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Happy Book Birthday to Rhiannon Jean’s Shattering (the Watchers Series Vol. 3) @RhiannonJean79


The Watcher Series Vol. 3

Rhiannon Jean

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I’m smack dab in the middle of my divorce and falling for another man-when my ex husband texts me.
This other man I’ve fallen for is pale, sexy, and just this side of dangerous.
My writer’s mojo had finally begun to come back and my life is taking a turn for the better.
Until I find the present he left me on my table.
After fighting with Gabriel, yet again, about his secrecy, Lily decides she needs to prove something to herself. That she’s strong. That she’s independent. That she’s wanted. But is her independence and strength enough to say no to Ryan and survive the truth about who and what Gabriel is?
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“I want to know you, Gabriel. All of you…even the not so shiny parts,” I said.

“I’ll show you my not so shiny parts if you show me yours,” he grinned almost boyishly.

“Oh jeez,” I snorted. “You’re such a brat!” Giggling, I pulled him closer and talked into his shoulder. “Tomorrow night, let’s just have a normal stay at home date. No heavy talk, no talk of our pasts. Let’s rent a movie, order in, and relax. I think we could both use that.”

“Sounds like heaven,” he replied with a sigh. He kissed me on the forehead and made sure I got into my apartment and locked the door. Once inside I flipped on the light and leaned my back against the door. I took a deep breath and looked around my new place. That’s when I noticed something on my dining room table. It looked to be a figurine of some sort. I wondered if Ryan had stopped by at some point and was still trying to butter me up. I walked over to the table to get a closer look and a scream caught in my throat.

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Rhiannon Jean is an Ohio native who moved to the big windy city only to end up in the ‘burbs…for now. She loves cats, cupcakes, Netflix, tequila, writing, crafting, music, singing too loudly with the car radio, dancing, shoes, tattoos and correcting people’s grammar.

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Facebook Author Page: http://on.fb.me/1GDvXkG
Twitter handle: http://bit.ly/1FZwT8y
Goodreads Author Page: http://bit.ly/1PoHZ8N
Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/1P9cJLK

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