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Happy Release Day to Embrace (The Greyson-Slade Series) by Kristin Kitchen

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Releases July 16, 2014

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Joss Brockton discovers that the power of love can be the salvation of damaged souls.


Feisty and independent Joss has been running as fast and as far as she can from her tragic past, never letting anyone inside to see the deepest and darkest
parts of her soul. But when the end of the line leads her to Archer, North Carolina, can she put aside her fears and allow herself to find happiness with
the equally damaged Chris Greyson?


Army Ranger Chris Greyson has survived horrors most people could never imagine. Restored to his family, he remains haunted by his ordeal, letting no one
truly reach him…until Joss comes along and shows him the true meaning of “coming home”.





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Excerpt 1

I wake up wrapped tightly in Chris’s arms, my back to his chest, head resting on his bicep. His arm wrapped around my waist pins me to him. I wait for the
panic to settle in, but it never comes. My mind races as I consider what I allowed to happen last night.

I won’t deny for a moment, it was amazing. I want more even just lying beside his body. The question is, how to make him understand sex is all I have to
offer him? My heart is never going to be available. You can’t give something that is broken beyond repair.

“You’re awake,” Chris grumbles in my ear in his sexy, sleepy voice.

“I am,” I whisper, wishing I had more time to think this through before he woke.

“I could tell,” he tightens his hold on my waist. “The moment you started over thinking where you woke up, your body tensed up.”

“I can’t do this, Chris,” I sigh as the first tear threatens my lashes.

“You can’t do this with someone else. I’m different and you know it.”

“No, I can’t. I don’t have what you need.” I try to pull from his arms, but he holds me tightly in place. “You need someone that can take care of you. You
need someone that knows how to put your pieces back together and you need someone that can give you her heart. I’m not that girl, handsome.”

“Keep telling yourself that, princess. I see the Joss that you can’t see.”

I struggle against his hold, desperate to escape the prison of his arms. “I’m broken, Chris. You don’t need broken. You need strong! Now let me go!” I

“How about you quit fucking telling me what I need?” he roars as he flips me onto my back, still caged in his arms.

“Chris!” I begin to yell, but he quickly stops me when his lips hit mine. I struggle beneath the weight of him as he settles into me, his lips devouring
mine, his hips resting between my thighs and his hands buried deep in my hair.

Excerpt 2


I sprint out of my door and charge through the front door of Chris’s townhouse. I find him in the kitchen, backed up against the fridge with John, Tatum,
and Jase surrounding him. His hands wipe desperately at his eyes, every muscle in his body tensed as the veins in his neck strain against the skin.

“Back off!” I scream as I charge into the middle of the kitchen, putting myself between Chris and the men of Greyson-Slade.

“Joss, come here to me,” John commands. “This is not safe.”

“I’m always safe with Chris. Just back the fuck off and let me help him.” I take two steps closer to Chris as I watch the others exchange doubtful looks.

“I’m not leaving this room. You may feel safe but I need to see it with my own two eyes.” John steps back, his hands on his hips.

“Chris,” I whisper as I turn to face him.

“Don’t come near me, Joss.” His face contorts in pain. “I can’t see you. All I can see is red.”

“Chris, you don’t have to be able to see me to know me. You know my voice. You can hear me.” I take another step forward. “You know my hands. What do my
hands feel like?”

“They feel soft when you run them across my chest. They feel strong when you hold onto me,” he pants.

“That’s right. You like when I rub my hands over your chest.” I watch as he struggles to control his breathing. “Chris, what does my hair smell like? You
like the smell of my hair.”

“Your hair smells like candy,” he sighs as his shoulders begin to relax.

“That’s right. You know me, Chris. What does my body feel like when you have to hold on to keep from getting lost? What does my body remind you of?”

“Your body feels like home. Warm and sweet and solid. My home,” he whispers.

“Well then, you don’t need to be able to see me. You can feel, hear, and smell me.” I look back to John, giving him a reassuring smile as I take another
step towards Chris. “Now, I’m coming to you. Remember, you must be easy with me.”

Chris doesn’t say a word as his shoulders tense back up. I walk slowly to him with my hands extended, sliding my palms over his chest the moment I can
reach him. “Feel my hands, Chris?” I ask as I take another step closer, bringing my head under his chin as I slide my hands around his waist, making sure
to never lose contact. I feel him take in a deep breath as I wrap him in the safety of my arms. “Do you smell my hair, Chris? You washed it for me this
morning, remember?”

I feel the pain and rage drain from his body as he clutches onto me, dragging me to the floor with him as I whisper reassurances to him. “You’re okay,
Chris. I promise.”

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About this author

Kristin Kitchen is a transplanted Bostonian who calls Southeastern North Carolina home. A single mother of two amazing kids and a couple of rotten dogs.


When she is not busy at work as a 911 dispatcher telling the cops and firefighters what to do, she can be found at the beach with her sassy toes in the

She leads her life much like her characters. Living every day to the fullest with her incredibly dedicated crew of friends.

Kristin’s passion for writing began when she started blogging as the Diary of a Mad Dispatcher. After much encouragement from her fans and close friends
she decided to combine her love of writing and entertaining others with her animated story telling into the Greyson-Slade Series.


Author Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greyson.slade

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KKitchen_Author

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The Greyson-Slade Series

Book 1, Endure 4.7 stars


Book 2, Emerge 5 stars

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Review From Karrie at Panty dropping Book Blog:

Looking for your next emotionally charged book?

Look no further! Embrace hands down is my favorite book in the Greyson-Slade Series!!! Just when I didn’t think the men could get hotter in this series in
walks Chris Greyson! OMG LOVE him!

I laughed, swooned, cried and clenched my heart while reading this book! Right from the start this book will captivate you and suck you in. You will not
want to put his book down! So much going on and you need to know what is going to happen next.

I love how Kristin brings the whole gang back! Love the interaction between this group of friends! Hell I want to be in this circle of friends! Joss and
Chris are a dynamic couple! How they grow and become a couple is heart warming! I love this couple!

You won’t be sorry when you one click this book! It’s FanFreakingTastic!!!!!!!

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