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I got my first logo today!  Coffee Time Romance has been gracious enough to put their logo with link on my blog!  Sweet!  If you have never been to their site, I highly recommend that you do.  They have a little of everything for everyone.  Try out their free reads page, author interviews, blogs, interviews, etc.  It is well worth your time.

Well, its the starting of new year and I really have alot to be grateful for.  I have a job that I like, hubby store’s is doing well and our son still likes kindergarten.  We have our health and each other.  What else can we ask for?  Well for one, I’m going to be an aunt again.  My brother is having a little girl in late March, early April.  He has a 12 year old son now, so he is a little bit giddy and scared at the prospect of having a little girl.  I told him that I hope she is not like him or he will definitely have his hands full!  LOL!

In my reading resolutions for this year, I really need to play catch up.  I have a zillion Harlie’s to read and a Nook full of books, too.  I really need to read my Harlie’s and clear out the backlog that I have created in the last few months.  Its almost obscene, really.  I belong to the Reader Service and I need to stop some of them and then move some of them to e-books so I can read them at my leisure.  I’m not sure how much of pain that will be and I just need to call and find out.  I know, lazy…………I’ll own up to it. 

Well, hubby just came in from grilling our dinner and I’m hungry.  Signing off for now and I have got to finish reading the book that I need to submit my review for by Wednesday.  I know…………lazy but I’ve been busy over the holidays!


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