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Excerpt from Lost Causes (Elements #4) by Mia Marshall w/a $50 GC giveaway!

MediaKit_BookCover_LostCausesLOST CAUSES
by Mia Marshall



Aidan Brook has spent months living with the horror of what happened when she lost control of her magic. Now she is searching for a way to manage her immense power, but she only hits one dead end after another.

On the run from a council intent on her death, Aidan, the bear shifter Mac, and the rest of her friends find themselves on a desperate chase across deserts and oceans in search of answers. Along the way, they encounter a living myth and a dual magic with secrets of his own—and they learn that the cure may be more deadly than the disease.

To save her own life, Aidan will need to confront the most dangerous foe she’s ever faced…herself.

LOST CAUSES is the fourth book in the award-winning Elements urban fantasy series.


Excerpt Three:

“Here.” She handed it to me and returned to her seat. “Put it on your face. You should use as little magic as you can, even to heal.”

“Is that your version of an apology?” I pressed the ice against the cheek Sera had slapped. I wasn’t bruising yet, but it was tender enough that it was only a matter of time. Sera hadn’t pulled that punch.

“Did you hear me use either the words ‘I’m’ or ‘sorry’? Then no.”

I made a face in her general direction, then made a second face when the movement pulled at my swelling cheek.

“What else could I have done?”

“Nothing! You do nothing, Aidan. Damn it. I’ve lost too many people already. Our father. Christopher. Hell, I’ve been losing people my whole life.”

She paused, swallowing whatever she’d been about to say. Sera rarely spoke of her mother, who died when she was just thirteen. Elementals were long-lived, but we weren’t immortal. Any sudden trauma could kill us as easily as it would a human.

When she spoke again, her words were measured. “I’m not losing anyone else. I don’t care if I have to burn those council assholes myself.”

“You’re not a killer, Sera. You’d never be the same.”

She held my eyes, her own so serious I barely recognized them. “But I’d be sane. Can you say the same thing?”

She was right, and at the same time she was so very wrong. “You know who you sound like?”

One side of her mouth quirked in the tiniest of smiles. “What can I say? Like father, like daughter.”

“Daughters,” I corrected. “And if we’re not careful, we’re all going to die in our efforts to protect each other.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_LostCauses

Mia Marshall is the award-winning author of the Elements urban fantasy series. Before she started writing about imaginary worlds, she worked as a high school teacher, script supervisor, story editor, legal secretary, and day care worker. She has lived all along the US west coast and throughout the UK, where she collected an unnecessary number of degrees in literature, education, and film.

These days, she lives in a small house in the Sierra Nevadas, where she is surrounded by a small but deadly feline army.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thismiamarshall
Facebook: http://facebook.com/miamarshallwrites
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/Mia_Marshall
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thismiamarshall

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