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Thank you Harlie’s Book Blog, for inviting me for a guest post. I’m pretty new to guest posting but I hope with a little practice I’ll get better and hopefully not bore anyone with my stories.

I thought for this guest post on the tour, I would talk about some of the interesting tidbits about the Blood Series that readers may or may not know about.

Most everyone who has been to my website or my goodreads or facebook pages, knows that the character “Harry the cat” is in fact rendered after my fuzzy friend and muse by the same name. See… and you thought I had a great imagination – not so much. When it comes to my characters, they are usually fashioned after an actor or actress I’ve seen and liked, at least for the descriptive attributes of height, weight, eyes, hair and physique.

In Blood of a Werewolf Darby talks about a memory of her father when she buys her car.  The car, in fact, is my own car down to the color. Darby talks about how her father called the car “purple” in color and asked why she got a stick shift, this was an actual conversation I had with my own father and to this day he still insists my car is purple, to which I declare he is color-blind. As for the kicking of the tires, and lack of emotional expression, that would be fashioned around my own sweet engineer of a husband.

Darby and Rowan’s hometown of Oljone, California is a made up town, however if you were to pick a city that was in its location it would be La Honda California. All the history mentioned in Blood of a Werewolf is based on La Honda and is in fact true. In book two, Blood Moon, women up and down the coast near Oljone (which I named after the Native Americans that resided in that area) are abducted. All the names but Oljone that are used in that book are real cities in the vicinity.

A very good friend of mine had been diagnosed with breast cancer around the time I wrote the first book in the series and she was very much on my mind. She made her way into the first book under a different name, but her husband is a firefighter like Kyle who works at Paddy’s Bar and Grill in the books. I’m very glad to say that my friend survived the cancer and is still vibrant, healthy, and strong to this day.    

So I guess in conclusion, it’s true when they (whoever “they” are) tell you we are creatures of habit – we tend to write what we know…I guess, “they” were right. Many of my life experiences find their way into my books, but I like to think that just makes them more believable and my characters more human.

I will admit that this is my first YA novel to read ever.  I’m glad this was my first one because I fell in love with the genre and this story.  Darby is a witch that has fallen in love with a vampire named Devon.  Just when things were starting to settle down between Darby and Devon, everything seems to fall apart.   While having a nice Thanksgiving dinner with their friends and family, Devon’s uncle shows up at his door and demands that he return home to help his cousin, who has fallen ill.  Darby is confused at his refusal and convinces him to go and try to help.  What starts out as a trip to help a family member, Darby and Devon are thrown into a situation that seems hopeless to all. When Devon’s family gives up on him, Darby takes matters in her own hands and never backs down. 

Now, to be fair I haven’t read the first two books and I plan on getting them as soon as possible.  I really liked Darby and Devon.  The scene after Devon’s uncle leaves and they are in bed together.  Trust me, it happens to old married couples too; very realistic and heartbreaking at the same time.  I felt like at the beginning of the book that Darby would become a doormat, wimpy and whiny.  By the middle of the book, I was cheering for her and the end, I was crying with her.  She is crafty, witting and truly loves Devon with all her heart.  She never gives up on Devon and their love for each other.

I highly recommend Blood Lust for anyone that loves the paranormal genre and seeing that true love can conquer all. 

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  2. Good Morning Harlie…
    I wanted to thank you for hosting todays stop and say “Hello” and answer any questions anyone might have. Thank you too for the kind words about the book.
    Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and for those of you who are football fans…”Are you ready for some football??”

  3. This sounds like a very interesting book. I don't read much YA but I'm definitely intrigued. Nice to know a little bit about the story behind the story.

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