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Harlequin Spotlight


I want to welcome everyone to the first installment of the new Thursday spotlight.  Figured it out yet?  Yes, it’s Harlequin.  I mean I did name the blog and use a variation of the name as my pen name after Harlequin.  I love all things Harlequin.  I can see the eyes rolling and that’s fine by me.  If you can’t admit that your first romance books where from Harlequin, who am I to judge?  Admit it…you snuck your mom’s Harlequins.  Maybe even swapped them with your friends from their own stash or from a garage sale?  Come on…you know you want to.  You will feel better.  Harlequins are what started your romance obsession right now.

I do want to clarify that I’m not the Harlequin Whore that’s on Twitter.  Wish I had thought of that but I was too late.  I am a self-professed  Harlequin Ho.  Give me a Harlequin, any Harlequin and I’m yours.  I read all the lines, too.  Yes, it’s a sick obsession.  They have almost 20, yes 20, different lines now.  I was checking their website last night and I was blow away by how many lines that they are adding this year.  I will be blogging about the different lines that they have now and of course, their original lines.

Did you know that most of the bestselling romance authors started writing for Harlequin?  Buck up peeps!  Admit that you read Carly Phillips, Lori Foster, Susan Mallery, Cherry Adair, Linda Howard, and Nora Roberts when they were writing for Harlequin/Silhouette.  Some still write for them and some have moved on.  Admit that Wolf Mackenzie for Linda Howard’s Mackenzie series is your all-time favorite hero.  I read that some readers considering him the best.  Where would Cherry’s TFLAC series be without her first ever book published was with the old Temptation line (now Blaze) that introduced us to that world?  Too many readers have admitted that they LOVE Ms. Palmer’s cowboys, too.  Oh and let’s not forget that Suzanne Brockman got her start there, too.  Surprised?  Don’t be.

I dare you; no I double dog dare you to admit it.  J  You will feel better in the morning.  Trust me.

And keep this in mind when you are admitting to yourself that you read Harlequin…you know that writer Tiffany Reisz?  She started writing for their Spice line and look where she is now.  Something to think about for sure…

So come on admit it and tell me what your favorite series, line, author, hero is from Harlequin.

I’ll admit that apart from the above mentioned writers and books,

I love Maria Ferrarella’s Cavanaugh series.  It’s been going on forever but I never miss a book.  I’ve highlighted my favorite story in the whole series.

Back of the Book

They were devoted partners—until a bullet separated them. Now Lila McIntyre worked a desk job and Brian Cavanaugh was chief of detectives. Suddenly, they were worlds apart. And yet, when she started getting disturbing phone calls in the middle of the night, newly widowed Lila turned to Brian for help.

He’d kept his feelings for her carefully guarded until now. But as their growing relationship infuriated a stalker, Brian had to hold back once more. That fury made him wonder if Lila was chosen at random…or if their tormentor was someone who knew—and hated—them both.


Let’s not forget Donna Alward’s books in the Harlequin Romance line.  See…getting the picture now.  Also, Merline Lovelace’s Codename Danger series is the best.  That series started in Silhouette and still continues today.  Julie Miller’s Kansas City cops/SWAT/Firefighters… *swoon* I could go on but my list is long.

Whatcha scared of?  That people will laugh at you?  Not on Harlie’s Books will we EVER laugh at you.  Your obsession is safe with us.

5 thoughts on “Harlequin Spotlight

  1. My Mom introduced me to them when I was much younger, but she got frustrated with them because they never had any explicit sex. I can remember Mom drop-kicking a book across the room, many times, yelling at it that since she read all of that build-up, she was expecting a pay-off! Eventually she stopped reading (and sharing) Harlequins with me.

    While in college, when my friends would cry over their boyfriend’s mistreatment of them, I’d accuse them of having “Harlequin-syndrome”, where they assumed the aloof, unemotional, rude but sexy man would change for “the love of a good woman”, preferably a virgin. I told them that only happened in romance novels!

    I think they’re like cotton-candy. Sweet, fun, but over quickly. I like more heat in my romance. I guess Mom spoiled me back then.

  2. Hi. Love your new Thursday spotlight. 🙂

    I found my first Harlequin on a sidewalk sale when I was in jr. high. It had a purple cover that’s all I can remember but I was swept away by it. I’ve been reading Harlequins ever since. I just love their variety.

  3. I freely admit that I read Harlies! I get a delivery from them every month – i like Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, Lori Foster and many, many others. And Wolf MacKenzie is the bomb!

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