Desiree Holt’s 100th Book release Celebration

This month Desiree Holt celebrates her 100th release with Downstroke from Ellora’s Cave.  Downstroke is the story of lovers reunited after twenty years trying to bridge a gulf of bitterness while outwitting a killer.  To help her celebrate, I’m giving you a taste of one of her other books.  Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing at the end of the month for an Acer netbook.

I was excited beyond words for the chance to host Desiree today.  When I choose Once Upon A Wedding as my book to showcase, I was even more excited when it wasn’t picked by anyone.  I loved, loved, loved this book.  There is passion, emotions, sex and alot of it, misunderstandings and its full of surprises.  I have re-read this story too many times to count.  Here’s the blurb and an excerpt and see for yourself:


Loraine McIntyre longs for just one weekend to let down her hair and find a man who will help her live out all her fantasies before her conventional wedding to her very conventional finance’ and continuing her very conventional life.  Despite Stuart’s protests, she knows she has to do this or she’ll always feel she missed  something in life.  Goodbye Loraine, hello Rainie.  And hello Joe, the sex god with lion’s eyes she meets at the beach.  Hopping on his motorcycle with him, she roars off to a weekend of the wildest sex anyone could ever want.  But things are not always what they seem and life is about to hand Rainie a few surprises.


     “Sounds like you should have a talk with Stuart.”  They were silent for a long moment.  Joe picked up on of her hands and played with the fingers.  “So Rainie-who-wants-to-be-wild.  Do you think I’d do?”
      She frowned.  “Do?”

     “You know.  For the weekend fling.  I’m healthy, momentarily unattached and I can promise you the sex will be better than you can imagaine.”

     Her heart was beating in a stuttering rhythum.  A flutter deep in her womb began to increase in tempo.

     While she chewed on her lip, Joe made the decision for her.  He swallowed the last of his drink, rose with lithe jungle grace and held out his hand to her.  “Come on.  I promise you an adventure you won’t forget.”

    Rainie looked up at him.  A wildness glittered in his lion’s eyes, a hint of something feral and untamed beneath all those tanned muscles and that amazing grin.  Anticipation rolled over her.
      “All right.”  She stood up, hitched the thin strap of her flat purse over her shoulder and gave him her hand.

     He tossed their drink cups in a trash barrel and led her toward the street.

     “Where are we going?”

     “I rented a house down the beach for the weekend.  How does that sound?”

     She paused.  “I don’t have nay clothes except what I’ve got on.  And my car’s in the garage here.”

     The amber eyes darkened to a deep gold.  “If things work out you won’t need any clothes.  And your car’s safe at the hotel.  Anyway, I’ve got transportation covered.”

     They stopped at the curb where a gleaming silver Ducati motorcyle restedon its kickstand.

     Rainie’s mouth flopped open.  “Is this yours?”
      “Sure is.”  He winked at her and handed her a helmet.  “Here.  You’ll need this.  Don’t want to splatter your brains before we get to that wild sex.”

     Suddenly Rainie threw back her head and luaghed.  What the hell.  This was what she wanted, wasn’t it?  “Okay, Joe.  Crank’er up.”
     She hopped onto the motorcycle behind him, wrapped her arms around his hard, jusculare body, her hands clasped against sun-warmed male skin and inhaled.  A cologne so light its fragrance was almost elusive mingled with the scent of the sun, the Gulf waters, the lingering coconut aroma of the pina coladas and the male essence that was uniquely Joe.  She had to squash an irresistible urge to pull up his shirt and lick his skin to see if he tasted as good as he smelled.

     They roared down the street with wheeling seagulls squawking overhead and the rushing slipstream of the wind sweeping away the last vestiges of restraint.

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32 thoughts on “Desiree Holt’s 100th Book release Celebration

  1. Attractive section of content. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently quickly.

  2. I want to thank everyone coming out and supporting Desiree on her 100th release. This has been fun and I can't wait to do it again.

    Trust me, Joe is totally worth it and tons of fun!

  3. Ladies, I am going to have to leave in a little while to run an errand but I'll check back in as soon as I get back and pick a winner from today's comments.

  4. Just for future notes: Book 6 in The Sentinels will be out shortly as will Book 3 in Night Seekers.Beginning June 1 Ellora's Caved will rerelease The Phoenix Agency books that I originally wrote under another name. this time,l as the Publisher's Note says, we open the bedroom doors! I have a four novella series called Attack Force about four Delta Force Doms that I've just started, and another book about the music business, this time rock and roll. Again, it's about the chemistry between two totally unlikely people. And Decadent Publishing and I are going to be doing some very special things for it so stay tuned.

  5. Once Upon a Wedding is one of those stories that came to me in my famous shower. I say famous because people ask me a lot where I get my ideas and I actually do get a lot of them in the shower. It's built on people's secret desires and the things that are needed to make a relationship work. And the question-how far would you go for someone you really, really love?

  6. You are all way too good to me. Cathy, you don't know how good it makes me feel to know I can get the chemistry across between my characters. To me that's what it's all about. My books are really character driven so of course I want people to fall in love with them and really feel the heat.

  7. Woot, Desiree! Rodeo Heat's on the TBR! Can't believe it's already 100 (I think that's a lovely thing because I doubt I've read them all yet–gives me a little ways to go before I get caught up ;))

    Congrats, Desiree! Thanks for the spotlight, Harlie 🙂

  8. Congrats on 100 books!
    Loved the excerpt for this book, going to be adding this one to my list to read, sounds like there is going to be great chemistry between the characters!

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  9. 100 books. What a wonderful accomplishment, Desiree. Many congratulations.

    I look forward in reading Downstroke.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  10. Congrats Desiree, on 100.. that is just amazing ! Here I sit with knots in my stomach writing one 🙂

    I just rec'd an ereader, looking forward to downloading your books how do I turn it on ? LOL

  11. Now I have to add Once Upon a Wedding to my list of books to check out!! I have no doubt that once I get my hands on just one, I'll want more, much more.

    Congrats again on the big 100th!!

  12. Desiree Holt is an auto buy for me. The lady is amazingly talented & her books show it. I will admit that Downstroke is my favorite. Dallas is hot hot hot. Congrats on 100 releases!!

  13. You always give us amazing characters with their off the charts chemistry. Once Upon a Wedding was one of the first books of Desiree's that I ever read, and got me hooked on erotic romance stories.

    So here's to the next 100!!!

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  14. You ladies are too kind!
    Marie Rose, I fell in love with Rodeo Heat while I was writing it. A lot of it is based on my own experiences at the San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show. So glad it's your favorite.

  15. Wow, 100 books. That is such an accomplishment. Congrats! Next stop, your website. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. I can not just pick one book. You deliver with a capital D ! I am always waiting for the next release of your books. Keepem comin because I just cane get enough! Smiles

  17. Downstroke is FANTASTIC! I just loved this book! The chemistry between the characters was hot and I so want to read more about them! Excellent 100th Desiree!!

  18. Morning Desiree. Thanks for the opportunity. I can't tell people enough of my LOVE of Once Upon a Wedding. Joe and Rainie just connected with me. I did re-read it over the weekend, too.

  19. Hi Marika. Thanks for hosting me today and helping me celebrate my 100th release. I'll be in and out all day to answer anyone's questions and talk about myself, and tonight I'll pick a winner of a free download from my backlist.

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