Signature Saturdays

Harlie’s Signature Saturdays

Signature Saturdays is something we are doing to let you know where you can find Harlie during the upcoming week. Some weeks will be long, some short. Some serious, some funny. See, the thing is, you just never know where Harlie will turn up next!
Fun and exciting things are going on with Ms. Harlie! Her Muse came back recently so she is back writing away. I cannot wait to see what they come up with!
Wow! Harlie surprised us and was popping up all over this week!  She stopped in at:

MuseItUp Publishing, Queen of the Night, and Sweet ‘n Sexy Divas!

Coming up in the week ahead, she has tons going on right here – 16 posts and a Giveaway Hop.  Watch for tomorrow’s Sunday Spotlight – Harlie’s Happenings for the details!

In the meanwhile, here is a little book thought for your weekend.


Have a good one!


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