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Excerpt from The Sage Stone Prophecy by N.S. Wikarski w/a rafflecopter giveaway!

The Sage Stone Prophecy

by N.S. Wikarski




GENRE: Adventure, Mystery






Where do you hide a mysterious artifact that could change the course of history? You scatter clues to its whereabouts across the entire planet. Five objects buried beneath the rubble of lost civilizations point to the hiding place of the fabled Sage Stone. A secret society and a fanatical religious cult vie against one another in a global treasure hunt to claim the prize. The Arkana wants to preserve it for posterity. The Blessed Nephilim wants to exploit it to create a terrifying new world order. Only one faction can win. More importantly, only one can survive.




Excerpt Two:


“Why don’t I stop you right there.” Cassie placed a cautionary finger on Griffin’s lips. “Are you trying to tell me you love me?”


“Yes, thank you!” He beamed with obvious relief. “You’ve hit upon the very conversational precipice I was inching towards.”


Cassie laughed. “That’s not news. I care about you too.”


“You do?” He searched her face eagerly.


“Absolutely.” She gave his hands a reassuring squeeze. “Everybody at the Arkana matters to me—Faye and Maddie and Zach and Hannah and maybe even Erik, a little. But you most of all.”


Griffin sighed. “No, love. You don’t understand.”


She blinked at his choice of words.


“What I’m trying to say is that I’m in—”


“Hey, stop dragging your feet!” Maddie’s voice bellowed from the porch. “We’re all waiting for you!” She gave the door several thumps with her fist for emphasis.


“On our way,” the Pythia called out. Turning to Griffin, she said, “Hold onto that thought, whatever it is. We’ll have plenty of time to talk when we get back home.”


“Right! Brilliant! All the time in the world to get our relationship sorted out,” the Scrivener remarked bleakly as he followed her to the waiting helicopter. “Assuming this isn’t our last day on earth.”




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


“There’s a 52% chance that the next Dan Brown will be a woman … or should we just make that 100% now?”

–Kindle Nation Daily


Nancy Wikarski is a fugitive from academia. After earning her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, she became a computer consultant and then turned to mystery and historical fiction writing. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, the Society Of Midland Authors, and has served as vice president of Sisters In Crime – Twin Cities and on the programming board of the Chicago chapter. Her short stories have appeared in Futures Magazine and DIME Anthology, while her book reviews have been featured in Murder: Past Tense and Deadly Pleasures.

She has written the Gilded Age Mystery series set in 1890s Chicago. Titles include The Fall Of White City (2002) and Shrouded In Thought (2005). The series has received People’s Choice Award nominations for Best First Novel and Best Historical as well as a Lovey Award for Best Traditional Amateur Sleuth.


Her seven-book Arkana Archaeology Mystery Series is a #1 Amazon Bestseller. Titles include The Granite Key (2011), The Mountain Mother Cipher (2011), The Dragon’s Wing Enigma (2012), Riddle Of The Diamond Dove (2013), Into The Jaws Of The Lion (2014), Secrets Of The Serpent’s Heart (2015), and The Sage Stone Prophecy (2016).










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