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Book Blast of Secrets, Lies and Trash by Dawn Miller

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Was it just another day on the job for garbage man/single dad, Russell Waverly?

Not if ordinary includes finding a severed head in the morning trash pickup. Four bodies in 48-hours send the working-class community of Spotswood, New Jersey reeling and it’s up to Russell and his childhood buddy, Detective Jake Turner to set things right.

I couldn’t make out the face, but I certainly recognized the voice. It was Jake Turner, my best friend since kindergarten. We had been inseparable since the day our tussle over a train engine had ended in a draw. The friendship stayed intact all the way through elementary school and into high school. Jake and I were all set to room together in college when the words

“I’m pregnant” forever altered my future. I have never regretted the decision to marry my childhood sweetheart, Caroline, and I couldn’t imagine my life without Ryan, but here we were.

Jake was a rising star with the Spotswood Police Department and I picked up his trash.

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