Release Day

Happy Release Day to Desire Affliction #3 (Cherry Blossom Series #3) by C.A. Harms


Desired Affliction 3 Release Day Celebration 
July 1st 2014
Limitless Publishing

Natalie searched for a new start when she joined the Center just off campus. It was where she met Lexi, who soon became her rock. 
Natalie’s goal was to put her traumatic past behind her. Forget about what was taken from her and push forward with new friends and new surroundings. 
All she wanted was to find that same kind of love her friends shared. The love that Lexi found with Kole and Radley shared with Megan. 
What she found instead was one night that would forever change her future. Waking up alone after a night of meaningless sex should have been easy after all that was the original plan. What she found instead was the caveman she wanted…was that a good thing or did she only add to her list of regrets?


The book contains adult content and sexual scenes.


Meant for mature readers

Book 1 
Book 2 

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