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Crimson Moon and Twist of Fate (Blood Rose Series) by Samantha Drane – Book Blitz



Book 1 of the Blood Rose Series – Crimson Moon



Alex Brightmore thought he had it all.


A wonderful family as well as a beautiful woman who just agreed to marry him. Everything was perfect, until it all came grinding to a halt. After the mysterious disappearance of his bride-to-be and the gruesome deaths of his mother and twin sister, Alex was offered a chance to gain the ultimate gift.


Immortality was the gift.


The Catch? Spend eternity as a Vampire.


Now, as he shielded his heart and swore that he would  never let himself fall in love again, he leaves the safety of London to start anew. But Fate had other plans for him. “Fate” came in the form of museum researcher Jade Stevens. They meet at a party and neither can deny the growing attraction between them. She realizes though, that to love him she must know all of him.


No matter what the cost may be.


However, hidden secrets and Jade’s link to Alex’s past haunt the pair, and a former lover from Jade’s past puts her life in serious danger. To save the woman that he has fallen in love with, can he truly ignore this Twist of Fate?


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Excerpt for Crimson Moon:

He dropped my wrist, and turned around to face the downtown skyline. Seconds later, I heard a small growl come from Alex. I felt my breath catch in my throat as he turned back to face me. It was like the person in front of me now was a totally different person then who was standing in front of me not less than 30 seconds ago. Everything about him now had an air of dark masculine power. The biggest difference was his eyes. I looked into his eyes and was mesmerized. Alex trapped me in his gaze and held me there. His eyes were a dark violet, with an outer ring of light grey, almost silvery. He had this smirk on his lips, that if I didn’t know any better, was almost predatory in nature. This was all before he opened his mouth to speak. Good God, that voice! I swear if I wasn’t already enthralled by his eyes, then his voice would do me in. I suddenly fought the urge to swoon.

His voice had dropped at least two octaves and was raspy, rough, almost like coarse sand.

“Is this what you wanted, Jade? Take a good look because this is the true me; the hunter, the predator, hell, I’m the top of the food chain.” As he was talking, he moved around behind me, whispering in one ear then in the other. He now had this bold swagger about his walk that wasn’t there before. It was almost like he owned the place. While I was listening to him, I could feel him sliding one arm around my waist and his other hand trailing down my cheek, burning my skin along the way. I knew at that point, if he didn’t have his arm wrapped around me, my legs would have given out from under me for sure. There was only one word to describe what was going on.

It was torture.

Specifically; slow, erotic and predatory torture. Thing was, I was helpless to stop it. Everything about him at that moment had me rooted in place, powerless. Yet I still wasn’t scared of him. Even seeing his true nature up close and personal didn’t frighten me. He stepped from behind to face me once again. As Alex faced me, within a blink of an eye, he had pulled me to him, crushing my soft body to his steel chest and pulling my right arm up to his lips.

“If you’re trying to scare me, Alex, it’s not working.” He just smiled and brushed his nose against the back of my wrist. “Oh, I know it’s not working, Jade, darling. Actually, it’s doing quite the opposite. But, if I wanted to have you, there would be nothing that could stop me from taking you. You forget, Jade, I can sense emotions and right now, I have you completely defenseless. I could take you into that cozy bedroom of yours and after a very satisfying night…”


Book 2 of the Blood Rose Series – Twist of Fate

Legend states that a Crimson Moon only appears when a new vampire is created. Jade Stevens never thought that this legend would ever apply to her.

Six months after losing Alex, she’s trying to get her life back on track. Now in charge of the museum’s research and acquisition department, she comes face to face with Caleb Stone. She can’t deny the raw energy burning between them, but doesn’t want to disrespect the memory of the man she loved.

As they grow closer both in and out of the office, a long-thought dead figure from Caleb’s past re-emerges looking for revenge. Now Jade is caught in a tug of war, where she is the prize.

Now, in the wake of a daring attack on Jade that leaves her hovering between life and a miserable undead existence, Caleb risks it all in a last ditch effort to save the woman he’s grown to love.

Will a Crimson Moon rise tonight?


Excerpt for Twist of Fate:

Getting up and smiling at Jade, Kalieigh took her leave. I turned back to Jade and could think of nothing else but kissing her senseless, so I indulged and did just that. I think Jade knew what I was going to do because as soon as my lips slanted over hers, she pulled me down on top of her as she laid down on the couch. I grinned into her lips and tried to keep most of my weight off her by propping myself up on my arms. She growled and pulled me down hard. I sunk into her and pretty much all was lost.

I felt her arms slide up and around my neck and her nails scraping the back of my neck as I moved from her swollen red lips to her neck. I found her pulse point and attacked it softly. I felt her nails sink into my back, right between my shoulder blades, and drag across. The little minx was pushing at my self-control and she knew exactly what she was doing. I pulled up and looked, to find she was smiling wickedly at me. I smirked right back at her.

I pulled her arms from around my neck and stretched them out over the top of her head. I felt her struggle, but the more she did, the more I kept her where she was.

“So this is how we’re going to play it, hmm? Have it your way, angel…” was all I said to her. Her eyes had darkened to nearly black by this point.

“Caleb, for the love of mercy, shut up and kiss me!”

I could hear the faint tone of desperation in her voice. The knowledge that I caused this sent a surge of smug pride through me. Releasing her arms, I bent my head and kissed her again, sliding my tongue across her pursed lips, demanding entrance. Jade relented and opened her lips, allowing me access to the blissful warmth inside. I could feel a rumble between us, but, surprisingly, it came from Jade’s throat. I ran my hand slowly up the side of her torso, and up the side of her neck, feeling the muscles tense up. As my hand went back down, I slowed down enough so that my fingers were just skimming her skin. She twisted from side to side to get me to relent, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I leaned in and ran my tongue across the outer rim of her ear. That elicited a moan from Jade that sent sparks down my spine. Suddenly, the noble part of me decided to rear its head. I pulled myself up from a flushed and panting Jade, who was looking up at me with a mixture of heat, confusion and a hint of murderous intent. I closed my eyes, trying to gain a small semblance of control.

“If you are having any second thoughts, stop me now because this is the last chance. I want you to be sure Jade.”

Jade sat up, grabbed the front of my shirt and jerked me towards her. I could feel the heat of her glare, so I opened my eyes to find her eyes had darkened with desire. Her response came out as a hiss.

“The only thought I am having right this second is that if you do not take me upstairs and finish what we started the night of the party, I will personally STAKE you with a silver spike.” The next thing I knew, she had ripped my shirt completely open and was running her hands over my now exposed chest.

I hauled her up, slamming my lips on hers and flew us both up to my master bedroom. I pretty much tossed her on the bed, and as I stalked towards her, step by step, we were both losing clothes at a very rapid pace. When I reached the edge of the bed, Jade beckoned with a crook of her finger and a sexy smirk on her face. I crawled up the bed and as I hovered over her body, I thanked every god that would listen for giving me such a beautiful creature to love. Sentiments aside, I leaned down and chuckled hotly in her ear.

“I hope you know I have wanted this to happen for a while. Are you ready for a workout? I know I am.”

I spent the rest of the night and following day making good on my promise.


About the Author:

Samantha Drane is a paranormal romance author that was born in Victoria, BC, spent most of her young adult life on the Canadian Prairies and now currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband of nearly 7 years, their two daughters and three cats. When she’s not writing, she’s spending quality time with her young family, taking photos with her 35mm film camera, or watching her Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos on television.

When she was younger, her best friends had always told her that she had so much untapped creativity and it would drive her crazy if she couldn’t find an outlet for it. She admitted that

the inspiration for Twist of Fate came from a month’s worth of dreams.

Her first two books in the Blood Rose Series, Twist of Fate and Crimson Moon are being published through No Boundaries Press. Twist of Fate (Part 1) was released in February 2012 and Crimson Moon (Part 2) was released in April 2012. Currently she’s working on three new projects.

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