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Bella Ink by L.C. Dean – Review/Giveaway/Excerpt


Giveaway Info: Prizes are (1) a personal gift from the author, (2) winner’s choice of any backlist title, and (3) a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Rafflecopter and tour schedule link are at the bottom of the post.  Good luck.

Also, the four books in her The Edge Series surrounding Sturgis are free, too.  The link is at the bottom, too.  *slight spoiler* Bella and Jet are the feature couple in book #4 and WOW, holy hotness!  Just saying…see where they started.


Bella Ink (1NS & Sturgis Rally Riders Sequel)

by LC Dean

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Heat Level: Sizzling

Word Count: 13,000


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Jet Ryan’s haunted by the memory of one night in the arms of a sexy tattoo artist who pushed all the right buttons before she shoved him out of her bed. No one else seems to measure up. He needs her out of his system or in his life, preferably the later. But, he’ll settle for one more night with her or a reasonable facsimile as long as he can touch her again.


Ink Monroe avoids expectations that might get her hopes up, doesn’t believe in endless possibilities, and has absolutely no room in her life for a guy who wants to take care of her. But damn, it would be nice to have all those things for a little while. So when a customer gives her a business card for a woman named Madame Eve, she asks for a man to solidify the hazy memory of a single night of passion followed by the best night of sleep she’d had in years.


Both have tall orders for a single evening of passion, but one night can lead to endless possibilities. Madame Eve promised.


Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.


Excerpt #2 

“Hello?” She looked around but there didn’t seem to be anyone there. A breeze filtered through the screen leading to a balcony. She opened it and stepped out, breathing deeply of the pine-scented air.


Then she saw him. A long lean cowboy type stretched out in a cushioned chair, boots propped on the railing. Sleep softened what would otherwise be a rugged face. Wheat colored hair fell over his forehead and brushed his shoulders. Gold-tipped lashes hid his eyes. Unable to resist studying him as she had his truck, she moved closer, eager to see what kind of man Madame Eve had sent.


A crisp white button-up, opened slightly at the throat, covered his broad thick chest and disappeared beneath snug jeans. His narrow hips contrasted sharply with the width of his shoulders and long legs seemed to go on forever. His boots had been polished to a fine sheen, but they bore the signs of wear. Everything about him looked solid, reliable…safe. A shiver ran through her. What would it be like to awaken in his strong arms, pillowed on a chest made hard by work? The thought tantalized with the impossible. To be as well-cared for as his boots or his vehicle, to be appreciated scars and all, it would be a fantasy beyond even Madame Eve’s talent.


Still, she wanted it. For at least one night she wanted to be worthy of such tender care.


She hadn’t bothered to read his profile. The 1NS service had sent it to her, but she didn’t want to know. She’d asked them not to send hers either, but she had no idea if they’d done so. Expectations led to disappointment and could distort the appreciation of reality. Though she doubted the man stretched before her was anything but what he seemed—deliciously sexy and rock steady.



I’m such a crack fiend.  Yesterday it was The Edge Series and today is the 1Night Stand series.  Little secret, I bought book 4 which starts off Jet and Bella’s (Ink) story.  You DO NOT have to read it beforehand but trust me, you’ll want to.  Its hot, sweet and…  😉

Months after meeting and spending a night together during the infamous Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, Jet and Ink can not forget about the other.  Of course, Ink just remembers the sex and feeling safe for the first time in her life.  Jet remembers everything about Ink and can not shake her from his memory.

After each one contacts Madame Eve to see if they can capture that one night again with someone…much to their surprise, Madame has a few tricks up her sleeve.  🙂  How does she ALWAYS know what her clients need?  Something to ponder for another day. 

Wow, besides being one of the sexiest reads in the 1Night Stand series, it’s also the most emotional for me.  Bella is one messed up woman.  Her demons have demons and it will take everything that Jet has to pull her out and see how wonderful she is as a person, not just a tattoo artist.  My heart broke for her when she told her back story to Jet. 

Jet had his own problems.  Wanting to protect, love and cherish Bella was not going to be easy.  He needs patience,  a whole lot of love and the willingness to let her go.  Poor Jet…he fell in love with her in Sturgis and has never recovered from that one night.  When he filled out his profile, he described Bella and just prayed he got something similar to her to fulfill his need for one more night with “her”.

Damn, this book was good.  It was emotional, sexy and sad in some ways.  But the payoff in the end is worth it.  The range of emotions that led Jet and Bella to their end is fulfilling and satisfying. You will not forget them. 

Pick this book up and savor it.  Read how it all started for these two and just remember that the road to true love isn’t always easy and be filled with infinite possibilities  🙂



About the Author

LC Dean has lived all over the United States from the glorious South to the freethinking West Coast, but returned to the Midwest over a decade ago and now resides in the gorgeous state of MN. LC’s main goal professionally is to push the boundaries her often puritanical upbringing created. Writing about love that does not need society to define it, has been a freeing experience for her and her characters, and she hopes that readers find a similar joy in the reading.


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    1. Very true. Thanks for your response. Honor and trustworthiness seem high on many readers’ lists.

    1. Nice – the old-school hero of what’s right not what’s easy. Thanks for responding.

  1. Thanks for the spotlight and review – Bella Ink sounds great.

    I would have to say that I like their compassion and concern for others the best:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Maria. I hope you enjoy Bella. 🙂 Compassion is so important in a hero, I agree. An author friend told me once that the hero has to be exactly what the heroine needs and I try to keep that in mind with all of my heroes. With Jet that was a challenge because he has to let her go to keep her close.

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