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Happy book Birthday and ARC #Review of Rodeo Rancher by Mary Sullivan! @MSullivanWrites

A Family Housewarming

Visitors are rare at widower Michael Moreno’s Rodeo, Montana, ranch. When Samantha Read and her two sons turn up, seeking shelter in a snowstorm, his kids are ecstatic. Michael is less enthusiastic. Sammy’s sophisticated city vibe seems out of place in his country home. But even he can’t deny that the bubbly beauty lights up the whole house.

Though Sammy doesn’t know much about ranching, she recognizes an aching heart when she sees one. Michael and his kids could use some cheer, and she’s determined to make the most of their time together. But as the heat between Sammy and Michael threatens to melt the snow, Sammy wonders if Michael’s heart could be thawing, as well…


I have to admit that has much Harlequin I read, I never caught onto the Cowboy craze.  It seems from being born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas.  I still live in Texas and for me, cowboys are something that I have seen every day my whole life.  It’s not I don’t like a good Wrangler butt or a buff rancher.  I worship at the feet of King George (George Straight) but honestly, I’d rather have billionaire’s, royalty or the special agent/cop.  That said, somewhere I missed the memo that Harlequin American Romance was changing to Western Romance.

So when Ms. Sullivan approached me to read her latest release I was intrigued.  You see, it’s about a rancher in Montana and the woman that is finally able to make him smile and love again after the death of his wife.  Sure, it’s a tried and true trope but what makes this one so special and good are their kids.  Oh yes, Michael has 2 kids and so does Sammy.  The kids in this book are crucial to the development of the romance and how much Michael is grieving.  Ms. Sullivan does a great job of the slow burn of the romance.  Michael is a big ole grumpy bear that has closed everyone off and Sammy is just the breath of fresh air that he and his kids need.

Sammy does come with some baggage, too.  The ending surprised me.  I honestly never saw that coming but it was nicely done.  I also liked her relationship with her brother.  Just wished I had read his book, too.  Sammy is just a trip when it comes to the kids.  I also liked how her and Michael’s parenting skills were the same but different.  Loved how Sammy never questioned Michael’s but he was quick to always say something about hers.  The meet-cute was hilarious, too.  Ms. Sullivan painted a picture for me and I’m still smiling.

Overall, this book sold me on the “new” line.  I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.  Alas, I have to wait until I think July.

Author Bio:
Award-winning author Mary Sullivan grew up in a big city, which makes her fascination with small towns, ranchers and cowboys hard to explain.
In 2005, she was finalist in RWA’s Golden Heart contest. Since then her writing career has taken off. She is the author of thirteen Superromances and two Western Romances, with four more on the way!
She loves that moment when, against all odds and through every difficulty, her hero and heroine find their happy endings.
TWITTER: @MSullivanWrites

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