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Lucky Dokchampa

Book Title: Lucky
Author: Barbara Cutrera
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 19, 2015
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Book BlurbIt’s 2034. In 2029, the D Plague struck and killed half the world’s population. Those who contracted the virus faced certain death and the disintegration of their bodies afterwards into dust. Unbeknownst to all but a handful of people left on Earth, one man contracted the D Plague and lived. His name is Aric Rodrigue.

Aric may be a living miracle, but he’s haunted by survivor’s guilt. His entire family gone, he gave up his dream of attending medical school in order to take over his parents’ pharmaceutical company. He knows he’s doing good work but feels as though he can’t escape his depression and loneliness. Then, Aric meets Chelsea Capra, a sweet, beautiful computer genius who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2033. She remembers nothing of her previous life. The couple falls in love, but the issues surrounding their pasts and clouding their future remain.

Aric and Chelsea come to the conclusion that their pasts are somehow linked. They become suspicious of CDC employees and the FBI agents who are supposedly protecting them. Chelsea’s inquisitive nature may get them killed or save their lives. Aric combines his resources, connections, and drive in his efforts to save them, but he wonders whether or not he’s been betrayed by his closest friend and former lover, the first female President of the United States.


After a while, Chelsea asked if she could touch more of Aric’s skin. He nodded, unbuttoned his shirt, and removed it, tossing it onto the chair where his jacket and tie already rested. Aric was highly aroused, and her scrutiny of his bare flesh was weakening his resolve not to make love to her.

She swallowed hard, stepped forward, and skimmed her fingers over his exposed flesh. Aric groaned, as she slipped her arms around his waist and rested her head against his chest. He felt his back press against one wall.

“This feels so right,” she murmured. “It makes me feel safe.”

He wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair. She sighed with contentment. Then she stepped away from him and resumed her study of the top half of his body.

“You don’t have hair on your chest, but you have a line of hair that runs from your belly button downward. Eve Rose told me when men have hair like that it’s called a Happy Trail, because if you follow it then it leads to something that gives you happiness.”

Aric wasn’t sure if he should laugh out loud or express his surprise at the young Haitian woman’s knowledge of such things. He doubted Fredeline would approve of her granddaughter’s remarks and wondered if Eve Rose had received the annual birth control shot. He was going to talk to Chelsea about this, but he never got the chance.

“What the –?”

Chelsea quickly unzipped his fly then yanked down his boxers. She took the head of his erection in her mouth as if she’d done it on a daily basis for years. Not wanting her neighbors to hear, Aric gritted his teeth in order to avoid crying out as she slowly took him in all the way. Marveling at her lack of a gag reflex, he slipped his fingers into her hair. It was evident that she’d done this before and had done it well. It felt like she wanted to suck him dry, and he never wanted it to end.

Chelsea made little noises of satisfaction as she drew on him. He saw how much pleasure she was getting out of what she was doing. When she grazed the skin of his veined shaft with her teeth, he came hard, his body jerking when he started to release. A groan escaped him, as he spilled into her. She drank him in as if she couldn’t bear to break their connection. When he was finished, she finally pulled away from him and looked up at his face from where she was kneeling on the floor.

“That was so wonderful,” Chelsea said quietly. “Didn’t you think so?”

“It was better than wonderful,” he told her. “I’ve never had anybody do it with such…passion before. You were phenomenal.”

“You tasted so good,” she told him seriously. “I liked it.”

He grinned down at her and said, “Me, too.”

As she got to her feet, she asked, “Can we have sex now?”

He refrained from explaining to her that they’d just had sex. He knew what she meant. This was not the time for a semantics lesson.

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Meet the Author

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Born and raised in Louisiana, Barbara Cutrera was destined to be a storyteller. The author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, fiction, and mystery novels, she became addicted to reading and creative writing at an early age. She moved to Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband, son, and Cairn terrier in 2004 and enjoys its relaxed, diverse atmosphere. Barbara, who is visually impaired, believes our minds are only limited by the restrictions we place upon them. She has a passion for writing, reading, family, friends, music, Nutella, and A & W Cream Soda.

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