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Bella Key by Scarlet Chastain – Review/Guest Blog/Excerpt


Thanks for having me on Harlie’s Books today! I do love your free wheeling hot momma on the motorcycle graphic. 🙂  Everybody digs the motorcycle chick!  🙂


I’m thrilled to introduce my debut release, BELLA KEY, today! Just one peek at the cover will tell you it’s f/f. Yes, female/female! Now before your clicking finger gets itchy, give me a chance, because BELLA KEY is a love story first, a lesbian story second.


I’ve always been a fan of well written, sexy f/f erotic romance. Unfortunately, I find much of the sub-genre is written for men. Light on story but heavy on sex. It’s very physical and aggressive, and not at all what I want to read. I need a believable relationship before the characters can get down to it. Otherwise sex is just sex, and that’s just plain ho-hum. Isn’t it? After digging around book sites such as AllRomance eBooks, I found a few great f/f authors and their work inspired me to write my own.


It’s a proven fact by a Northwestern University study that women are turned on by each other. Yes, it’s true! Scientist conclude that heterosexual women are aroused by both men and women focused erotica. So a woman’s sexual orientation doesn’t necessarily decide what turns her on. This is why hetero women like women focused erotic romance.


I love the dynamic of f/f. Women know what women want. There’s no guess work involved, we have the same parts! What we think feels right will probably be a home run for our female partner. I also write hetero erotic romance under a different pen name. My heroes are take charge both in and outside of the bedroom so writing a sweet and intimate story about two women was a nice change of pace.


Did I pique your curiosity?


Bella Key by Scarlet Chastain


Release Date: May 3rd

from Evernight Publishing




Maddie Jacobs must be crazy. At least that’s what her mother thinks. Professionally, she’s confident and secure; personally, she’s a hot mess. Not even a marriage proposal from a man who adores her can quell her search for something more.


In need of an escape, Maddie flees to Key West’s most southern island, Bella Key, to rest and recharge at Casa Bonita. She almost gives up on weekend retreat when the Bed & Breakfast is closed for repairs until Sunny Rojas, the inn owner, extends an offer of friendship, sweet tea and a room. Still reeling from a breakup with her longtime partner, Sunny is thankful for the diversion from her own broken heart.


The arrival of a fierce storm forces the women’s emotional journey to a head and leads them into each other’s arms. But can Maddie throw her hangups to the wind and go with her heart? The magic of Bella Key teaches her that passion cannot be placed neatly into boxes labeled right and wrong, because love knows no boundaries.





“Good shower?”

Maddie stopped in the doorway, holding the knot of her towel to her chest. Wet strands of hair produced rivulets of water streaming down her shoulders and chest. “Like a new woman. Although, my northern skin can’t handle the tropical sun. Look at my shoulders!” Sunny’s gaze moved from one shoulder to another. Maddie was right, she was more than sun-kissed. Her shoulders practically glowed. “Oh, chica. That’s an angry burn you have there. I have some aloe —” Sunny picked up and put down five different bottles from her dressing table. “—ah, here it is. This’ll ease the pain and cut down on the peeling, too.”

Sunny flipped the top and squeezed a quarter-sized dab of the green gel into her palm. She nodded toward her bed, signaling Maddie to sit. Rubbing the aloe between her palms, she rested one knee on the bed beside her. Maddie gathered her wet hair and flipped it over her shoulder to allow Sunny access to the other. Her body shivered under Sunny’s hands.

“Sorry, this stuff’s cold. I tried to warm it up a little.”

Maddie closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side. “It’s not that. It feels good on the burn. You have a gentle touch.”

Sunny chuckled. “Scooch over a little so I can get your other side.”

Maddie shifted, lifting her feet onto the bed and tucking them under her legs Indian style. Sunny guided her head forward and massaged the aloe along the base of her neck to her shoulder blades, and down to the edge of the fluffy towel. She bent her knee, providing an anchor for Maddie to lean upon. Her inner thighs grazed the thick towel. Sunny closed her eyes and focused not only on Maddie’s sunburned skin, but also on loosening the muscles along her shoulders and upper back.

“I have a confession to make,” Maddie said quietly.

“Other than this is the best massage you’ve ever received?” Sunny snorted.

“Mmm. That too. I-I watched you last night.” Maddie went a few seconds without taking a breath.

Sunny didn’t waver. “I know you did. You were outside of my door.”

“You knew? Why didn’t you stop or say something?” Maddie kept her eyes closed but turned her head toward Sunny as she spoke.

Sunny added another dab of aloe to her palm. “I liked that you were watching me. It turned me on that you enjoyed it too.”

“Never in my life had I thought I’d be attracted, you know, sexually to a woman. It’s different with you. Many things are different with you.” Maddie’s hand trembled as she touched Sunny’s leg, tracing an imaginary line up and down her calf. The rapid rise and fall of Maddie’s back matched the pounding in Sunny’s chest.

Silence filled the room. Sunny had decided against bringing up the episode from the night before unless Maddie did. Now that it was out in the open, Sunny could find out how Maddie felt for sure. “Different, how?”

“You make me feel so focused and honest and alive. I’ve never had that with anyone else before.” Maddie turned and kneeled in front of Sunny. “Would it be forward if I asked you to kiss me?”

Sunny swallowed hard. “Yes, but I like forward,” she whispered as she cupped Maddie’s face with her palms. Dragging her thumb over Maddie’s bottom lip she realized how many times she wanted to taste her lips and explore her mouth over the past two days. Sunny lowered her face and brushed her lips once over Maddie’s. She drew back to study Maddie’s reaction.

“Again,” Maddie whispered, her eyes remained closed.


Wow, just wow.  I know that you are probably thinking what is Harlie doing reading f/f?  I have a confession to make…I have read some really good f/f, f/f/m and f/m/f lately.  Yes, its been really good.  I was actually really surprised.  I expected the full on rough, tough and dare I say, nasty.  Bella Kay is a sensual, sweet story about two women that have been in long term relationships with men, proposals and all.  Alas, they left them feeling very unsatisfied in their lives.  Sunny’s girlfriend has left her and she is not ashamed by her sexuality.

Maddie on the other hand, doesn’t know what is happening to her.  She has a great job, friends but with a domineering mother pushing for babies, she decides to take off for a vacation.  Not only did she get that vacation but she learned not only about herself but what she really wanted out of life.

I can not tell you how much I loved Maddie and Sunny’s story.  Well written, sensual and sweet.  These are two women that I would definitely be friends with and love to hang out with on a daily basis.  Ms. Chastain has written two completely developed characters for such a short story.  Their actions and reactions to each other are honest and heartfelt.  Nothing is rushed and handled in a very delicate way that sex that they do have is sensual, non threatening and yes, sweet.

Maddie self discovery of herself, what she really wanted out of her life and with the help of Sunny and her latest client (which is a HOOT!), she realizes what is important to her and what is she wants out of life.

Of course now, I want to go to the Florida Keys and be a bum.  🙂


Find Bella Key here:

Evernight Publishing / Amazon US / Amazon UK / AllRomance eBooks / BookStrand



Author Bio:

Scarlet Chastain is the semi-secret pseudonym of a multi-published, best selling author of sensual erotic romance. Scarlet’s focus is female-centric sizzling stories written about women, for women.


She lives in the suburban shadows of New York City but her heart belongs to the beaches of Key West. Scarlet can usually be found in her favorite chair of her newly acquired writing cave with her maltipoo, Coco.


Stalk Scarlet here:


Website: http://scarletchastain.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scarlet-Chastain/524838890901873


Twitter: @scarletchastain


Email: scarletchastain@gmail.com




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