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Snow Cover


Snow the Vampire Slayer
by Rebekah R. Ganiere
Farielle #2
Publication Date: September 22, 2014
Genres:Fantasy, Romance

Synopsis: After deposed vampire prince Sage helps King Adrian and the werewolves drive the vampires out of Wolvenglen Forest, he comes face to face with his worst fear. A beautiful woman who makes him lust to break his vow, and crave her blood.

Lady Snow Gwyn is tired of staying at home to take care of her seven brothers, instead of being out with them at night, hunting for bloodsuckers. Ever since a mysterious witch bestowed the mantel of the Vampire Slayer upon her brother, Snow has wanted nothing more than to be out there fighting along side her brothers, but it isn’t her place.

And when Snow meets Sage, she’s torn between the need to kill him for what she believes him to be, and the desire to give in to the feeling that he stirs within her. But Sage is more afraid than ever that his uncle Philos, King of the vampires, will find out about Snow and once and for all, stomp out any chance Sage has at true happiness.

Sage must enlist the aid of Snow’s brothers to help him regain his rightful place as King of the Vampires and finally exact revenge on his uncle. If only he can keep them from killing him first.


Snow’s throat went dry. The tall man with blue eyes drew ever closer.

It couldn’t be.

He had the same eyes she’d been dreaming of all day. A memory waited for her on the other side of the wall in her mind but she couldn’t quite pull it to the surface.

They circled each other and though she wasn’t foolish enough to lower her sword, she felt strangely comfortable being near him. Yet frightened at the same time.

Images flashed through the block. Together in the glade. His lips on hers, his tongue on her hand, the desire in his eyes as he looked at her. The fear deepened.

“I remember you,” she murmured, “but I don’t.”

He stopped moving for a moment, his brows knit together. He stepped closer again.

“Don’t do that.” She spun out of reach. “Stop where you are.”

“Oh, come now, don’t act like that.” He smiled.

What a great smile.

“I mean it,” she said, “Don’t come near me. I don’t want to have to hurt you.” Her body trembled, but her voice held steady. Snow’s inner alarm sounded. Something about him set her on edge. What was it she couldn’t remember?

“Oh, you wouldn’t hurt me.” His eyes locked on hers and her mind took on a familiar foggy quality. “You don’t want to hurt me.”

“Stop!” She broke eye contact and shook her head. “You’re right. I don’t, but I will.” She thrust the sword in warning. He took a cautious step back and smirked.

There was something sensual about him that drew her in. He talked to her with such familiarity, like a joke she wasn’t in on.

His broad shoulders cut straight down to his trim waist beneath a long leather coat. Snow wondered what his hands would feel like on her skin. He closed his eyes and sucked in a long, deep breath, a look of complete peace crossed his face.

“What are you doing?”

He opened his eyes and she could swear they shone that bit brighter, in the moonlight.

“Smelling you.”

“What? That’s just–” She fumbled for something to say. “You’re trespassing. You should go.” The nagging feeling of unease increased.

“Make me, love.” A smile played across his face.

Why did men always think they could treat her as a lesser? Lunging, she swung her sword, but he wasn’t there.

“Back here, love,” he said.

He stood behind her.  She swung around, huffed and lunged again. He stepped out of her way and she missed. Running at him, she thrust at his stomach, but he swatted the sword away and spun behind her. Grabbing her about the waist, he tugged her into his chest, bent over her neck and kissed it playfully.

“I like this side of you.” His cool breath raised goosebumps on her skin.

Slamming her head back, Snow caught him by surprise. He let go of her and stumbled to his knee, his nose dripping blood into the grass.

“Don’t ever touch me without my permission.” Memories of Lord Balken made her pulse race and a bead of sweat trickle down her spine.

His eyes flashed dangerously, but then softened. He gritted teeth his teeth, wiped his nose on his sleeve and spat on the ground.

“Who are you?” More images broke through. Though she only caught bits and pieces she believed she’d met this dazzling stranger in the dark. But she would be damned if she would let a man play her for a bar wench. “You sir, will never get what you desire from me.”


About the Author

Rebekah R. Ganiere

Rebekah is an award winning author. Her novel Dead Awakenings, debuted in January 2014. Red the Were Hunter, the first in her Farielle Series, released in May and the second book Snow The Vampire Slayer will be releasing in September 2014. And her trilogy The Society will be released in 2015 by Kensington’s Lyrical Press. Rebekah is the VP of Communications of the RWA FFP Chapter as well as a member of her local Los Angeles and Orange County chapters. In her spare time when she isn’t writing you can find her moderating on or hanging out with her husband, four children and her English Bulldog, rabbit, two bearded dragons, and three tortoises. The escaped snake has yet to be found.

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