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Harlie’s Books is Traveling Top Ten Tuesday – Style!

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This week the topic is Top Ten Books Featuring Travel.  Now I love to travel – near, far, long, short, new, old, somewhere I have never been or somewhere I know by heart.  I love traveling almost as much as I love books!  In fact, books and travel often go hand in hand for me as I love to read when I travel and I love to read about places I want to travel to!  So here is what I have to share this week:
In Undressed, Lex spends a lot of time in Italy…now I want to go more than ever!
As a child, one of my all-time favorite books was Madeline. They live in Paris, possibly my favorite city in the World!
The Good Earth takes place in China, a wonderful place to visit.
In Riding Wild, they travel via Harley…definitely on my Bucket List!
One place I know I want to go is to Alaska, as seen in Marissa Dobson’s The Tiger’s Heart.
Another place that I love, any season of the year, is Colorado.  Unmaking Hunter Kennedy largely takes place there.
Of course, I do love Texas and even though I live here, there are so many places to visit, especially ones with horses and cattle.  It was the perfect place for the Butterfly Ranch in Gambling on a Secret.
The Other Boleyn Girl refers to Anne Bolelyn, one of the wives of King Henry the VIII of England.  I missed a few things on my last trip…guess I need to go back!
The Australian Outback is the location of Taming in the Outback.  That would be a fabulous place to visit along with New Zealand!
Yellowstone National Park is one of the most fascinating places on Earth and it is the locale for Yellowstone Heart Song.  I cannot wait to go back!

So, what do you think?  Where do YOU want to go?


Watch next week for Top Ten Beach Reads!



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  1. Some great travel choices here. Thanks for visiting my Top Ten as well and happy reading.

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