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Breath of Heaven by Cindy Holby – Review/Guest Post/Giveaway

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A knight who has known honor but never love and a mysterious huntress with a closely guarded secret share an arranged marriage with a surprisingly sensual consummation—and a fantastic adventure beyond imagination.


She appeared from nowhere in form-fitting leather, enchanting as the mysterious woods around her. Those dazzling emerald eyes were a challenge, daring the intruder to enter her magic realm.

Tormented boy becomes a battle-hardened warrior, Rhys DeRemy owed unswerving obedience to his king—and now he owed another man his life. If he took the heiress of Aubregate to wife, he could ease the debts of past and present. And Eliane drew him as a candle draws a moth. Her fiery nature ensorcelled him, her silken bed promised…A BREATH OF HEAVEN.

Guest Post:  Why Historical and how much research?


Breath Of Heaven is a medieval romance with a touch of fantasy. The fantasy was fun as I got to create my own Elven history, but even with this fantasy I needed to place it in the correct time because I had need of a battle scene to set up the story line.


For this scene I chose the battle of Anjou and the time of King Henry II. Originally the first chapter of Breath Of Heaven features this battle and how Edward, Eliane’s father saves Rhys De Remy’s life, which leads to him marrying her in later years to settle the debt he owes Edward. That chapter was later removed in editing but I will always love it because of how it reveals so much about Rhys and why he is the way he is.


While researching this time period, I found lots of interesting things to put in the story. Henry’s wife, Eleanor left him and went back to France because she was just tired of putting up with his ways. This made it easy for me to have Rhys seduce several of the ladies of the court because they were not under the Queen’s protection. Henry was also having his issues with his friend Thomas Beckett and the church, which made it easy for his nobles to squabble with each other.

At this time Henry was also having trouble with Ireland. I needed to send Rhys away for a bit so it was simple to have him go off in service to his king. So even though Breath Of Heaven has fantasy elements, it is historically accurate for the times.


I have to admit, I am a history junkie. Researching is fun because of the Oh Shiny moments and the breadcrumbs that lead to more and more things. Of course the Internet makes it easy, but I would not mind a bit searching among dusty old volumes in a huge library to find things to use in my stories.




Oooo, elves, knights, medieval and a battle!  Oh yes, Harlie was hooked.  I know that most people don’t know that I like these kinds of books but I truly do.  I like the whole fantasy/historical angle that I like. 

Eliane is a very strong heroine.  Loved by her people, her father and vassals.  When put in an arranged marriage, she doesn’t know what to think.  She will do her duty and marry Rhys.  Rhys is a ladies man which gets him in a lot of hot water with King Henry.  Needing to find a wife, he agrees to marry Eliane as a way to pay off a debt owed to her father.

Rhys and Eliane came alive on the pages.  Very well written and fleshed out.  Even the secondary characters were well written.  Between Mathias, Llyr, Adwyn, Han, Peter, Lydia and Lord Renauld, I couldn’t get enough of them.  It was a lighthearted read but had emotional depth to it.  Oh and the villain…one of the most vile that I’ve read in a while.  🙂  There is nothing to the ambition that the villain will go to.

Did I mention the elves?  The intrique at court?  The battle?  The love that grows between Rhys and Eliane?  Nope, its all there and more.  I can’t get over how much I truly loved this story and that I had never heard of Ms. Holby.  Well, I will be shopping later in the day for backlist and I suggest that you do, too.  You won’t be disappointed.

One last thing…the publisher is a must read publisher for Harlie.  They consistently put out great books from awesome authors.  Just saying…


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  1. Cindy,
    A Breath of Heaven sounds right up my alley. Adding to my TBR list of Boroughs authors.
    Good luck with the tour!

    Great site, Harlie’s Books!

    1. Your authors are welcome here anytime. Just love, love the authors and books that I have read from yall. 🙂


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