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Deadline by Diana Saenger – Promo/Excerpt/ARC Review



Deadline: Romance

by Diana Saenger


Emma has met Mr. Right, but dotcom millionaire Daniel first has to learn how to let go before he can lead Emma out of her fear of the future and into the miracle of the moment.



Expecting Daniel to be ready to leave, Emma came to a stop when he exited his bedroom door. She gulped and forced her focus away from the towel that hung low around his abdomen. Slowly she raised her eyes to the six-pack abs, moving up to his tan bare chest, not missing those muscled forearms. His dark wavy hair was bedroom messy and set off his alluring blue eyes. And there was that huge smile she loved.


“Girl, you turn me on just the way you look at me.” Daniel remained perfectly still. “I want to touch you, but we’ll be late to your parents if I do.”


Adrenaline pumped through her veins. She was ready to take this relationship to the next level and nothing was going to stop her now. Emma walked slowly toward him feeling seductive in the peach flowered sun dress that flowed around her knees.


Daniel took a step backwards. “Honestly, Em, you look so beautiful. I can only take so much.”


“Just a kiss. Honest.” 


They stepped forward and fell into each other’s arms.


Daniel pulled her tight and she reveled in the feel of his abs, the hardness that pressed against her thighs. As he lavished her with kisses and sweet whispers of wanting her, Emma reached her hand between them and grasped the top of his towel.




This is the next to last book in the series and I’m starting to be very weepy and sad.  I have so enjoyed this series and I have fallen in love with the girls and their mates.  Emma and Daniel are no exception to this rule.

Driven, smart, and one of the best reporters in the business Emma had to learn to let someone in her life for once.  Not that she wanted for a boyfriend, just never really made the time…until she met Daniel, the dotcom millionaire that lit her fire.

Daniel is not the recluse millionaire that we read about everyday.  He’s sexy, engaging, friendly and completely taken with Emma from the first meeting.  His biggest problem is making the time for Emma.  With the sale of one company, he’s deep into something else.  Priorities, priorities.

As you can tell by the excerpt, Emma and Daniel are completely hot for each other.  There time together is sensual without being smutty and it sizzles.  What they lack is the ability to truly let themselves BE themselves with each other.  Put a driven and popular reporter and the hottest dotcom millionaire together and to becomes a battle of jobs.

Yes, jobs.  Does Emma really want to be a reporter forever?  Does Daniel ever want to slow down and really enjoy life?  What are they willing to sacrifice or change to truly be with each other…forever?  Need to read it to find out…

Again, I truly am going to miss these girls and being a part of their lives.  *sigh* 





Diana Saenger is the entertainment editor of the East County Gazette, theater critic for 10 other San Diego newspapers and operates her own entertainment syndicate, Saenger Syndicate and online sites www.reviewexpress.com and www.classicmovieguide.com. She has sold more than 1,000 short stories, articles or features to newspapers and magazines such as Good TimesHispanic OutlookLife After 50Indian CountryMcCallsRomantic Times, and more.

Called a Roving film historian by Fox Studio Classics, Diana has been a guest panelist at the Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival in Athens Georgia for four years in a row and has been a judge for several screenwriting competitions, was a script reader for King Productions and has served as one of the press coordinators of the San Diego International Film Festival.


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  1. This sounds so good! Not sure how I missed this, but I’m certainly going to have to look for them now!

  2. Thanks for the spotlight and review! I haven’t read any books in this series yet but I’m adding them to my list

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