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by Sara Schoen


Mia Daniels is running away.

She’s leaving her family, her job, and her life behind, all to get away from her past. With no plan, she packed her suitcase and took off for a town where she thought she’d be safe. She should have known she wouldn’t be safe anywhere…

Gage Greystone is running from his family name.

His family has owned the town for generations, but he doesn’t plan to take it over from his father. He has a dream to save others; from the treacherous hiking trails or from themselves. Maybe that’s why he’s so attracted to the newest resident of Escape, Mia. She seems to be silently begging to be rescued. From what, he doesn’t know, but he’ll do anything to rescue her.

But this rescue may be impossible for the decorated emergency serviceman…

★★★ REVIEW ★★★

This book is powerful because of the strength and courage of Mia.  Yes, courage and strength.  To be on the run like she had been away from everything and everyone that she had known was tough.  But did it, she did.  What do you do when an ex just will not leave you alone.  Restraining orders don’t work, telling him doesn’t work either.  I admire her for that and I never once felt like she was weak or needed “a man to rescue her” from her old life.  🙂

Gage was more of a puzzle.  I would have liked to have heard the conversation between his dad and himself so that I could have fully understood the “why” his dad was the way he was towards him.  I would be honored to have a son like Gage but apparently to his dad, he was a disappointment.  What I did love was that Gage is able to show Mia what a sound relationship is like between a man and a woman.  In fact, this is a sweet romance.  Actually its more of a character driven story more than anything.

Deacon, Joe, and Justin are a hot mess but are great friends to Gage.  They dropped everything when Gage needed them and didn’t ask questions.  The climax of the book is good, too.  Mia, again, had the courage and strength to get her through.  I did, however, feel bad for David.  He didn’t know, bless his heart but at that point, I don’t know if the ex would have stopped hunting her down anyway.

Overall, I loved the beginning of the series.  There are several authors that are participating in the series and I can’t wait to read Deacon’s book when it comes out.  His the biggest hot mess of them all.  LOL!


★★★ PURCHASE ★★★







Sara Schoen is a Biology major at James Madison University who was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She has been an adamant writer since she was young, and now enjoys reading, ghost hunting, and traveling. She hopes to have readers find solace in the worlds and characters the creates and in some cases provide a cautionary tale. Sara plans to continue writing and explore various genres in the future.


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