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Breathless Press Anniversary Tour featuring Raven McAllan A Rose between The Thornes-Giveaway

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Top ten things you don’t know about me about Raven McAllan:

1.  Cotton or Silk? Silk, unless it’s soooooo hot and cotton is best.



2.  Champagne/beer/wine? Oh silly question always Champagne



3.  Plotter/pantser   Pantster, plots and I are a no go zone.



4.  Describe your workspace. Depends where I am. At home in my study, overlooking the garden and forest. Away? Anywhere I can sit with my lap top, though by preference it’s overlooking the ocean at dawn, or a dusk with a glass of wine.


5.  Sports fan or just tolerate it? Tolerate it.


6.  Who is your biggest influence on writing? My conscience.


7.  Favorite food – chocolate.
8.  When did you start writing?  When I was seven and I won a where does chocolate come from competition. Properly? Two years ago.


9.  If money were no object, where would you like to live? All over the place, but where I live now is pretty good (Scotland)
10.  What’s next for you?  More of the same. I’ve a few can’t be announced but exciting things about to happen. As long as I can write I’m happy.



A Rose between The Thornes… Blurb


Propriety is a lonely bedfellow, until twin delights show this lady her true desires.


At three and forty Rose Sophia, Lady Symonds has resigned herself to life passing her by. Overhearing her protégée in the throes of passion with not one but two lovers, leaves her wanting and wishing.


That is until she is accosted at a ball by Jasper and Nathaniel Thorne. Newly back in the county the eccentric and much younger twins, have set their sights on Rose, and they are determined to have her, even it means cheating at cards.

Will accepting their wager free Rose and lead her to the heights of passion she craves? Or will their desired drive her away?


Excerpt. A Rose Between The Thornesarosebetweenthethornes 200x300

Raven McAllan


“And what, my dear Jasper, do you think we should play for?” she asked using his first name deliberately. For as an older lady, surely that was acceptable? Did he realize the disparity in their ages? She saw by the look in his eyes he knew what she was trying to do. She felt the glance they exchanged rather than saw it.


She blinked. “I beg your pardon?” Had she heard aright?

“Sex, in a manner we so choose, you and us,” Nathaniel replied. “Both of us. All of us. There is no negotiating on this. One night for each game you lose by. We play for one hour.”

So they think I will lose. She fancied they might be in for a surprise. “And if I win?” she queried lightly. “Sex in the manner I so choose—if I do? Or a forfeit, from each of you, to be decided by me at a later date? No negotiation.”

They may be telepathic, as she believed twins often were, however, the surprised look that passed between them was everything she could have wished for.

“Of course, my lady,” Nathaniel said. She nodded, and turned to Jasper. “And you Jasper? What say you?”

“I say, ’tis a rare person who can tell us apart, something that bodes well for the future, perchance? You will know who is inside you, and where.”

She could not help but chuckle. Truly they were incorrigible. “And our wager?” she prompted.

“Be ready to enjoy all we decide to give,” he said. “For assuredly we will win.”

A thought struck her. She knew this might not be as straightforward as she had first believed. They were devious. “You play as individuals? For two against one is surely not a fair division.”

Nat laughed. “Oh, love, we play alone, we fuck together. And we say now we both must beat you.” He laughed as her eyes widened. “At cards, in the first instance, or all bets are off. What say you?”

Sophia looked at each of them in turn. Her heart leaped with the thought of what his statement meant. She could see no catch, but felt certain there must be one. Slowly, after the silence grew so long and she saw them glance uneasily at each other, she nodded.

“No man beats me in any other way, and if I can help it, not at cards either.” She smiled. “Gentlemen, let us play.”


Author Bio:


A multi-published author of erotic romance, Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.

She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge. As once she is writing she is oblivious to everything else, her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.

http:/ /        (my page)            (author page)

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9 thoughts on “Breathless Press Anniversary Tour featuring Raven McAllan A Rose between The Thornes-Giveaway

  1. Fun interview! I like the idea that Raven got started writing as a child by writing about a chocolate in a competition! Thanks for the excerpt from A Rose Between the Thornes – it sounds good!

  2. Thsnks everyone, It’s so much fun to be here. Yeah the chocolate competition was something that mde me think, and I reckon started my love of chocolate. Strangely enough s few years ago in Grenada, I actually went to a cocoa planation and has a go at ‘shuffling’ the beans….

  3. Fun interview–a “where does chocolate come from?” writing competition would be interesting (especially at that age)!


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