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Farewell for now…taking a break

recommend-harlies- newThis has got to be one of the hardest posts that I’ve ever written.  So please stay with me.  It may come off as a whiny post but it comes from the heart.

I’ve come to realization that I no longer feel reverent in the world of reviewing on my blog.  Or posting even.  Harlie’s Books has slowed to a crawl and no matter how many posts I put up, I’m not getting the “hits” or “clicks” that I used to.  This makes me sad for a couple of reasons.

1.  I run a clean blog.  I don’t snark, I don’t bitch and whine about the industry (which I could) and my reviews are always honest and heartfelt.

2.  I realize that I don’t write 1k on book reviews and that seems to be the way reviews are being written now.  As a reader, you’ve lost me after 500 words and I just skip to the rating of the book.  I learned a long time ago from one of the best in the business, Tami from Night Owl Reviews, that the review should never be more than 500 words or you’ve lost the reader.

3.  I’ve stopped reviewing anything erotic in content and that seemed to help with readership but that’s just not the case anymore.  Readers want the hot stuff and I just don’t read it anymore.  I have my reasons and I apologize to the many authors that write the genre because I still support and cheer you on…each and every one of you.

4.  The more popular sub-genres like MC, Fighters, sports, and rock stars, Harlie doesn’t read.  Some know that I worked for the Dallas Stars Hockey Club from 1999-2004 and I had friends in rock bands that I’ve buried 6 feet under…so no.  Won’t read them because I lived it, survived and moved on.  They are triggers for me.

5.  I’ve managed to run this blog since 2009 (started on Blogger) without any other person.  That itself is an accomplishment but it’s also hurt me.  Plus me not going to conferences and smoozing with authors, too.  Nor do I have a posse that I can send out.

6.  Another thing, I’ve had some tour companies drop me because I occasionally have R or erotic content on the blog in the way of promotion.  Yes, can you believe it.  This makes Harlie sad for all the authors that I could have had on the blog.

7.  My work life is going to be heating up again.  School starts on August 24th and our district lost a lot of substitute teachers.  I’ve applied for permanent positions within the district but keep getting rejected because they don’t want to lose me as a sub.  Double edged sword for me but at least I know that I will be working a lot more this year.

I will continue to promote authors, just not nearly as much.  My Harlequin Spotlight and Category Thursday will always be available for authors, too.  I’m going to change up my signup sheet on the blog, too.

I will continue to do cover reveals, blog tours, etc. but no reviewing unless its truly something I want to read.  If your book is erotic in content, it will be on my writer’s blog, Harlie Williams, Writer.  http://www.harliewilliams.wordpress.com.  I’ve set up a set for reviewing over there but again, I will be selective in what I read.

I realize that this post comes as a shock to most of you and for that, I’m truly sorry.  But I can’t keep banging my head on the desk when no one comes and visits, comments or even cares that much anymore.

I didn’t start blogging to be popular and well liked.  I started blogging because I love to read but over the last couple of years, blogging/reviewing has become something that I don’t enjoy as much.  Too many haters, politics, and people telling me what I can or can not do.

On a more positive note, I’m writing again.  I’m expanding my debut, The Couple and I’ve very excited about moving forward with that.  Plus, I have other stories to finish and hopefully one day publish.

I’ll still be around, so don’t worry.  You can still find me on Facebook under Harlie Williams.  I’m there most of the time.  Okay, maybe not during school, its blocked but I’m still around.

I cherish each and every one of you that has followed, liked, and appreciated the blog and me in general.  I’m still only an email away or PM.



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30 thoughts on “Farewell for now…taking a break

  1. Oh sweetie…you have to do what your heart tells you – I’m not getting the blog hits I used to either but I’m just a sucker for punishment

  2. I realize this decision was hard, but you have to think of number one. You’ll be missed sweetie, and I wish you nothing but the best.

    1. Thanks Layna. I’ll be promoted on the blog, just no reading. I’d love to read a book for a pleasure.


  3. This is just a new chapter for you. You’ve done so much to support the writing community, but you have to do what’s good for you and your family. Kudos for taking that first step toward what you want and what makes you happy.

  4. Such a heart felt and honest post…you’ll be missed, that’s for sure. Thank you for all the support and love,and for all that you’ve done for probably hundreds of authors. As one door closes, another opens. I hope you find something that makes you very happy xxx MWAH!

    1. My writing door needs to open again. Its frustrating when writing is the last thing that I think of during the day. Besides the blog, reading/reviewing, family and life in general, its time for me. 🙂


  5. Sorry to see you go from the reviewing perspective, Harlie, but happy to hear you’re going to be writing again. I wish you tons of luck and will watch for your next release 🙂

  6. You already know how i feel 🙂 Love you to pieces and i know this will be a good thing for you AND your family. You love subbing so no reviewing will be one less stress and very little blogging would be less stress too! Maybe at some point in the future, you can get back to blogging because you enjoy it and be appreciated by all that take u for granted. I’m thrilled for you to get back to your writing and i hope you have fun with The Couple and the changes that are to come with it ! Anxious for the progress of it along the way !

    Next week i’ll call for the issue we need to fix on my end 🙂 *hugs*

    1. I’m always here for you Ms. Ames. And I don’t need anymore stress in my life, that’s for sure.


  7. Wish you all the best and I’m glad you are writing again. I’m tackling the subbing this year after a full time teaching position for the last 15 years. I needed the break from the politics too! 🙂 Again, I’m sure you will be great!

    1. I can’t wait to start again. I had so much fun and learned so much from the kids that I taught. I had some challenging days for sure but the good totally outweighed those days. You will do well as a sub. No paperwork, grading, etc. Plus, you still get into the teacher’s lounge for the gossip. 🙂


  8. Best wishes to you, Harlie! It’s always hard to make a decision like this and I know you didn’t do it lightly. You have exciting new opportunities on the horizon and I love that you’re focusing on your own writing after helping so many of us! All the best in everything you do!

    1. Barb, it was a decision that has been a long time coming. I need to finally focus on me. Not everyone else. I know it sounds selfish but its the truth. Too many times have I started a project for myself and its been put on the backburner because of the blog. Plus, I’d love to read a book and NOT write up a review for it. 🙂


    1. I’m still around, just not reading. I haven’t read a book for pleasure in a couple of years. Yes, years.


  9. I’ve SO appreciated your support, and please know I’m always here to support you. I’ve noticed the same thing on blog traffic and, while I’m not a reviewer, I have largely stepped back from blogging to focus on writing. Here’s to an awesome new chapter for you, Harlie!

    1. I’ll still be around Sarah. I still have your book to read and review. Its just hard when no one shows up anymore. Blogging for me, at times, as been a full time job and its time for ME. I’m super excited about writing again.


  10. Aww Sweetie. You have to do what you need to for YOU. More than anyone else. I totally get all of your reasons. Obviously I didn’t call this week…Brett was home all week…mixed blessing. But in the office next week. 😉 So I’ll try again. Love ya and miss ya and thrilled about The Couple!! Have a good weekend!

  11. Very sorry to hear this, but I get it, big time. It’s not easy to do what’s best for you when you know people might be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage to say that you’re no longer getting what you want or need out of your situation. So glad you’ll be spending more time writing. Thanks so much for your support of me over the years. I sincerely appreciate it. xoxo

    1. Karen, you are always welcome on the blog. I have you penciled in for January for your next Harlequin book. 🙂


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