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Falling Out
by Gayle Parness
The Triad Series #2
Publication Date: November 18, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Falling Out 2

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Kids are on the streets of L.A. experimenting with dangerous magic, a powerful witch has sworn to get her revenge, he and his best friend are on the outs and his fae warrior girlfriend is back in town. Can Charlie’s life get any more complicated?

Yes it can.

Tricked by his irritating uncle and imprisoned by a powerful enemy, Charlie must strike a magical bargain, taking him into a once familiar realm, which is still suffering the aftereffects of a corrupt queen’s rule. Accompanied by Samson, his most loyal friend, Charlie works hard to find a balance between compassion and control.

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Taking charge of his life at last, Charlie Cuvier and his best friend, Jay, a grizzly shapeshifter, journey through California only to discover that their path could be throwing them at the feet of some seriously dangerous characters. When they reach LA, trouble follows them in the guise of a young woman who seems to desperately need their help.

Ivy was thrilled when she got the call, racing to the dream job appointment as fast as the Los Angeles Transportation Department could get her there. When her plans go haywire, she finds herself waking up in her own bed with her rescuer smiling at her from the corner chair. And of all the luck! just when she’s about to make a life for herself, this supernatural superman comes waltzing in to mess things up.

As enemies begin to pop out of the woodwork, Charlie, Jay and Ivy are forced to work together, protecting the human population while trying to hold onto their secrets.



Falling Out excerpts:


A long deep breath steadied my nerves enough to enable me to withdraw my claws. What I’d done to my body to frighten the blood witch hadn’t just been physical. My entire system had been gearing up for a fight, and now I had the job of cooling down without the outlet of sinking my fangs into some well deserved flesh.  Before the young cop had a chance to make it halfway down the hallway, I was dashing out the door of the building, speeding up as soon as I hit the street to the point where I wasn’t visible to anyone but the highest level supernaturals.

And gods, it felt amazing to run: faster than wind, faster than any vampire, even the ancients. My mind cleared with each stride, the stress in my muscles, magical and physical, melting away with each mile. At the same time, my conscience did its usual dance around the rightness of threatening someone to get info. How far would I have gone? It would’ve been a simple thing to lock the door with magic and block the camera signal. Children’s lives were at risk. But in my heart that excuse seemed just another step toward darkness – the kind of darkness I wouldn’t return from intact.


Despite my no-coffee morning, I pinned out right away that the stone arch was set up to repel unwanted visitors – the disturbing scent, the feelings of apprehension it triggered and the basic appearance of the structure shouting out, run away! My fae blood was perfectly comfortable around this gateway into Faerie, but my demon side was squirming vigorously. Too bad I couldn’t figure a way to block that side of my magic. It would sure make this trip a lot easier.

I urged Samson, my rottweiler, to come closer, but he was shaking and whining the way he sometimes did during a thunderstorm. “Okay, boy. I’ll carry you through the arch, but don’t start squirming. You’re no lightweight.” He relaxed as soon as I picked him up, grunting and taking advantage of his position to furiously lick my face. “Enough of that, I can’t see.”  I took two careful steps, still feeling the comforting dirt road beneath my feet. The third step was met with only air. I automatically arched my back and lifted my chin to throw my head and body backwards, but Samson’s weight drove me forward and we plummeted into the void.




My cousin Zerian was seated at an ornate desk in a large room with fancy chairs that belonged in a museum and vases filled with roses and lilies. Artwork covered almost every inch of the walls: portraits and landscapes, most of them painted using the same palate so they’d match the other items in the room. I didn’t thing HGTV would approve.

Zerian looked up when I entered, stopping my forward progress. She looked so much like her mother, Fionna, beautiful beyond words. I wondered if she sometimes hated the likeness she shared with a monster the same way I did with my birth father, Kennet. Looking in the mirror was the worst part of my day.

She rose and walked around the desk, extending her hand. “It is such a pleasure to meet you at last, cousin.” I was surprised by the more modern gesture. I’d been prepared to nod in the fae style. “Is this not—“

“Of course. It’s perfect.” For some crazy reason I took her very soft hand in mine and lifted it to my mouth, kissing it lightly on the knuckles. She giggled and her smile became the brightest light in the room.







About Gayle Parness

Growing up in Los Angeles contributed to Gayle’s love of all things fantasy and science fiction, particularly movies, books, and live theatre. She’s worked for many NYC community theatre companies over the years and has been writing Young Adult fantasy novels non-stop for the last five years.

Gayle’s current projects include finishing up book two in her new adult paranormal romance Theta Series: “Yielding to Pleasure.” Currently available for preorder. Book One, “Playing with Passion” released on April 15th. This summer will be all about the second book in the Triad Series, and in the fall, Gayle should have some time to attack another Rogues Shifter book.

She’s so pleased to share her stories with so many wonderful readers. If you ever have a chance, an honest review at any of the vendors would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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