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Love by Association
(Where Secrets are Safe #7)
by Tara Taylor Quinn
Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
March 1st 2016 by Harlequin

Love isn’t part of the job…

A tough-as-nails cop, Chantel Harris faces whatever life throws at her, and then some. As part of Santa Raquel’s High Risk team—created by the town’s women’s shelter, The Lemonade Stand—she goes undercover to expose one of the community’s elite as an abuser.

Looking the part is easy, but gaining acceptance into upper society circles is a different matter. That’s where gorgeous and successful lawyer Colin Fairbanks comes in. But Colin is so much more than Chantel could have dreamed. Wanting him is dangerous. Falling for him could ruin everything…

Teaser - Love by Association




What can I say?  I love Tara’s Superromances.  She never disappoints.  And of course she didn’t with Colin and Chantel’s story.  There is so much depth to their story that goes beyond the romance and theme of domestic abuse.

What really resounded with me was Ms. Quinn’s ability to save a few surprises in the end that I would have never guessed.  Sure did I know most of the minor characters and their roles?  You bet but I didn’t see Leslie’s true story coming out and how it crossed over the Colin’s sister’s story.  Oh lord, how I loved Julie.  Stronger than she thought she was and becoming friends with Chantel only opened her so much more.

Quinn was easy to understand but at times I felt like he needed to be “more”.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked him but the way he sometimes treated Julie, irked me.  She smothered her and she didn’t need that.  She needed someone like Leslie and Chantel.

Chantel was a hoot.  I know, she wasn’t supposed to be but to me she was.  Going from beat cop to high society and living the double life was funny to me.  She truly did fit into both worlds…as much as she didn’t agree.  I would love to see more of Chantel and Colin in maybe, I don’t know, Julie’s book.  (If there is one…hint…hint)

I thought that the romance between Colin and Chantel was realistic.  Never did I think that it felt rushed or unbelievable.  Of course, once she crossed that line…oh my…I forget how Ms. Quinn can write a sensual love scene.  Depth, emotion and a little panty melting…

If you are looking for a role reversal on the undercover cop trope, this one is for you.  Realistical plot with characters that you care about from the first page.  Plus, the theme that Ms. Quinn writes about is front page and should be addressed on a daily basis.


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Wild Horses
by Claire McEwen
Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
March 1st 2016 by Harlequin

This wild stallion can’t be tamed

Todd Williams is still the naive idealist he was in college. Only now he’s endangering lives—Nora Hoffman’s to be exact. Nora hasn’t seen Todd since he decided that saving the rain forest was more important than their relationship. Until the night she’s nearly crushed by the stampede he causes. Now Todd is determined to make amends, for everything.

She may not agree with his methods, but even Nora can’t deny the importance of his fight to save the wild horses. With the attraction between them still sizzling and the fate of the horses in the balance, Nora must decide just how much she’s willing to risk.

Teaser - Wild Horses by Claire McEwen


I have to admit a couple of things before I give my review.

  1.  This is a new to me author.  I know.  Can you believe that I’ve never read Ms. McEwen?  I’m slipping when it comes to finding new Harlequin authors.
  2. I will NOT make that mistake again.  Refer to #1.
  3. I’m a sucker for second chance romances and this one delivers.
  4. Oh and I actually learned a thing or two about wild horses and land management.

You can teach an old reviewer new tricks and Ms. McEwen does just  that with Nora and Todd’s story.  College sweethearts that never stopped loving each other.  Unfortunately, they never did see eye to eye about the after graduation part.

But truly their story deals with them actually getting to know each other.  Oh yes, finding out about each other and what makes them tick.  It’s refreshing in a second chance romance that the characters actually DON’T know everything about each other.  In fact, they know nothing at all.

Nora and Todd still had some growing up to do before they could be together again.  Was it easy?  Nope.  Ms. McEwen didn’t make it that way.  She made both of them work for it.  Nora and Todd had major family issues that they needed to deal with emotionally.  My heart broke a bit for Wade and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.  🙂

I admit that I was a bit surprised about the smexy times.  😉  Not complaining.  Todd and Nora not only were learning about each other emotionally and intellectually but physically, too.  The connection between was unbreakable to me.  That’s just had to figure it out.

Again, I found a new author to read/stalk.  She writes with emotional depth and creates characters that you fall in love with from the start.  Wade needs a story…no pressure.  🙂


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The author of more than 70 original novels, in twenty languages, Tara Taylor Quinn is a USA Today bestseller with over six million copies sold. A 2015 RITA finalist Tara appears frequently on bestseller lists, including #1 placement on Amazon lists, and multiple showings on the Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller list. She has appeared on national and local TV across the country, including CBS Sunday Morning.

Tara is a supporter of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you or someone you know might be a victim of domestic violence in the United States, please contact 1-800-799-7233.


Claire McEwen lives by the ocean in Northern California with her family and a scruffy, mischievous terrier. When not dreaming up new stories, she can be found digging in her garden with a lot of enthusiasm but, unfortunately, no green thumb.

Claire enjoys discovering flea-market treasures, walking on the beach, dancing, traveling, and reading, of course! She loves to write complex heroes and heroines, who grow and find themselves through their search for love.


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  1. Really great reviews! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on these two books, they both really sound amazing and I’m looking forward to checking them out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Harlie, Thank you for such an honest read!! I’m thrilled that you ‘got’ it! And that you keep your heart open to my stories and finding the joy!

    And to answer your question, or hint…, Julie’s story is already contracted! It should be out sometime next year. There are two more Where Secrets Are Safe books out this year. And then three more under contract that are not yet written. Julie’s story called to me while I was writing the book. I told my editor she needed her own book. As soon as she’d read the story, she agreed!

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