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Harlie’s Light and Fun Go-To Books for Top Ten Tuesday

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This week we’re picking our top ten books to read when you need something light and fun. Every once in a while you need something like this, so here are some of Harlie and my favorites. And surprise, they are heavily skewed toward Harlequins and Romance. lol  So there.



What She Wants/Sheila Roberts

Circle of Lies (YA PNR)/Sara Daily/Stacie Weber

The Narrow Path/Gail Sattler

Class Reunion/Kenzie Michaels

First Time for Everything/Aimee Carson

Take Me Home Cowboy/Krista Ames

Date by Mistake Anthology/Jill Monroe, Gwen Hayes, Rosemary Clement-Moore and Candace Havens w/Shannon Light

Sweet Hell/Rosanna Leo

Seven Sin Sisters Series/Paloma Beck

Masters at Arms Series/Kallypso Masters


So hows that for some variety?


So what do you read for fun?


See ya next week!



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