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Title: A Woman’s Touch
Series: A Woman’s Touch #1
Author: Delaney Foster
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Published: March 8, 2015
What do you do when life hands you lemons?
You grab a bottle of vodka and make one hell of a martini.
I’d been through the fire and come out a diamond. I was the owner of my destiny. Yeah that worked for about a minute. Right up until the day Nathan Alexander sent his stupid letter to my office. Then it was like someone had opened up a bag of marbles in a mine field. The life I had worked so hard to rebuild quickly started falling to pieces. Everything that meant anything to me was being snatched from my hands. Bit by bit the storm came raging. All the weakness from my past came creeping back. And any glimpse of hope I had for my future, for my son’s future, was blowing away with the wind.That’s when I decided to go to him for help. United States Senator, Nick Knight. He is completely unexpected. His mere presence commands attention. He is everything I never thought I’d have. Everything I never knew I even wanted. He calms my storm. He quiets my soul. Even without knowing my secrets, he comforts me. But he has secrets too. Demons he drinks away at night. Maybe we can save each other.

Suddenly I’m tired of planning. Tired of running. Ready to feel.
Then reality slaps me in the face. Hard. And I am reminded that feelings have consequences…

A Woman’s Touch Excerpt © Delaney Foster 2015
Nick has a way of convincing me, without words, to do whatever he wants without me ever knowing he dominated the situation. He’s such a natural politician. The kitchen incident actually worked to my benefit. It gave me a minute to regroup. This whole thing was going way too fast. I had no intention of spending the night with Nick. Sure, the sex was amazing. Okay I take that back, I’ve had sex. What we had…was not sex. Someone needs to invent another word for it. What I had with Nick was an incredibly intense and almost surreal experience. He took my body to levels of pleasure it has never been before. It’s like we were dipping into some crazy feeling people aren’t meant to feel. You know, like how we only use a certain percent of our brains because it would make us crazy if we used the whole thing. It’s like that. But with the senses. He’s messing with me. From the inside out. I’m having a hard time separating the physical from the emotional. And I can’t fall into that trap again.
My mind was made up. I was going home to regain my sanity before seeing him tomorrow night. And in he comes, with his smooth voice and silver tongue. So here we are, having dinner at some expensive restaurant on the river. He’s just sipping his whiskey while he watches me eat. If I weren’t so freaking hungry I may be a little uncomfortable with it but I’ll save that drama for later. I’m starving. That stare though. God it’s like he’s sending Jedi mind sex from his head to mine. He’s just sitting there, all crooked smile and seductive eyes, swishing the gold liquid around in his glass of ice before taking in a mouthful. I have to put down the fork and admire him for a moment. The Veal Michael is good but nothing is more satisfying than that look. “What?” I ask.
He takes another sip. “Just thinking.”
I slide my plate to the side so it’s not a distraction. “Oh? About what?” I make an attempt at imitating his sexy sip.
Nick sets his glass on the table, never moving his eyes from mine. “I don’t want to go home alone,” he states plainly.
Here we go. The moment of truth. If I tell him no, I risk upsetting him and give up another earth shattering round of sextasy. If I say yes, I risk falling for him. As if I haven’t already done that. But at least I set up boundaries and stay in control. I take another sip. The red wine is tart and dry. Not what I’m used to. So it’s not helping much. I set the glass down and try not to be serious with my reply.
“With that smile, I doubt you go home alone often,” I tease.
He brings his elbow up to the table and rubs the stubble trail from his jaw line to his chin. He’s choosing his words. Maybe I shouldn’t have made a joke of it. “Let me say it another way then…I want you to come home with me.”
Does he even know what he’s asking? He may have random sleepovers all the time, but I try not to make it part of my routine. Sleeping with someone, in the literal sense, is a significant symbol of comfort and trust. You’re entirely vulnerable when you sleep. And then there’s the whole holding each other close…for hours..thing. Not to mention the drool. And you don’t have the intermission period to collect your thoughts and remind yourself that this is temporary, a means to an end. It’s incredibly intimate. He may not think much of it. But I do. He must sense my hesitation because he continues before I am able to object.
“I’m not asking for a kidney Heidi. I just want more time with you. Is that such a bad thing?” I guess not.
He smiles again. “I’m not ready to let you go yet. I don’t know if I ever will be.”
Delaney Foster is a wife, mother, and lover of all things romantic. She is a true Southern Belle who enjoys a glass of wine after a long day and Saturdays at the baseball park. In her stories you will find sexy alpha males, strong women, and a love story worth staying up past your bedtime for.
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