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Title: Fifty Shades of Truth

Author: Josef

Series: Stand Alone

Genre: Autobiography

Publisher: Fontaine Publishing Group

Release Date: June 7 2015

Edition/Formats: eBook


Fifty Shades of Truth is the true story of a man who, for over sixty years, led a double life.

Josef was a husband, a businessman, a friend, but he was also a man hopelessly addicted to sex and all things sexual in nature. Stemming from an assignment his therapist gave him, this book explores the many aspects of sex that are hidden and looked-down upon. Josef’s life was a rollercoaster, littered with massage parlors, mistresses, transsexuals and gay encounters.  The things that happened to Josef, most people would find horrifying, twisted, or at least strange. But Josef loved every bit of it. Loved it so much that he continued lying to his wife and everyone he knew for 60 years.

Parts of Josef’s story are very confronting, but Fifty Shades of Truth is a wonderfully entertaining, sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking, sometimes challenging, but always entertaining account of this man’s life.  Many other men can only fantasize about some of the things he has experienced.
… a dark journey into the Light


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Excerpt 1

PG & X

There was a leather armchair in the corner across from me, and next to it some kind of apparatus against the wall.  I wasn’t sure what it was but it looked like something you could use to restrain someone.  It might be my first time here, but I knew where I was and had some idea of what went on.  Or at least, I thought I did.  It was like a large “X” shape and had small metal eye hooks attached at various points. It had a foreboding look, but at the same time I was excited and intrigued looking at it.  I would later learn that it’s called a St Andrews Cross, and I would come to love the view from it, with my arms and legs spread, and my naked body shackled against it.  But that would all come later, as I dived headlong into the exciting world of BDSM.  For now I felt like a country rube that had been dropped into the middle of Times Square.

There were other various loose items around the room, on shelves and hanging from the walls.  There were masks, whips and dildos.  Lots of leather.  I smiled to myself through my inebriated haze, ‘lots of leather, what did I expect?’ Even without visiting a dungeon, everyone who thinks about it has the stereotypical images of a mistress.  Tall, dressed in tight leather outfits, long leather boots, and the mandatory leather whip.  But in the end, mistresses come in all shapes and sizes and dress in all kinds of ways, although always sexily.  They are such delicious creatures.

After a while I heard footsteps approach the door.  It opened quietly and the receptionist came into the room with my drink.

“Here you are,” she said, handing me the glass.  “The mistresses won’t be long now.  Make yourself comfortable.”

I thanked her as she left the room, and drank my scotch, syphoning it through the ice she had put in the glass and drained it in a gulp.  I remember thinking it was way too much ice, and made a mental note to pass on the coke next time.  I placed the glass on the table and stood up, wondering where I’d be most comfortable, and whether I should be sitting or standing when the mistresses came in.  I decided to sit, and went to the other side of the room and sat in the armchair, next to the St Andrews cross.  The armchair was facing the door directly, and diagonally opposite.  I sat and waited.  My mind was numb with anticipation……and what the fuck was taking so long!   It was like time had gone into slow motion.  I couldn’t think anymore, wondering what was going to happen, and what it would be like, so I tried to sit quietly, and waited.

More footsteps; finally

This time when the door opened I got my first look at a Mistress.




Just about every author has a publishing horror story do you? If so what.


Interesting.  My life was a horror story so I wrote about it, but that’s not a publishing horror story in itself.  I have nightmares (metaphorically speaking) wishing I had spent more time on Fifty Shades of Truth before publishing it.  Does that count?  Maybe getting closer.  I can wish I’d loaded FSOT onto Amazon as an Indie author and given myself not only more revenue, but more control.  But in saying that, my publisher has been fantastic, so I don’t begrudge them.  They haven’t given me any horror and I’ve learned a lot.  Sorry.



Author InformationJosef Pic_edited-2


To the outside world he led a very normal life as a loving husband, good friend and successful businessman. But inside he harbored a great secret as he pursued a life exploring every avenue of sex imaginable. Stemming from an assignment his therapist gave him, this book explores the many aspects of sex that are hidden and frowned upon by society. Josef began by visiting mistresses and frequenting massage parlors, but most people could not even imagine the ways he found to satisfy his all-consuming desires, finding them repulsive, or strange to say the least.  But Josef couldn’t get enough of it, as he planned his daily life around his next sexual encounter, lying to his wife and everyone who knew him for sixty years.

Some parts of Josef’s life are very confronting, and not for the prudish or faint-hearted, but Fifty Shades of Truth is a wonderfully entertaining, sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking, sometimes challenging, but always entertaining account of this man’s life.  Many other men can only fantasize about some of the things he has experienced.

With this book being an Autobiography the Synopsis and Author Bio are the same.

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Note from the Author

This is the story of my life.  It has not been fabricated, exaggerated, or embellished in any way.  It’s the raw truth and I’m not really sure why I’m writing it, but my therapist thinks it’s a good idea, and I can understand her reasoning about that.  Writing down my life’s story might simply be a part of the healing process, so I can finally move on with my life and live it like a normal person.  All my life I’ve wished for nothing more than to just be normal, as I’ve looked around and envied other people’s untroubled lives.  At least that is how they appear on the surface.  We can all be quite certain that most people harbor some secrets in their lives.  Those secrets might be just some small things they regret, or feel ashamed about.  I wish people did not need to have secrets, and live in fear and guilt about their lives.  Most things people hide from are not worth the stress, but I guess I’m the same.  Maybe I should be able to shout from the rooftops, and tell the world I’m not afraid or ashamed of my life, but in my heart I know many people will stand in judgment of me.  At the same time, I know that deep down a lot of people would applaud my courage to do so, even if their own fears prevented them from supporting me out loud.  Therein lies the problem.  If you stand outside society’s norm, you stand alone, through social judgment and fear.  Maybe I should just include it all in the category of fear, and leave judgment out of it, considering that all judgment has its roots in fear to begin with.

Fear; the prime mover for almost every expression in our lives.  What would it be like to be free of fear?

I know everyone has their problems, and people go through a great deal of pain and suffering in so many ways.  I personally know people who I would not trade places with for anything on Earth.  We all go through the “run of the mill” issues which plague people; things like marriage breakups, financial problems, health issues, and everything that goes with living on this planet; trying to coexist with a whole lot of people, most of whom we have almost nothing in common, except a pattern of closely similar reactions that maintain a reasonable level of “sanity” in society.  And it is all bound in fear.

It doesn’t sound like much of a way to live, but if you question someone about their lives and propose the idea that they live their lives in fear, almost all of them will disagree.  Some will even get angry, and possibly violent, if you dare to start a debate with them on the issue.  The irony is that they won’t see, even then, that their reaction to the idea that their lives are based on fear, is in itself a fear based reaction.  So why would I tell people about my life?  Why would I stand up, step out of the shadows that society creeps around in, and put my trust in people to accept my life?  Simple.  People cannot be trusted.  Everyone knows this because everyone has a secret.  The only variable is the size of the secret, and mine would attract a massive excess baggage fee if I packed it in a suitcase and boarded a plane.

I’ve had, and have, all those problems I spoke about; divorce, health and finance, to some degree.  I’m not saying my life is difficult in the main, and in fact I often count myself lucky, and give thanks for my life, and the many things I enjoy.   Unlike some others, at least I have my health, in that I can walk, talk, eat, see and hear.  I also have a brain that works well enough, which gives me the opportunity to make something of myself, and do something with my life.  I really cannot complain, so what makes my life so different that my therapist thinks that writing it down is a good idea?

I don’t think the aspect of my life in question is in anyway unusual, or different, to a large percentage of the population, so I guess it just comes down to a question of degree and scope.  When I consider those factors I can’t help feeling my life has been a little unusual, to say the least, and a lot unusual to “say the most”!  No doubt it could be expressed by a lot of people with words like sick, deviant, gross, fucked-up, pathetic, abhorrent, disgusting, depraved, and so on.  These words are not new to me.  I’ve tarred myself with every one of them over the years, and nobody else could project the depth of feeling in those words more strongly to me than I have against myself.  That projection in turn evoked feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness and self-loathing that cannot be replicated by imagination.  Even if I told you that you cannot imagine the things I’ve done, and then gave you a hint, you would not cover the depth and breadth of my life experience.

I’ve written about this in a way that tries to depict how I felt at the time and how I feel now, and can only use words or terms that make that possible.  This book is not for the prudish or faint-hearted, so if you like your reality painted over and sugar-coated, then this is not for you, and I suggest you make a nice cup of tea and watch re-runs of Days of Our Lives instead.

I’m not complaining about my lot, and in some strange way I have even come to appreciate it after all this time.  All I want to do now is find some understanding out of it that might possibly enrich the remainder of my life, and maybe even help others with theirs.

It all seemed to begin harmlessly enough as a young child in primary school, but when I was a young teenager, an innocent conversation with my mother raised the idea in me that this turbulent, obsessive journey had actually begun when I was just a baby.  In time I had no doubt about this, and it has often led me to wonder – is this some kind of karmic load I am unloading, or am I building a karmic load that will crush the life out of my soul?  This is the question that would plague me through the decades to come.  Whatever the explanation for it, I was powerless to do anything about it.  All I could do was hang in, and hang on, as I plunged headlong through a chaotic world of sensory self-gratification.  Where do I even start, to give anyone an idea of the duality of the life I have lived for as long as I can remember?  There is that old clichéd crap about starting at the beginning, and they may be right, but let’s just skip ahead for a moment, because honestly, if I’m going to write this down, then I don’t have time for norms or clichés, and don’t give a shit about them.  Skipping ahead will give me a clear reminder of why I’m writing this, and what I’m writing about.  I’ll come back and try to join some dots, so this might become a clearer picture of what it always felt like to me: a life unlived.  Is that too dramatic; to call it a life unlived?  I lived something, didn’t I?  We all have some notion of what life should be like, or what we wish it was like, and in my mind and in my heart my life never measured up to any of my wishes.  It just never felt like living.  It always felt like a crap life; a bum deal. It is what it is.


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  1. Sounds like a great book, I usually don’t read autobiography’s but this one has peaked my interest. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have not read an autobiography in a long time – can’t remember the last one I read actually. Thanks for the giveaway!

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