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Down by Contact – Jami Davenport – Review/Excerpt/Giveaway/Guest Post

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It’s showtime.
After twelve years in the league, all Zach Murphy wants is a Super Bowl ring. He’s been about hard hits not smooth manners, about breaking quarterbacks not making small talk at cocktail parties. But now he’s shattered something else. After dumping a tray of drinks on the team owner’s snooty daughter and accidentally feeling up the Governor’s wife, his tenure with his team looks perilously short. And things are getting worse.
Life is looking up for Kelsie Carrington-Richmond. A onetime beauty pageant star and mean girl, she only recently stopped living out of her car. But those times have passed. Her finishing school for real men has a real shot, and the Seattle Lumberjacks have hired her to polish their roughest player.
Except…it’s Zach. Long ago she broke his heart. He’s just the beast she remembers—gruff, protective—but she’s nothing like the beauty from his past. Yet, getting knocked down happens, and getting back up makes a contender. And they both have the hearts of champions.
Favorite Football Player of All Time and Why?   My favorite football player of all time is a tough choice. I’d love for it to be a Seahawk, and a few come to mind over the years, Jim Zorn, Christian Fauria, Marshawn Lynch, Chad Brown, Steve Largeant, and more, I’m sure.
However, I’m a sucker for Cinderella stories, and my most favorite Cinderella story I can recall is that of Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams. For a period of a few years in the 90s, the Rams were unbeatable with him behind center..   He was an undrafted free agent, a guy who appeared to be a perennial backup. Well, that backup became part of the “Greatest Show on Turf” and one of the best quarterbacks of the decade.   Warner tried out for the Packers, couldn’t make the team.
He went from stocking shelves in a grocery store, playing arena football, playing in NFL Europe. Then he was finally signed as a back for the St. Louis Rams. When starting QB Trent Green was injured Warner got his start and never looked back. A few Super Bowls later and several NFL records, Warner is now a sport analyst and hosts a reality show called, “The Moment”, which gives people a second chance at their lifetime dream.
Watching Kurt Warner and team was such great fun because you never knew when he’d pull a miracle out of his hat and find a way to win an impossible to win game.
Zach’s story in Down by Contact has the same ring to it, looking for the Super Bowl ring after years of playing for second rate teams, he has a dream and sacrifices to get it.
Harlie here…for me its Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys.  Captain America, Roger the Dodger…I meet Roger when I was umpiring his son’s baseball little league games and he and his wife Marianne are the nicest, unassuming people hat you would ever meet.  In fact, I expected to see his Super Bowl ring but he only wears his wedding ring and his Navy ring.  That’s classy. 
I’m no longer a Cowboys fan and my reasons are clear:
1.  I worked for Bum Bright when he sold the Cowboys to Jerry Jones and he was an ass then as he is today.
2.  Repeat after me… YOU DO NOT FIRE COACH LANDRY!!!  That is completely inexcusable.  You let one of the greatest coaches ever quit or retire.  Not fire him.  No class for Jerry Jones and he still doesn’t have any class.
3.  As a Houston Oilers fan with the Tyler Rose, Earl Campbell and one Bum Phillips, our household are major Houston Texans fans.  My husband lives and breathes them.  Shoot, we named our son after Earl Campbell.  His name is Brian Campbell Weber.
4.  Again repeat after me…YOU DO NOT FIRE COACH LANDRY!  *shakes head*



Kelsie Carrington glided across the room straight toward him. His Cactus Prairie High School crush here? In Seattle? What the fuck? Wasn’t halfway across the country far enough to escape her and those painful memories? He blinked several times, but there wasn’t a damn thing wrong with his vision. His one-date disaster balanced on a pair of heels so high the altitude should require an oxygen mask. Her blond hair shone as brightly as the gold in a coveted Super Bowl ring. Each graceful step of those long legs carried her closer to him.

He held his breath and prayed she didn’t recognize him. Just like old times, Kelsie looked right through him, as if he didn’t exist. Her patent beauty-queen smile was plastered across her perfectly made-up face. Damn, seeing her transported him back to being an awkward teenage boy who only fit in on the football field. Her fake smile reminded him how stupid he’d been to fall for her particular brand of poison. Her perfect face dredged up a shitload of painful emotions.

Oh, yeah, painful all right. Zach Murphy had fallen in love once and been carried out of the game on a stretcher. He’d stick with football. Football gave him life, while women sucked the life out of him. Football made sense to him. Women didn’t.

Especially this woman.

He glanced to either side to see if any of his teammates noticed the fucking bleeding heart dangling on his sleeve. They were too busy staring at Kelsie—she’d always had that effect on men. Well, except for the king of asshole quarterbacks, Tyler Harris. Zach gave Harris a few grudging points for tossing out his womanizer ways and only having eyes for his sassy girlfriend.

Yet something on Zach’s face must have clued Harris in. Like a hungry hyena catching the scent of wounded prey, Harris’s sharp gaze moved from Zach to Kelsie and back again. The quarterback possessed this uncanny ability to dissect an enemy’s weakness—and despite being teammates, they were enemies. One corner of the fuckhead’s mouth turned up in a knowing smirk. He nodded briefly at Zach and returned to his conversation with his hot little girlfriend, even though Zach knew damn well the jerk kept one eye on him.

Ignoring Harris, Zach scratched his chin and studied Kelsie. What the hell was the cause of his most humiliating moment in a lifetime of humiliating moments doing here a thousand miles from Texas, invading his territory?

He blinked a few times and looked again. Really looked beyond the beauty-queen face and body. Something was very wrong with this picture. A loaded tray of drinks teetered precariously on the palm of Kelsie’s raised hand as she moved in and out of the crowd. Rich girl Kel had never worked a real job in her life. Yet, he doubted she was serving drinks just for the unique opportunity to slum with the common folk.

Damn, maybe his life wasn’t the only thing that’d changed.

Kelsie scanned the room then did a double take. Their eyes met and crashed with the intensity of a wrong-way collision on I-5. The fake smile faltered. The gliding stopped. She looked around the room as if planning an escape route. Then she straightened her shoulders and turned on the charm, gracing him with her halogen smile—perfect white teeth and hot red lips. Really hot. As if she were happy to see him.


Zach scowled his best don’t-fuck-with-me scowl.

Kelsie faltered. Her stride went from graceful to jerky. The smile slipped off her face, replaced by what appeared to be panic. She pivoted on her impossibly high heels and fired up the after-burners.

Oh, no, she wasn’t getting away this easily. Zach jumped to his feet and gave chase, single-mindedly focused on confronting her, something he’d been dying to do since his senior year of high school. Yeah, stupid idea, but he’d never been one for thinking before reacting, a trait which worked well in football, not so well in real life.

She glanced over her shoulder, her blue eyes filled with what looked like fear, as if she expected him to do physical damage to her or some stupid-assed thing like that.

Zach cornered her near the head table. Kelsie changed directions and charged past him. He spun around to follow, refusing to let her off that easily. He clipped her full tray drinks with his elbow. She lurched with the tray, but it was too late. Helpless, Zach watched the disaster happen in slow motion.

The tray teetered back and forth, as Kelsie desperately fought to gain control. The tray won. Glasses of wine sprayed red, white, and pink across the tablecloth, looking like a tie-dye session gone mad. Goblets shattered. Women screamed as wine drenched expensive evening gowns. The team owner leapt to his feet, his sputtering laced with profanity as red wine coated his custom-tux and white shirt. His spoiled daughter, Veronica, didn’t hold anything back either, loudly insulting the size of Zach’s brain and his dick. Closest to the debacle, the governor’s wife leapt to her feet, her low-cut sequined evening gown hung on her like a limp rag. Red wine and mimosas dribbled down her neck and chest and disappeared in her cleavage. Zach grabbed a napkin and desperately blotted at the wine. In his panic, he swiped the napkin across the plump mounds of her breasts. She screamed as if he’d purposely groped her. HughJack, the team’s head coach, grabbed him and pulled him away.

“I’m sorry. Oh, fucking hell. I’m so sorry.” Zach wanted to crawl under the nearest boulder.

“What did you think you were doing?” Coach spoke in that deadly calm, quiet voice that struck fear in the meanest of linemen. Zach preferred HughJack’s ranting and notorious clipboard throwing to that voice.

“I—I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

Veronica, still sputtering and looking for blood, turned on Kelsie. “You! How could you be so stupid?”

“I—I—” Kelsie shoved her fist in her mouth, obviously horrified at the carnage she’d helped cause. She lifted her gaze to Zach’s. Anger blazed in her stormy blue eyes.

Wait one fucking minute. She blamed him? He hadn’t done one damn thing other than be where he was supposed to be—a charity benefit for a charity whose name he couldn’t even remember. She was the one who didn’t belong here.

Jerking her gaze away from his, Kelsie dropped to the floor and started wiping up the mess with any napkin she could confiscate from the nearby tables. Several other staff joined in the fray, wiping tables, cleaning up the mess, and comforting wet, angry guests.

Zach debated on whether or not to fade into the background or make her night that much worse. Once again, she’d made him look like a backwards hick, her special talent.

A fat, sweating chef with chocolate stains on his white apron waddled out of the kitchen and spoke in a harsh whisper to Kelsie. “You idiot. Did you do this?”

Kelsie didn’t look up, just worked frantically to clean up the mess. The chef bent down and pointed a pudgy finger in her direction. “You’re fired. Get the hell out of here. I’ll be contacting you for reimbursement for the damages.” He kept his voice low, but Zach heard him.

Zach stepped forward, a knight not exactly comfortable in his dinner-jacket armor. “Apologize to the lady. It was an accident, and your behavior is abusive.”

The chef gritted his teeth and spoke loud enough for only Zach to hear. “Who the hell are you? Some dumb jock? You probably beat up your girlfriend on a regular basis. And you accuse me of abuse?”

Zach exploded and charged. Just before he made contact, two defensive linemen, big suckers, yanked him backward and pinned his arms behind his back. Zach lunged at the fat chef again, dragging the linemen with him. More teammates jumped into the fray and held him back. Several others restrained the chef, who hurled accusations at Zach and Kelsie.

“Stop it, you dumb shit.” Harris smacked Zach on the arm none too gently. Zach grunted and squinted into the harsh light glaring in his eyes. Someone had a camera trained on him.

Harris stepped in front of Zach, blocked the cameraman, and faced the furious cook. “Let’s calm down and be civilized. It was an accident.” He spoke in an aside to his teammates. “Let them go.” The men did as Harris ordered. The cook made a move toward Zach but Harris countered it, placing his body between the two dueling men. He put his hand on Zach’s chest and pushed. Zach staggered back a step, reining in his temper.

He’d done it again. Screwed up in a social situation and dragged the whole team down with him. His new team. The ones who were counting on him to be a leader on and off the field. He’d led them, all right, almost into a brawl.


As you can tell I love football, college football is actually my favorite kind of football to watch.  And I enjoy a good football romance just like everyone else and reading Down by Contact is as good as it gets.

I will admit that I had mixed feeling when I finished. I adored Zach from the beginning.  Labeled a big, dumb lineman is not a good label for someone who was really, really smart.  Growing up the “social skills” weren’t taught to him and that’s completely understandable given his circumstances.  But he did have his two brothers that he loved and adored.  But in one night, his life was changed forever and I cried for him.  No one should have to endure that…ever.

Kelsie took a little longer to get to know for me.  I grew up with girls like her and it hit a little too close to home for me.  I felt like I was reading a chapter of my own life and I didn’t like going down that path again.  That said, once I got to know her, I really started to like her and felt sorry for her.  I liked the accessory that she carried around with her, too.  I imagined Paris Hilton.  🙂

I enjoyed watching Kelsie and Zach get past the high school bullshit and really get to know each other.  They were sweet and cute with each other.  Zach has some awesome self-control, too.  What would you do if the girl that you completely lusted over, fell in love with all those years ago, walks back into your life?  For Zach, it was difficult and after the ending of the book did he feel like he could actually be totally honest with Kelsie.

This is where I had a little bit of a problem with the book.  I don’t feel has if Kelsie and Zach really were totally, 100% honest with each other about what happened all those years ago.  Yes, they said the words but I didn’t feel like Kelsie was truly sorry.  She blamed her friends and didn’t put any of the blame on herself.  Zach held too much of himself back and that was understandable at first.  His confession at the end should have been said earlier.  But hey, that’s just me.

Also, I would have like a better resolution to Mark and Kelsie’s family.  Surely that really didn’t believe all that crap that Mark feed them?  Oh and Veronica…she didn’t to be bitched slapped, too.  By Kelsie and her dad.  Overall the secondary characters rocked.  🙂  Ty Harris is a dream and I loved reading how he and Zach finally came to an understanding and became friends. 

Overall, I loved Down by Contact.  Between laughing, crying and sighing with Kelsie and Zach, I appreciated that I was over halfway through the book and they still hadn’t had sex yet.  I know, I’m weird but I like to get to know my characters before they fall into bed together.  🙂

I would recommend this football romance to anyone that likes their football, like characters that get a second chance at love and above I found the book to be about redemption for past sins and how you can “go home” and grow as a person.  Both Zach and Kelsie had a lot of growing up to do even after all those years and it was heartwarming to watch them mess up but figure it out in the end.

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