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Happy Release Day & Author Interview with K.L. Kreig featuring Reawakening (A Regent Vampire Lords #3)

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  • Reawakening
    • “I’m not a piece of property that you can just claim, Romaric.”Having been held hostage for a month by vicious vampires, Sarah is now recovering in the most unlikely of places…the shelter that her sister, Kate and her vampire mate, Devon, opened to help such victims as herself. After months under the watchful eye of her sister, she’s finally put a plan into motion to secure her future when a very imposing, very stoic and utterly drop dead gorgeous vampire takes her world by storm and turns it completely upside down.

      “Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong, my beauty. You are mine and I’ve come to do exactly that.”

      Romaric Dietrich, West Regent Vampire Lord is one of the oldest vampires alive. He’s cold, calculating and nearly unmatched in power. Vampires recognize their Moiras instantaneously and upon first laying eyes on Sarah Hill, he senses she’s his. His Moira. His Destined mate. The one woman meant to be his and his alone. But how is that possible when he’d loved and lost his first? In his quest to uncover the truth, not only does he discover that Sarah is indeed the other half of his soul, but he’s put himself, and his mate, in the crosshairs of yet another very powerful enemy.

      Only bonded together do they have the power to win the battles ahead.

      With one look into his icy-blues, Sarah knows that Romaric is not the aloof, uncaring enigma he pretends to be. Underneath his cool, rough exterior lays a passionate, romantic and fiercely loving heart of gold. As they fight the battles to come, Sarah holds the key to not only unlocking his centuries hardened soul, but to the one thing that will save them both from this new nemesis.

      But will she make her decision in time? And will they finally get the happiness they both deserve?


Why focus on the paranormal?

For years, the only thing I read was paranormal romance books. Thie rough outline for this story has been lingering in my head for years. I personally love series books, like Lara Adrian and J.R. Ward, where each book focuses on a main set of H/h, but has a continuing, complex storyline. I also like the lattitude I get to create my own world without perimeters of contemporary romance.


Why do you think paranormal romance fiction is so popular?

Again, it’s  a world without perimeters or permission. It’s fluid and the only limit is the authors imagination. I think readers who are into this genre love to get lost in a different place and time with mythical creatures that for some reason we love to romanticize.


What attributes do you find most appealing in heroes and heroines?

So many things. I will personally always write a female who is strong-minded and independent. I love humor and complexity in both my male and female characters. I love male characters who are all alpha, sexy and dominating.

I also personally like broken and flawed leads, both male and femle, because while we are reading fiction, there still needs to be some real-life element to it or it’s simply not believalable and humans are innately flawed. Reading about a perfect character just doesn’t draw me in emotionally.


What does every “good” villain need?

A swift kick in the family jewels or a good woman. Or sometimes both.


How do you approach writing a sex scene?

Honestly, these are probably the hardest for me to write, even though they are so central to my books. I could answer this so many ways, but let’s just say I visualize what I want from the scene – and not JUST sex – the emotion being the most critical thing and go from there. Sex is just sex, but if you can read a sex scene and turn the page truly feeling what the characters just experienced and you want to run off and experience the same thing with the important man in your life…then I’ve done my job.


What was the first romance novel you remember reading?

I didn’t start reading romance books until later in life. I think I was maybe 35 or 36 when I read my first one and I very clearly remember it. Christine Warren’s “One Bite with a Stranger”. I had picked it up at target after reading Twilight (which I wouldn’t really consider my type of romance) and I was reading it on a plane. Christine Warren writes a damn good sex scene, so when I got to the first one I stopped and looked around to see if anyone was watching me or reading over my shoulder.

From then I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of PNR, so thanks Christine, if you happen to be reading this!  J


If you could have a glass of wine with one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Wine? Probably Analise from Belonging. Analise is a character I could see myself being friends with in real life. She’s funny and witty and deeply complex because of her past traumas but hasn’t used them as a crutch in her own life.

Now if I could have a beer, it would be with Renaldo, Dev’s lieutenant from Surrendering. He’s a character I can’t wait to explore more in the future.


Who inspires you as a writer?

Gosh..SO many authors. I’m a romance whore…I devour romance books at a rate of 1-2 per week even when I’m writing. If you follow me on Goodreads at all, you’ll see how many books I read. I’ve read that some authors who are writing don’t read or they don’t read in their genre, but I do. I think excellence breeds excellence, so if you read a talented author, they can help inspire you in different ways.

So if you want names, it would most definitely be the most notable PNR authors: J.R. Ward, Larissa Ione and Lara Adrian, but there are so many others I could also name.

I’ve also been very much into contemporary and dark romance books lately and one of my all-time favorite authors has to be Pepper Winters, hands down. That woman is brilliant with a pen (computer, whatever). I’ll buy any book of hers without even reading the description. To me, she is that good. Her subject matter is somewhat dark, but she has an incredible talent for drawing you into the story and making you feel like you’re actually living it alongside her characters.

But when we get lost in our books, that’s what we’re looking for, aren’t we?

A good author entertains you, but a brilliant author draws you in so thoroughly you don’t want to read those last few pages because you don’t want the story to come to an end.

Ultimately that’s my goal.

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Other books in the series:

  • Book one: Surrendering
    • “It’s best if we just keep this casual, Dev.”To feisty, relationship phobic Kate Martin’s utter surprise, she isn’t automatically dismissed as a crackpot when she finally plucks up courage to walk into a police station, revealing what she’s seen in her dreams. But instead of making a simple statement and returning to her nice, quiet life, she finds herself the center of attention from both a psychotic vampire and the ‘investigative specialist’ who would die in order to protect her.

      “You’re anything but casual, Kate. I want you and I always get what I want.”

      Young women are disappearing across the country and Devon, Regent Vampire Lord of the Midwest, knows his centuries old archenemy has finally resurfaced. A break in his fruitless search is provided by the discovery of a woman who can not only see the missing in her dreams, but who ends up being his Moira, his Destiny. And she couldn’t have stepped into his world at a more inopportune time, for she is now the prime target for his nemesis.

      Protecting her heart would prove to be her biggest challenge.

      Devon may be the sexiest, most sinfully erotic man she’s ever met, and he stirs passion in her like no one else before, but he’s an entanglement Kate does not want or need. While it becomes impossible to deny their mutual desire, once the case is solved and the missing women are found, Kate fully intends to return to her boring life, alone.

      At least that’s what she thinks.

  • Book two: Belonging
    • “I don’t trust anyone.”Leaving her job and only home, sassy, independent Analise is determined to do whatever it takes to convince the Vampire Lord to help locate her missing friend. What was not part of the plan, however, was her most unwelcome attraction to the irresistibly desirable, arrogant and dominating playboy.

      “Well I’ll just have to remedy that now, won’t I?”

      With a rogue vampire still on the loose, Damian, Regent Vampire Lord of the East, has his hands full trying to keep the fallout to a minimum. The last complication he needs is for his fiery Moira, his Fated, to finally walk into his life at a time when everything is in utter chaos, putting her directly into the crosshairs of a centuries old war. But now that he has her, he’ll be damned if he’ll let her go.

      He had the power to destroy her permanently.

      Analise is equally drawn to and infuriated by the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. And how can she bear Damian’s touch, when the touch of anyone before him repulsed her? With the inability to let others in, she simply needs to stick to the plan, use Damian to locate her friend and return home, heart unscathed.

      But even the best-laid plans can go awry.


Regent Vampire Lords, Book three release for Reawakening by K.L. Kreig


UNITED STATESApril 27, 2015 —  A new novel; from best-selling author, K.L. Kreig chronicles the thriller tale of the Regent Vampire Lord, Romaric Dietrich and Sarah Hill.

In Regent Vampire Lords, Reawakening, ($2.99 K.L. Kreig Publishing, May 2015) author K.L. Kreig weaves a tale of romance, thrills and romance.

Book three highlights Romaric Dietrich, Regent Vampire Lord of the West and his pursuit of his one true love, Sarah Hill

  • Regent Vampire Lord, Devon and his moira, Kate continue their story.
  • Regent Vampire Lord, Damian and his moira, Analise continue their story.




“Hello Sarah,” he drawled. The deep timbre of his voice echoed in her ears long after he’d stopped talking.

“Uhhhhh …”

He chuckled and it was the first time she’d seen a hint of a smile on his oh so serious face. She loved it. If he would full on smile, she was sure she’d drop to her knees and kiss his feet. Or something else.

Sarah … stop.

“It’s customary to say hello back.”

Not knowing what else to do, she complied. “Uh, hello.” But it came out choppy and breathless, instead of sexy and confident.


To her surprise, he grabbed her hand—her rubbin’ the nubbin’ one—and brought it to his mouth, brushing his lips across her knuckles before inhaling deeply.

A knowing grin spread across his face and she wasn’t sure if she should die of mortification on the spot or kneel at his feet, as she’d earlier thought. His smile lit up the entire room, brighter than the sunlight streaming in her now open window.

Oh. My. Gawd.

He was the sexiest damn thing she had ever seen.

“Accompany me to breakfast.”

Was that a demand or a question? She wasn’t really sure it mattered at the moment because her answer was yes, yes, hell yes.

“Sure,” she replied nonchalantly. His grin spread even further, knowing she was anything but unaffected by him. Jesus, instead of acting like the grown ass woman she was, she was acting like a crushing schoolgirl who liked a boy, but for some dumb reason didn’t want him to know.

Never letting her hand go, he silently led her through the shelter back to the main house and into the smaller of the dining rooms. The table in here could still easily hold twenty guests. Dev really did like the finer things in life.

“Sit.” He pulled out a chair and gestured for her to take a seat. Surprisingly, he pulled out the chair right next to hers and sat, but not before scooting it closer to hers. He had nineteen other chairs to choose from but chose the one right next to hers instead.

Suddenly she was very nervous. And kind of pissed off, actually. After seeing him again, she knew she hadn’t dreamt up their mutual attraction, so why hadn’t she heard from him before now? Why didn’t he stop by last night? Why hadn’t he called her before now? Why hadn’t he made even a shred of an attempt to let her know that she wasn’t concocting this insane connection in her own sometimes-crazy head?

“How did you sleep?” he asked.

How did she sleep? That was his first question? He hadn’t seen her in a week, ignoring this raging sexual inferno between them, and he wanted to talk about how she’d slept? Why not just ask her what she thought of this ungodly hot summer they’d been having or her thoughts on global warming or hey, what do you think of North Korea’s nuclear warhead threat?

reawakening teaser

Author Bio:

Most authors will tell you that writing is all they’ve ever wanted to do. I guess I’m one of the few that don’t fit in that bucket. Writing a book was never on my bucket list until three years ago. On my list was: Climb the Corporate ladder. Check. Go to Europe. Check. Complete a half marathon. Check. Eat chocolate daily. Double check. Isn’t this on everyone’s bucket list? Catch up on two seasons of Games of Thrones in one day. Painful, but check. And finally, devouring romance books at an alarming pace like the unashamed book addict I am…Over a thousand checks!

Living in Nebraska with my soul-mate hubby, I pen my magic world at night, while paying the bills with an actual paying job in the corporate world during the day. Writing is just an all-consuming passion for now, but boy, if I could dream…

My other loves include my simply amazing, incredible and talented children, a steamy novel, great friends and family, and a warm ocean breeze gliding over my sun drenched skin with a cocktail in hand.

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