Cold Weather

As you know, most the nation is in a deep freeze.  In Texas, we are not different from the people up north, except we Texans are not prepared for this type of cold.  Plus, we get ice, not snow in the winter.  Our son’s school has only been closed one day this week and my hubby and I have been able to go to work every day.  They are predicting 1-3 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.  We shall see about that.  I don’t we’ll get that much but who knows?  We might wake up and be able to get out of our driveway.

My parents, who live Dallas, couldn’t even order a pizza last night.  Pizza Hut told them that the roads were too icy.  My brother and his family live in Saginaw and they haven’t left the house since Tuesday and he has two kids at the house and a pregnant wife.  Don’t wish that life on me for anything.   For me, I would love a day off from work.  I need to sleep and recover from the last couple of weeks.  Its been crazy at our house with hubby gone for week and then our son had strep and the flu at the same time.  Nice, I know.

Well, enough of my crazy last couple of weeks.

My birthday is exactly one week away and its a big one.  The Colt .44 birthday, as my hubby says.  I asked my son what he and his daddy were getting me for my birthday and he told me, candy, a dress and makeup.  Should be interesting next Thursday.

I’m sorry its been awhile for me to post but I promise I’ll get better.

So what do you think?

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