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Author Interview & Review of Need You Now (Love in Unknown Series) by Taylor M. Lunsford

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Love in Unknown Series

by Taylor M. Lunsford





My first three novels will be released through Naked Reader Press in 2013, along with a short story, as part of the Love In Unknown series. I’m excited to introduce readers to the small (fictional) town in Texas called Unknown. Located in the Texas Hill Country, Unknown was founded by the Maddox Family in the 1800s.


My Love In Unknown series starts off with the story of sexy mayor Caine Maddox and the new town doctor – and Caine’s college sweetheart- Melody Carr. Sparks fly between these two as Caine fights to convince Mel he’s no longer the selfish playboy he was in college while Mel struggles to convince the people of her hometown that she’s there to stay.


Next up, we meet Mel’s yummy brother Micah, the town baker and newcomer Cady Saunders, a runaway bride who steals Micah’s heart.


Finally, we get to know Caine’s brother Gage, the big bad police chief of Unknown who finds himself falling for fashion designer Tessa Styles and the cute little baggage she brings along with her.



NEED YOU NOW excerpt: 


By the time Caine lifted him out of the truck in front of the hospital, Teddy’s face was pasty white and drenched with sweat. Even though Caine knew from experience the poor kid had to be in a lot of pain, he was impressed at how stoic Teddy remained. No crying, no moaning. The only sound he made came when he got out of the truck.


Leading the boy into the Emergency entrance, Caine looked around for a doctor. The county hospital was small. Doctors from the four small towns in the area took turns staffing the emergency room while three full-time doctors took care of the long-term patients. Eyes lighting on a white coat, Caine started to usher Teddy forward.


“Excuse me? My friend here had a bit of an accident and I—” Caine stopped in his tracks as the doctor turned around. He hadn’t registered the long, chestnut-colored ponytail before, and the coat concealed the body he used to know better than his own. Big hazel eyes blinked up at him, looking just as surprised as he felt. Melody Carr.







This was not how he’d pictured their reunion.

Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1.  Cotton or Silk? Cotton all the way. I’m all about clothing that doesn’t require any extra steps when it comes to doing laundry.



2.  Champagne/beer/wine? Hard Cider. Love me some Woodchuck. Although champagne or any sort of sparkling wine is nice too.



3.  Plotter/pantser: Plotter as much as my brain will allow me to be. Some books I know every scene before I start writing. Some books will only reveal themselves in small chunks. Those books usually end up giving me the most headaches (aka Book 2 in the Love in Unknown series, Ready to Love Again).



4.  Describe your workspace: I spend all day at my day job stuck at a desk, so when I’m writing these days, I’m usually not at a desk. Sometimes I’m on my couch. Most of the time I’m in a cute little-old-lady recliner I inherited from my great-grandma and had recovered. It lets me curl up or stretch out or lean back or whatever, which is nice after all day at a desk chair.


5.  Sports fan or just tolerate it? I don’t love all sports. Football, basketball, golf, and hockey will forever remain mysteries to me. My grandfathers and uncles brainwashed me into loving baseball at an early age (Go Texas Rangers!), which you’ll see in my books. In recent years, I’ve grown to enjoy soccer (I’ll watch if I’m bored) and LOVE tennis. My aunt and I are always texting back and forth, especially during the Grand Slams. We argue about who’s better, Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal (Andy is totally better), but both agree on who we don’t like (Djokovic).


6.  Who is your biggest writing influence?

That’s such a tough question. There have been a lot of influences on my writing over the year. I think every writer is an amalgam of the books they read, especially those they read over and over again. Top 3 influences? My dad, Nora Roberts, and Jane Austen. For more influences, check out this this post on my blog.


7.  Favorite food – Grandmama’s mashed potatoes. Hands down. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be them. Chocolate’s great and I love fried chicken, but those mashed potatoes always win. Made with cream cheese, sour cream and all kinds of tastiness. Is it Thanksgiving yet?
8.  When did you start writing?  I started writing fan fiction right before I turned 14, but I started to take it seriously and write to be published at 19. Looking back at some of that Newsies fan fiction is scary.


9.  If money were no object, where would you like to live? Easy—London. I lived there for four months in college and they were the best in my life. The city is so alive, but old at the same time. Every where you look, you see history juxtaposed with the future. You never get bored.
10.  What’s next for you?  In the next few months, the rest of The Love In Unknown series will come out. After that, I’ve got a collection of short stories coming out that take the siblings of Jane Austen characters and marry them off. Then, who knows? Maybe something with a traditional publisher.

Review:MEDIA KIT Need You Now book 1

You know what I’m a sucker for?  Reunited lovers.  Seems like I’ve been reading a bunch of them lately and lately, they have all been great.  Need You Now is just that, a great read.  I was enthralled from the first page.

Some back history, Mel and Caine were together in college and then broke up.  Neither one of them can remember who did the breaking up but it’s there.  Imagine when you get a job as the town’s doctor and everyone hates you?  This is what happens to Melaine.  Throw in the fact that Caine, is best friend’s with your brother and the mayor of Unknown, well…there is bound to be some twists and turns that you never counted on.

I truly did love Caine and Mel.  Between the sexual tension, trying to get past old hurts and wounded pride, I loved how they finally came together in the end.  Plus, throw in good old small town politics and you’ve got a great story.  Trust me, I live in a small town and politics are everywhere.  Another thing that I liked was the push and pull that both Mel and Caine had with each other.

Ms. Lunsford has written a beautiful love story of second chances between two stubborn people who never really grew out of love with each other.  Getting to know each other was a revelation to both of them and the smexy times… really do need to read the book.  😉  Plus, just that little extra of intrigue…oh wait…I forgot to tell you that.  No spoilers on the blog peeps.  You should know that!  LOL!

I can’t wait to read Gage and Micah’s stories later.  Ms. Lunsford did a great job of introducing them into the story without them being all over the page.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:MEDIA KIT Taylor-9


Taylor is a hopeless romantic who spends her days working for a great company and her nights/weekends doing the job of her heart. A devout follower of the Jane Austen school of thought, she’ll put her characters through a little trouble, but they’ll eventually have their happily ever after. She’s still searching for her prince charming, but she knows he’s out there, so she’ll content herself with fictional ones for now.








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  1. Enjoyed the interview. I enjoy Nora Robert’s books too. The book sounds and looks awesome. I can’t wait to read it.
    Thanks 🙂

    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

  2. Thanks for the spotlight and the excerpt – I also enjoyed the 10 Things by Taylor….I have to say that I too love mashed potatoes with all of the extra trimmings

  3. YEA! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the novel!
    I want to live (or at least visit…) London, too! 🙂

  4. Maybe I should switch up my writing local. I mean, I spend so long at desks during the day…then I sit down at a desk and try to write and my brain’s like…nope…Thanks for sharing your interview!

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