that are mild in the winter are sweltering in the summer. We don’t get that here. In New York, I really love how you could do things at any time of the day. Where I am now, things shut down on the early side. In addition, in New York, you will never run out of things to do.

So when did the writing bug first bite?

I’ve been writing for years but it was mainly for my own enjoyment or that of my partner. Over time, I began to think more about publication and that is exactly what I did in 2011.

Do you have (a) favorite author(s), book(s) or series?

There are so many wonderful authors to choose from. I really enjoy Amanda Quick, who you probably know is the name Jayne Ann Krentz uses for her historicals. They even have paranormal elements and though I’m not a huge reader of paranormals, I like it in her historicals. I also really enjoyed the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn. They were an enjoyable find. I read contemporary stories as well from authors like Nora Roberts and Linda Howard.

If you could have an author roundtable discussion with any authors, who would you invite?

What a great question! I think I’d want a productivity pep talk from Nora Roberts. She is known to be so prolific. I would want to pick Linda Howard’s brain regarding how she created such wonderful heroes again and again. If I had the opportunity, it would also be great to speak with some indie authors who have managed to achieve success on their own terms. There are many to choose from including Amanda Hocking, Hugh Howey and Bella Andre.

Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spare time?

It almost goes without saying that I do love to read. With a baby, time is in short supply, but I’m also a documentary junkie.

One last question: What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard or seen?

I was recently listening to a talk on theoretical physics (yes, I’m a geeky nerd and proud of it!) and one topic that came up was invisibility. It won’t be long before scientists will be able to manipulate light waves in such a way as to make it a reality. That invisibility cloak Harry Potter had? Be prepared to see it in action.

About His Desire, Her Surrender:
Tabitha Quinn’s Hawaii vacation was anything but ordinary. Dominant billionaire Marcus Granger saved her life, swept her into his bed, and then left her heartbroken. Now she’s back in New York, mourning the man she’s sure she’ll never see again.

Marcus may have left handprints on her skin, but Tabitha’s left handprints on his heart: he tracks her down, and they resume the sizzling affair they began in the islands.

Tabitha belongs to Marcus body and soul in bed, but she worries she doesn’t belong in his high-stakes world. They’ve already dodged a murder attempt, and now Marcus is fighting off a competitor’s takeover. When the rival company obtains critical information, suspicion falls on Tabitha. She has to prove she’s innocent–and worthy to wear Marcus’s collar.


Marcus tapped his stomach. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry. If you fix something, I’ll reward you later. Deal?”

“Sure.” Tabitha pulled chicken from the refrigerator as Marcus left her to find her way around the kitchen. She planned to cook something quick and easy on the stove top. She located onions, chopped them and tossed them into a sauté pan. Further searching turned up rice and spices. A little saffron and cardamom and she’d have something tasty.

Once everything was in the pan, she tracked down the makings of a salad. That would do, she thought, chicken and rice with salad. Simple but appetizing.

As she set the table, Marcus reappeared, towels in hand. “I thought you might want one for sitting.” He spread one on the chair at the head of the table and the other on the chair to the side.

Tabitha handed Marcus the salad bowl. “This whole nudity thing. I’m not sure if I’d get used to it. Might get chilly.”

Marcus stole a carrot slice out of the salad and tossed it in his mouth. “I imagine so. But it can be a fun change of pace.”

“Yes.” Tabitha brought the chicken and rice to the table, and they settled in.

Marcus gazed on the food with appreciation. “This is great. I’m starving.”

“I hope you like it. I make it quite often.”

Marcus placed one hand on her thigh as he took a bite with the other.

Tabitha’s fork stopped in mid-air as heat flooded her. She was glad for the towel underneath her. The last thing she wanted was to stain the upholstery.

Marcus massaged her skin and slid his hand between her thighs.

Tabitha set down her fork. “Marcus!”

He continued eating. “Yes?”

“I can’t eat when you do that.”

“You can’t?” He took another bite of chicken, clearly enjoying it. His fingers searched her intimate recesses.

Tabitha pursed her lips, displaying an amused frown. “No. I’m too distracted.”

“Mmm. That is unfortunate. This meal is wonderful.”

“It’s hard to think about eating right now.”

Marcus maintained his innocent air while he explored her moistening skin. “Really? I’m having no trouble at all.” He ingested another bite.

About Author Malia Mallory:

Malia Mallory lives in Hawaii with her husband and daughter. She’s been working with words since alphabet blocks rolled into her crib, not only writing her own work but copy editing and proofreading the work of others. She has loved to read about relationships since she first sneaked off with her mother’s Harlequin.

Malia Mallory is the best-selling author of The ABCs of Erotica series, which covers the erotic spectrum from BDSM to ménage and everything in between. More releases in the series are on the way. She has also released the Mia’s Cop Craving series and Santa’s Backdoor Baby. Malia’s books have hit the bestselling erotica lists at both Amazon and iTunes. Her books are available in electronic format at major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, Smashwords and AllRomance Books.

For a free copy of B is for Beach from The ABCs of Erotica, head to her website and sign up for the newsletter at http://www.maliamallory.com/Join_My_Mailing_List.php.

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