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Book Feature for Teach Me to Ride by Rachel Leigh – Excerpt R-rated/Author Interview





Caroline James wants to be the best investigative journalist London has ever seen. But until she has the money to leave the small town of Fayre Mead, she’s stuck and her resentment is building. So when she’s assigned to cover the Lakeland Horse Trials and meets sexy, dark-haired, and astoundingly fit horse trainer, Michael Canton, she is happy to vent some sexual and emotional frustration…and write the story of her career. But after getting personal with Michael, can she remain impersonal with the article?


Michael Canton will do anything in his power to silence his tyrannical father once and for all. Under extreme pressure to compete in the countries show jumper trials and prove his worth, Michael’s fiery emotions are running high. Caroline’s beauty and sexual confidence stokes an inner strength and determination he never knew he had. But can he trust her to know the difference between fact and fiction? Together, they are a formidable team…but will their burning ambitions ultimately blow them apart?


Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1.  Cotton or Silk?




2.  Champagne/beer/wine?




3.  Plotter/pantser


Bit of both!


4.  Describe your workspace


This can vary, but more often than not, you’ll find me on my living room couch with the laptop and a snoring black Lab beside me J


5.  Sports fan or just tolerate it?


Tolerate it – on every level. Not a sports fan at all…


6.  Who is your biggest influence on writing?


I admire too many erotic romance writers to list them all – a great debut author I discovered recently is Molly Ann Wishlade. I had the pleasure of reading her novella before its release. Great stuff!


7.  Favorite food –


Chinese chicken satay
8.  When did you start writing?


I started writing toward publication about eight years ago (mainstream romance) and erotic romance came later. I’ve been published in erotic romance for three years.


9.  If money were no object, where would you like to live?


I’d love a place in the UK, a place in the US and a place in the Maldives – I’m not asking for too much, am I?
10.  What’s next for you?


I’ve just started planning my first venture into erotic historical romance with a trilogy set in a small English village during the early 1900s. These seemingly prim and proper, middle-class shop owners aren’t quite as well behaved as they like people to believe…



Still sitting in his lap, she reached behind her and lowered the zipper of her dress. It fell down over her shoulders, revealing naked breasts. His erection ached at the sight of her creamy white, perfect tits with nipples big and dark. He licked his lips and moved forward to suck one hard tip into his mouth. Her gasp sounded above him.

Her skin smelled of something sweet and sexy, innocence mixed with danger. He inhaled deeply as he grazed her pebbled nipple with his teeth before reclaiming her mouth. Her tongue was rigid and demanding against his as they fought for supremacy.

Rolling her over, he shimmied the dress down her body and tossed it to the floor. Naked, but for tiny satin panties, darkened by juices at her clit, Michael didn’t think he had ever seen a woman look more beautiful. He drank in every inch of her, knowing deep inside that this might be the only moment he’d ever see her like this. The only chance to take her, to watch her enjoy unadulterated pleasure. God, he wanted to give her pleasure.


He snapped his gaze to hers. She watched him. Her eyes were heavy lidded, screaming for him, wanting him. Male pride surged like a fireball behind his ribcage. He crawled up beside her and kissed her, his fingers trailing over her breasts, lower over her torso before diving into her panties.

She was wet. Soaking wet.

His hand glided over her narrow strip of pubic hair to her rigid clit. He circled, stretched, and teased, then moved lower until his fingers found her slit, his blood roaring in his ears. He felt alive, masculine and powerful. Her legs opened and he thrust two fingers deep inside.



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