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Project Terminal: Legacy, Book 1 by Olivia Stake – Book Blast/Excerpt/Giveaway


Project Terminal: Legacy by Olivia Starke





Zombies and super soldiers? Laura is the one hope for a world gone Hollywood crazy.


In only a matter of hours Laura Swift has been bitten by a zombie, rescued by Mr. Tall, Dark, and Foreboding, and thrown into a world gone Hollywood crazy. She has no choice but to follow Damian into his underworld of manipulated viruses and genetically altered super soldiers. Even as her life hangs in the balance, she can’t deny the attraction she feels for the incredibly sexy and thoroughly imposing Infantryman.


Damian Gonsalves believes he has a cure for the virus changing innocent people into bloodthirsty undead. Within Laura is the key to stopping the horrific plague. All he has to do is keep her alive and safe, and stay one step ahead of those pursuing them. Her stubbornness frustrates him to no end, while her body drives him to distraction.


When they discover the secret behind Project Terminal, will they survive long enough to help stop the unleashed horror? Or will they just be two more victims of a virus threatening all of humanity?


Content Warning: graphic sex, strong language, and violence





“Four more hours. We have to prepare.”


Laura went cold. “Prepare?”


“The progression will snowball from here.” His voice dead, he continued to stare at some unseen view.


He’d kissed her with such passion, now he spoke without emotion. How could someone do such a turnabout? The lousy bastard. Rage, white hot in intensity, shot through her, her head swimming with it.


“Maybe you’re just stupid, Damian. Stupid for allowing a zombie thing to attack me. I wouldn’t be dying if it wasn’t for you. You deserve this, not me.” Her fists balled at the injustice of it all. “You should die for this.”


She sucked in wheezing breaths, unable to fill her lungs, and fell back on her butt. Her eyes widened, searching a darkened corner of the room, a distorted face appearing from the shadows. It grinned with broken, yellowed teeth, its eyes glowing in the dimness.


She gagged over raw terror.


“Oh my God, I saw something over there.” She scrambled backward. “Damian, one of those things is in here.”


* * * *


Damian glanced around the sparsely furnished room. Other than a few flies and mosquitoes buzzing around them they were alone.


He closed his eyes, the weight of guilt pressing down making it difficult to speak. “We’re alone, Laura. Nobody else is in here.”


The night wore on, and fits of anger mingled with her confusion. Several times he’d had to prevent her from dashing out the door. He paced the confines of the living room, waiting for the last of the madness to run its course. Laura lay on the floor, lashing out toward some unseen attacker, before her breathing became rapid, labored pants. White foam bubbled from her mouth.


He pinched the bridge of his nose, turning away. He’d become disillusioned with the system he’d given his life to shortly after discovering they’d screwed up royally in creating the virus. In a lab he’d watched a man succumb to it, changing into a soulless corpse. It’d been horrific the first time he’d witnessed it. Afterward Headquarters had assigned him to track down an infected woman outside of the facility. It was his duty as a super soldier to clean up their mistakes. Now he wanted nothing more than to see the lab destroyed, something he should’ve done in the first place. He should’ve listened to Doug and Max, two of the doctors from the early days of the project. Their warnings had come to pass, but he’d been a stubborn, misinformed jackass.


Curled in the fetal position, Laura looked like a sick child, fragile and broken. His throat constricted, even though it was ridiculous to have feelings for someone you didn’t know. He was military, Army Infantry, for Christ’s sake, he knew how to pull a trigger without regret.


Laura rolled onto her back, staring toward the ceiling with glassy eyes. Despite the tremulous hold she had on life, she was already dead.


He existed as a government killing machine—an automaton they’d designed. Nothing more. He’d given his humanity away to the project. He wasn’t much better than the corpses he hunted.


“I’m so sorry this happened to you, baby. You were right, I deserved this, not you.”


His vision blurred when he stared down the barrel, the silencer aimed squarely between her eyes, his heart beating a crazed rhythm in his chest. His finger squeezed ever so slightly on the trigger. Outside a mourning dove called to its mate, a haunting song echoing in the room. He recalled a story from his youth about how a dove would arrive to carry a person’s soul to the afterlife. If he believed in anything but the here and now, in that moment he would’ve thought it true.


Laura’s mouth gaped open, strangled noises escaping her throat, seizures taking her into death throes.


He lowered his arm and thumped the butt of his gun against his thigh, waiting for the monster to appear. When she became the undead, when she moved to attack him, he’d have the power to destroy her. She deserved one last try to get the best of him. Maybe it wasn’t Laura anymore, but he’d honor the fighting spirit within her. She’d never get past him, but if she took a piece of him in the process he’d have an excuse to end the whole goddamned thing here, in this stinking house. If he ever got infected his duty would be to put a bullet in his own head.


Laura’s body stilled, her eyelids drifting closed.


Any moment…


Her eyes popped wide open, her back arching. She sucked in a breath as if surfacing from deep waters. He turned his body sideways, leveling his gun in dead aim, waiting for the corpse to lunge.






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About the Author:


Olivia Starke calls the Ozarks home. One of the most beautiful areas in the country, she loves hiking trails with her dogs, kayaking on the numerous waterways, and enjoying southern Missouri’s fresh air and sunshine.


She’s also ‘Mom’ to four dogs, a growing number of kitties that show up at her door, and four VERY spoiled horses that do little to earn their keep. Not that she’d ever hold that against them.


She’s a HUGE fangirl of Doctor Who and to a lesser extent Supernatural, and has a pretty interesting love triangle (or square?) going on in her head between the Doctor and the Winchesters.



Author Links:   Site     Twitter     Facebook






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Sins of the Undead Patriot by A.C. Mason – Review/Promo/Giveaway












a.c. Mason will be awarding a $20 Amazon.com e-gift card to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.  






To save the President, Vaihan must trust the woman who betrayed him.

Vaihan Louchian, Ancient Zombie and Special Advisor to the President, dabbles in contracts for Homeland Security in Washington DC, the only remaining demilitarized zone. His latest mission: to seduce delectable Leera Waltz so he can take down her boyfriend Rowley, leader of the anti-zombie terrorist movement. Vaihan and the President work the Bill of Undead Rights through the Senate, but terrorist attacks rise. The futures of the living and undead are in jeopardy, and Ms. Waltz is not all she seems. Vaihan can’t help being more interested in rescuing her than in his assignment. Any human female who’s willing to put up with the complications of lovemaking with him and his bouts of OCD is worth the hassle.

Vaihan is powerful, intelligent and kind. So not what Leera expected of an undead. When she’s forced to betray Vaihan, she knows he will never understand. She must return to Rowley, and slips deeper into the city’s dark underworld. Then Vaihan’s suspected in an assassination attempt against the President, and Leera has to find the courage to do what’s right and save him, or lose not only Vaihan and the leader of the free world, but her heart and soul.

WARNING: Questionable sexual situations that will disturb some readers, such as abuse, bondage and drug use. Graphic violence and sex, including taboo play. M/F. M/F/M. M/M. And the sexiest undead civil servant you’ll ever meet.



This is my first ever book by Ms. Mason.  I enjoyed it immensely but some of the things that were in the book were very dark and places that I’ve never gone before in my reading.  First off, I’m not a Zombie person.  But Vailhan is one sexy ass Zombie.  He’s loyal, undead and tortured.  Who doesn’t like a tortured hero?  Also, with all the double crosses, political intrigue, twists and turns…I felt like I was reading a cross between a John Grisham/Tom Clancy book.  This is a good thing since I devour their books when they release. 

I didn’t exactly warm up to Leera at first.  Still grieving over her husband, there were times when her actions didn’t make sense to me.  They did to her of course, but trying to keep up with her and the sexscapades made it hard to feel sympathy for her at times.  In the end, I did like her.  With her tortured, yes tortured history, it all made sense.  🙂

Did I mention that some of the sex scenes were hard to read at times?  Yes, this from someone that reads dark erotic.  But when it involves Zombies, humans, all kinds of m/m, m/f/m, m/f, bondage, drug use, abuse and poisoned sperm that humans become addicted to and all kinds of kinkiness and it pushes even my limits.  In Ms. Mason’s hands, it all makes me believe in the sheer graphics of it all and the WHY its there.  This isn’t a “pretty” world, so why try to paint it that way.  🙂

I look forward to the next installment of Leera and Vaihan.  This book isn’t for the normal erotic paranormal reader.  Be prepared for your jaw to drop, want to shake the heroine and fall in love with a Zombie.  Maybe, just maybe we can understand the whole living organ thing in the next book?  Just saying…




Temptation filled the dark lounge–half-clad human females danced in the center prancing for the zombies, who circled this evening’s “dishes.” Jaw clenched, Vaihan gripped his glass with a shaky hand. Sure, the government provided his kind cloned meat, but taste didn’t factor in. “I can’t believe it’s cloned human” was false advertising.

A petite blonde glanced his way for the third time and smiled. As she ground her hips to the rhythm of the music, her purple, skintight minidress hiked up her thighs.

He lifted the Lagavulin Scotch with an ounce of pureed organs mix to his lips and downed the contents to quiet the ache at the pit of his stomach. The smoky peat-and-metallic flavor of the dense liquid coated his tongue. Such concoctions helped keep the cravings at bay. However, the elixir only curbed the urge to taste flesh temporarily. The mouthwatering aroma of healthy humans permeated each breath, waking the “urge.”

He slammed his glass down on the bar and headed for the door. It wasn’t easy to be The Undead Poster Boy, when he too, struggled to keep his other needs caged.

The blonde stepped in his path. “Leaving?” Between the mounds of breasts, her cleavage was a deep gorge. She curled her lips upward on one side in what she likely hoped was a seductive smile.

“I’m stepping out a moment.” If she was legal, he’d guess barely. Not worth the risk. Not after every sacrifice he’d made the past thirty years.

“My place or yours?” Need beamed at him in her green eyes. Blue LED lights ran in tubes on the ceiling, flooding her youthful flesh. The bass of trance music thumped at the rate of a victim’s heartbeat when panic set in. An undead never tamed the predator inside.

“Neither.” Tonight she’d find a fix, but not from him. Others of his kind enjoyed toying with their food. He found such activities distasteful, so these types of clubs weren’t his scene. In the corner, a zombie licked a brunette’s neck and slid his hand up her skirt. Tasting the living didn’t hurt, but left an undead in a state much like blue balls. Her lips parted in a gasp as she rested her head on the wall behind her. An addict, no doubt.

“You sure?” The blonde leaned into Vaihan, pressing herself to his crotch.

Heat from her hip stroked his length, rousing suppressed need. He huffed. Maybe some were more easily swayed. He stepped back.

With wide eyes, she glanced up. “Holy Mother of God, and you’re not even hard.”

“Correct.” Clueless would understate her aptitude. The human females in this bar had no clue what they were getting themselves into. So many tasty treats were scattered about the room offering themselves up for a hit of Z-Luv, the neurotoxin zombies produced in their saliva, blood and semen, which paralyzed their victims in a state of pleasure until the feeding began. In this place, even the oldest of Ancient undead would suffer. Once a human was hooked, they spiraled out of control, losing their appeal. He enjoyed a more responsive lover in and out of bed rather than one half-baked out of her mind.

Perhaps he should show her.




Born from the union of her Scottish and Belgian mother and an African American and Cherokee father, a.c.Mason’s youth was filled with dichotomies and moving from place to place. She developed a curiosity to explore through writing the seedy side of our nature and desires. Add to that her fascination with theology, politics, history, horror, and erotica. And voila, her distinct voice surfaced. Given her own diverse background, she writes stories that represent the world she grew up in. She enjoys delving into the realms of the unknown and blurring the caution lines. Her stories are the place where darkness meets human desire and fairytales endings are not promised but earned.

She is fluent in French and English. She’s an avid traveler, including most of Canada, both of the United States seaboards, England and Europe. For the past nine years of her life, she has worked with one foot in the past spanning from 18th century, the Bering Strait theory to modern day and now late Victorian and WWII. She advocates the preservation of our natural and cultural riches for future generations.

Take a journey with her characters and come face to face with what lays beneath their illusions. Emerge…on the other side changed.




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Treacle & Treason by JoAnne Kenrick – Author Interview/Review


Title: Treacle and Treason

Series: Tales from the Coffin #4

Author: JoAnne Kenrick

Genre: Paranormal Erotica, Short Story, Vampire, Zombie, Ghost

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Format: Ebook

Length: 24 pages


Purchase: Amazon UK | Smashwords | BookStrand | ARe | B&N | Amazon US |


Book Description:


It’s Bonfire Night, but the fireworks in Estella’s boudoir are more impressive than any rocket or sparkler. She has more pressing things on her mind than trivial traditions like burning the Guy and crunching her canines on treacle toffee. A spot of unrequited love, and her little deady bear’s rotting body.


What better way to distract herself than to entertain you with a ghostly retelling of the infamous Guy Fawkes and the Fifth of November legend.


In York, England—new job, new life—Tansy finds herself both fascinated and scared by the haunted history this cobbled-street city has to offer. Determined not to let her fears chase her back to her small home town, she spends the night in the birth place of Guy Fawkes on the anniversary of his arrest. When she comes face to face with the spirit of Britain’s most notorious conspirer, he kisses her oh so scandalously. The ghost of his lover joins the interlude, and takes over Tansy’s body. Possessed by Marie, she is powerless to interrupt the passion exploding between them. Not that she’d want to. Pleasure abound, their story is unraveled…


…and it’s nothing like the history books depict.


Author Interview:


Welcome Joanne Kenrick.


Is Treacle & Treason a single title, or part of a series?

Treacle and Treason is a part of the Tales from the Coffin series which is erotica horror and very different from my usual romance HEA required books. They are a story within a story – think Crypt Keeper telling smexy scary stories. Only the crypt keeper is a Mrs. Haversham type vampire with a zombie lackey who is also her lover.  We not only get a different story in each edition, but if you read the series in order, you also get the second story to follow of the storytellers Estella and Lucy.


What were your inspirations for the story?

Emilie Autumn’s music inspired the series, and Estella. Esp the song Opheliac.


Please share your setting for Treacle & Treason. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most?  

The stories are set in several different places, but Estella and Lucy’s ‘basement’ is in an old cemetery house at York Cemetery. I’ve been to York several times, and it is one of my favorite cities in England. In all of the UK, actually. Along with Chester. Both I love for the old-world setting, cobbled streets, Tudor buildings and all the ghosts.


When did the writing bug first bite?

When Santa left me a red typewriter under the Christmas tree when I was a child.


Who are you favorite authors, book/series?

Currently, my favorite authors are Anne Rainey (BLACKWATER series) and Stephanie Draven (LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME/1920s series)


If you could have an author roundtable discussion with any authors, who would you invite?

Stephen King, Anne Rice, Virginia Andrews, Nora Roberts, Lori Foster.


Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spare time? 

I love making book trailers and playing with the movie editor in general. Also, I have a love for sewing and other arts and crafts type projects.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard or seen?

A triangle of blue orbs hovering over a table during a séance in an old Tudor building in Chester, England.


Jesus H. Christ!  My first ever true Zombie story with f/f/m.  You knew, right?  Ms. Kenrick can write a sex scene no matter who or what is it in.  That said, I was a little lost with the characters because I’m jumping in the series at book #4.  I highly recommend that you read the other books before this one to learn about the characters.

All that said, I loved the story that Estella retold.  I love a good ghost story and throw in possession, sex and true pleasure, I’m there.  🙂  Who wouldn’t want to be possessed by a ghost and have the best sex of your life with a conspirer?  *raises hand*  Pick me, pick me!!!

Please tell me why I’m so in love with The Edge Series?  Its like a drug that I can not live without and Ms. Kenrick writes some of the best Edge books.  Again, I recommend that you read the first three books in the series to understand Estella, her zombie lover and the Bone Cruncher.  I know that I will.  🙂






About the Author:

Born n bred Brit, JoAnne Kenrick grew up in a wee sea-side town in North Wales and has enjoyed a variety of vocations such as holistic healer, window dresser, and ghost tour guide. Having lived in Wales ,England, and Scotland with her dear family, she finally escaped the dull British summers to reside in sunny Australia. After two years, they moved to the States where she endured three harsh winters in Minnesota. She now lives in North Carolina with her husband, two kids and two puddy cats. When they aren’t demanding her attention, or jumping on her head, she strums away on the keys of her little laptop, creating worlds and adventures she could only ever dream of. Come across the pond and faraway….with JoAnne Kenrick! Get exclusive sneak peeks at her new and upcoming releases by signing up to her quarterly newsletter here: http://tinyletter.com/joannekenrick


Website | Twitter | Facebook |