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Book Blast for The Strong, Silent Type by Lynn Kellen



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The Strong, Silent Type

by Lynn Kellan




If he breaks his silence about the scars marring his face, will the truth drive her away?

Tina Hudson’s busy sales job is a welcome distraction from her empty house and memories of the husband she lost to cancer, but she’s tired of running from her loneliness. Tina suspects her brawny neighbor has been leaving single red roses in her mailbox, but he’s the strong, silent type-the kind that should come with a warning label.

Wade Scott felt dead inside over the loss of his son and the disintegration of his marriage. When Tina moves next door, Wade comes alive again. Problem is, she’s a beautiful sales whiz and he’s an ordinary plumber with a wicked scar along his temple. The truth of his past might drive her away. With little hope of attracting her attention, he showers her with anonymous acts of kindness.


When Tina realizes Wade is the guardian angel who’s been watching over her for the past six months, she invites him to dinner. New Year’s Eve is approaching, a perfect time to start over…but Wade’s stoic silence drives a wedge in their burgeoning relationship. Should she take a new job that will put her on the run again, or take a chance the strong, silent type might fill her heart-and her home-with love?






Excerpt Three:


His fingers tightened around hers. “You told Austin you wanted to open yourself up to new possibilities. Is that why you invited me for dinner? To see what might happen with a man like me?”


“Yes. I wanted to be with the man who’s been watching out for me for the past six months.” She looked at their intertwined hands. His broad palm reminded her of how easily he ripped open the box Austin couldn’t conquer a few hours earlier. Wade was definitely the strong, silent type, but he was proving he could break his silence given the right conditions.


“This is a dangerous experiment.” The pad of his thumb brushed a gentle caress across her knuckles. “Sparks are gonna fly.”


“I’m hoping they will.” She offered a shy grin, a bit surprised by the intent way he stared. The blunt interest in his gaze sent currents of electricity along her nerve endings. “A long time has passed since I’ve felt any sparks.”


He let go of her and stood. Walking to her chair, he leaned down until his breath trickled across her hair. “When your sister saw me last night, I could tell she didn’t think I belonged here.”


Her insides flinched, struck at how he’d picked up on Leslie’s misgivings.


“My sister has no idea you’ve been cutting my grass and plowing my driveway without asking for anything in return.” Tina rose and turned toward him. “Give her a chance to know you.” Taking advantage of his stillness, she touched the crinkled flesh along his temple.





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Lynn Kellan has fallen in love with bad boys, burly athletes, and battle-hardened Marines. All of that research produced a startling revelation: men and women aren’t that different. We both want to be with someone who will empty the dishwasher.


When Lynn Kellan isn’t writing stories about men and women who adore each other, she loves to play tennis and golf – but not at the same time. Her books contain a hearty dose of love and humor, which are necessary ingredients for a happily ever after.


Find Lynn at http://LynnKellan.com


Buy The Strong, Silent Type at Amazon: http://amzn.to/14PLeuy


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