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Advice to the modern woman – Martini Sisterhood style by Heather Long

shaken heather long

The Martini Sisterhood–five women bonded by the ties of friendship, supporting each other through challenges of surviving love, and loss. For these women, life can change on a whimsical dare and a magic eight ball…


She’s good at sorting out professional messes…

Accountant Zip Collins spends so much time on spreadsheets that’s she’s forgotten what it’s like to be between the sheets. During her weekly cocktail hour with the girls, they consult a Magic Eight Ball about her crush on bartender Tony. When the toy advises her to go for it, Zip dares to color outside the lines and go after the man who heats her dreams…

He’s in the middle of a personal trial… 

Tony Giordano enjoys Friday nights above all others, because it’s the one night a week he’s sure to see the sexy accountant and her friends. Having long since resigned Zip to the look, but don’t touch category, he’s blown away by her invitation. Tony’s always been a planner but with his custody battle looming, he’s not prepared for the effect she has on him…

One night leaves them both shaken…

What began as a whimsical dare quickly turns passionate, but is an unquenchable desire–and a Magic Eight Ball’s advice–enough for these two planners to risk happily ever after on?


Advice to the modern woman—Martini Sisterhood style.

In Shaken, the first book in the sexy new contemporary series by Heather Long, we meet Zip, Kaley, Jem, Lucy and Veronica. These five women bonded by friendship into a sisterhood that has supported them through heartbreaks and dream fulfillment since college. Professional to the core, they know what it is to love, to lose, to win, and to mourn—but they are better for having each other. Every Friday night, rain or shine, snow or sleet, involved or not, they make a point to get together, touch base, and share a few hours of laughter. We asked each woman to share a life lesson they have learned along the way.


An attorney, she is suspicious and cynical about romantic gestures.

Men are only romantic for one reason—okay, make that two. They want in your pants or they want forgiveness for being out of theirs. I’m sure there are decent men out there, but they are damn hard to find. So men who go out of their way to do all that over the top stuff outside of the holidays? They’re compensating. Run the other way.


A doctor, she is well aware that women can sabotage their relationships to make them fail.

Men are sexual objects. Biologically they are programmed to spread their seed to among as many vital women as possible, so they stray, it’s what they do. It’s always better to be the one who controls their sexual access in the long-term. That way you can cut them off before they can hurt you.


An advertising executive, she insisted on their Friday night happy hours continue even while Lucy and Veronica finished their turns in med and law school respectively.


Women like to drink.  Face it, alcohol is the quickest way to remove socially inflicted inhibitions and open ourselves to better social interaction. I’m not saying we need to get sloshed, but drinking martinis together every week bonds us on a level that survives life’s pressures. And how else would some of us get laid if we didn’t loosen up a little?



An artist, and one who has suffered several tragedies, she is probably the most romantic and believes in the L word.


It’s easy to say fuck ‘em and leave them, but when a woman chooses to be with a man, it’s never about just sex, no matter what she says. Falling in love happens whether we say the words or not, but when we do say them—it changes everything.



An accountant, she’s not known for whimsical choices. Nor does she believes in love at first sight.

A one-night stand is hardly the beginning of a committed relationship. Sure, we’ve all had them, but we end up feeling a little dirty afterwards and no one wants to brag…still…there are some men you just want that chance with and who knows? Maybe one night is all it would take.


Bottom line? All women are different…don’t judge a Martini sister by her drink

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