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Happy Release Week and #Review of Unforgettable (Meadow Shores novel #4) by Eva Charles! @evacharles37

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By Eva Charles

Enrolled in KU!


He didn’t want children.

She couldn’t imagine a life without them—

especially now.



I should have stayed away from her. I knew better.

But instead, I treated every single day like it was my birthday,

and she was a luscious devil’s food cake slathered in creamy icing.



I’d spent my entire life being cautious, never took any real risks.

And I did it to shield the people I loved from needless worry.

To protect them.

I’m the sensible sister.


Redemption and Forgiveness


There are few occasions in one’s life where the body warns of impending doom.

This was one of them.




The Claytons and Harringtons are back with a beautiful second chance love story. Helena and Gabe’s story will leave you with the unwavering belief that no matter how dark the day is, the sun will shine again.


Love, laughter, and loyalty

Welcome to the family!

I know that everyone has had that one book that made them ugly cry.  Like really, really ugly cry.  I can honestly say that this is THAT book for me.  As you know, I love this family.  The novels are richly writing, unputtable down, and at times shocking but this one takes the cake.  I honestly didn’t know how Ms. Charles was going to work towards Helena and Gabe’s HEA after everything that was said and done by these two.

What I love about Ms. Charles’ writing is that she doesn’t prolong the black moment.  She makes her characters work for the HEA.  Once I got to Helena and Gabe’s black moment, I didn’t stop crying until the epilogue.  Yes, it is very sad and the cruel things that Gabe said still haunt me.  Why?  Because my brother faced a similar situation and begged, pleaded with his girlfriend at the time.  He WANTED to be a father.  Hence, I’m going to my nephew’s high school graduation on June 1st.  But I digress…But that’s what Ms. Charles’ writing so powerful.  She gets to the nitty gritty of a relationship and puts the time and effort into to make us love the characters, flaws and all.  I couldn’t hate Gabe at any time.  He was upfront and honest with Helena in the beginning but he never saw it past the good times.  Helena, on the other hand, saw the bad times.  My heart broke for her but she is strong and knew that with or without Gabe, she would be fine.

The sisters, cousins and assorted others make appearances.  Oh, Lord, does Ms. Charles have a spitfire on her hands.  Ella is a force to be reckoned with and I rather enjoyed the friendship that developed between Gabe and Ella.  She cracked me up when I needed it.  Cole *major swoon* is still my favorite Harrington cousin.  He didn’t hate Gabe, tolerate more like it but he was totally there for Helena when she needed it.  The funniest part in the book was when they all compared Gabe to Max.

Of all the books that I have read this year, this is the best of the best so far.  This book will haunt me but in a good way.  The romance, the friendship and ultimately being able to forgive is what makes this book so special.  Gabe has to forgive someone from his past and Helena needs to forgive Gabe for them to get their HEA.  Bravo Ms. Charles.

Can’t recommend it any higher!


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  1. Thank you for featuring Unforgettable on the blog, and for taking the time to read Helena and Gabe’s story and write a heartfelt review! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

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