Captive Fantasy by Ann Mayburn-Review

Captive Fantasy

Tales from the IWSS
Short Story Length
Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Erotic M/F

Mary has always had a fantasy about a dangerous escaped prisoner kidnapping her and forcing her to sate his brutal, pent up desires. When she receives an invitation from the IWSS to live that fantasy out in one of their research facilities she jumps at the chance. Now she just has to convince her gentle giant of a husband to take control and make her his willing love slave.


***smoking a ciggerette***  (I know bad for your health)  Good law…another emotional scorcher from Ms. Mayburn.  I swear, you will need more than the usual things to cool you down.  And to think I read this story in the afternoon while hubby was at work.  Damn it.  I’m going to have to wait on him.  Oh wait…maybe not. 

I truly believe that her IWSS series is one of the HOTTEST series that you will read this year.  While short story length, she packs alot in her plot, pacing and sexual encounters.  Her characters are richly drawn and well thought out.  I will admit that I used to be turned off by the “capture fantasy” troupe before but this is my second book that I’ve read using it as the central theme and I loved it.  This is a story about a married couple in which Mary has always wanted her husband to do this to her.  Problem for her is that her husband, the gentle giant, has always been afraid of physically hurting her.  Once she gets the acceptance letter from IWSS, he finally agrees. 

Folks, I can not tell you how much I love Ann Mayburn’s series and her ability to write about established couples and the fantasies that they were too afraid to mention to their spouses.  Fear?  Embarrassment?  Rejection?  Its all there in the beginning but once its talked out amongst them, the fantasy takes over.  As a married woman, I have a few of my own and yes, I’m too afraid to mention them.  Its only natural.

I truly hope that you will take a chance on Capture Fantasy by Ann Mayburn.  Be warned…its scorching and loving all at the same time.

5 Harlie’s and a recommended read

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