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A Millionaire at Midnight

by Naima Simone
Bachelor Auction, #4
Publication Date: February 13, 2017
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Indulgence, Contemporary Romance



Boston socialite Morgan Lett is having a run of bad luck. Her fiancé just dumped her for her stepsister, the charity foundation she’s given her life to is in danger of folding, and now, the gorgeous man she bid on and won at a masquerade bachelor auction turns out to be a cold-hearted jerk…and her new employer.

Millionaire Alexander Bishop needs the best wife money can buy. In order to inherit his family business, he must get engaged—fast. And Morgan, with her beauty and pedigree, is the perfect candidate. Her sharp tongue may drive him crazy, but she needs money to save the foundation she loves, and he needs a fiancée. It’s a flawless arrangement—no strings, no love. But soon she has him craving more, and cursing the platonic terms of their agreement.

Still, he won’t allow need—no matter how hot it burns—to threaten everything he’s built.




“Since you’re my betrothed, I can share my worries with you,” Morgan propped a hip on the edge of his desk. “I’m not going to pretend a humility I don’t have—I’m hot.”

“You’re right.” Alex paused. “You don’t possess any humility.”

“The point is, men have been hitting on me before I grew breasts. But not you. Of course, I could chalk that up to you being a little, uh…” She pursed her lips, squinting her eyes. “A little emotionally challenged. But then it occurred to me that in addition to not liking me, you just might not be attracted to me.”

She rose from her perch and flattened her palms on the desk top, leaning forward. Her breasts pushed against the silken material of his shirt, the tiny row of buttons earning their keep by containing the soft weight of her flesh. His body tightened, a rush of lust pouring through his veins and culminating in his cock. His erection strained behind his zipper, and he grasped hold of every scrap of control he possessed not to fist the thickening column through his pants.  

Fuck, this was crazy. He wasn’t even sure he liked her, and yet thoughts of shoving that tight skirt up around her hips and tasting everything the clothing hid consumed him.

The woman was slowly shredding his control, and he hated it.

Feared it.

Yet, as he stared into her eyes that glittered with something reckless, a little bit wild, he felt nothing but hot, control-searing need.

“I think you should kiss me,” Morgan stated.

The matter-of-fact tone didn’t match the slightly taunting smile she wore or the hooded gaze that barely concealed a sensual gleam. For him.

His mind questioned the veracity of her attraction.

His body didn’t give a good goddamn.

“What are you doing, Morgan?” He couldn’t eliminate the rasp from his voice. Not with lust roughening it like a plow churning up newly turned earth. “What game are you playing?”

“The game you’re buying me a building for. Be the best fake fiancée possible. And as two people desperately and deeply in love, PDA will be expected. So let’s do a trial run. Kiss me. See if we need to work on it before taking this show on the road. So. Kiss. Me,” she murmured.

“No,” he ground out.

“Why not?” she countered. “Scared you won’t be able to live up”—her gaze dropped to his lap and the rigid flesh that mocked him—“to the occasion?” When she returned her attention to his face, that blue scrutiny fucking smoldered.

With a growl, he rocketed to his feet.

In three long strides, he rounded the desk and, as she turned to face him, he cupped the back of her neck. Dragged her forward until her chest and thighs pressed against his.

The heat in those eyes had accomplished what her words couldn’t.

They snapped his restraints.

He crushed his mouth to hers, answering the siren’s call that had been tempting him since they’d walked into the office. On another, deeper, growl, he thrust his tongue into her mouth, parting those pretty lips.

Jesus. The taste of her. Sultry. Sweet. Like ripe, delicious fruit. He entwined his tongue around hers, licked the roof of her mouth, drawing on more of her flavor. Burying his other hand in her hair, he fisted the strands and tilted her head to the side and dove deeper. Demanding she give him what he needed, wanted. Not that she was holding back. She opened wide for him, meeting him thrust for thrust, lick for lick, suck for suck, groan for groan. Her fingers curled around the lapels of his jacket, and she rose on her toes, grinding her mouth to his.

The kiss was wild, a little messy, a lot raw, carnal. Addictive. And not enough.

 Apologies for this being late.  Should have posted yesterday but I honestly forget.  Please don’t kill me Ms. Simone.  You know I love you.  In fact, one of your Indulgence books was on my top ten list from last year.  The book I’m talking about is Aiden and Noelle’s book.  Damn!  Talk about all kinds of sexy and even better, the friends to lovers trope.  You know how I love my tropes.  Ms. Simone surprised me with this book.  She had not one, not two but three different tropes going on in this book.  Enemies to lovers, boss to an employee and of course, the marriage of convenience.  Crack baby, just crack for this junkie.

Ms. Simone delivers a sweet, emotionally powerful story about two people that have been hurt badly by past relationships including from their family that I really didn’t think it was going to work out for them in the end.  Alex isn’t your usually Indulgence hero.  He never comes across as the AlphaHole.  In fact, he’s more beta than anything.  Loves to read, dislikes crowds and loves his half sister and hates his father for everything that he did or didn’t do about her and Alex’s on upbringing.  If there is a hero that needed a hug or two, it’s Alex.  Not that he is wimpy but he just knows that besides Kim, his sister, he isn’t cut out for anything lasting when it comes to relationships.

Morgan is just so damn funny.  Snarky but that attitude is covering up for the ultimate betrayal.  I just can’t even…I mean really?  By her step dad and then her step sister?  Hell no and ick.  I did, however, love her sister Merri and their mother.  She knew that she was loved and taken care of but what really got me is that she could have gone the whole socialite role but no, Ms. Simone wrote her story with dignity and grace. And a bit of snark when needed.  I also liked that fact that she had an actual job.  Very smart, good at what she does and has a heart big enough for her charity.

Now the sexy times are great..well, Ms. Simone writes them they way I like them but I also liked the aloofness, too after their first time.  I kinda expected it but instead of the big insta love thing after their first time, it instead made both of them think about having an actual relationship with each other and that scared the crap out of both of them.  They realized that all the snark, dancing around each other was just foreplay for them.  *sigh*

Again, I LOVE, JUST LOVED this book.  A great edition to the series and no one writes for Indulgence like Ms. Simone.  I almost feel like she interviewed me when she started writing for the line and asked me what I liked and didn’t like.  Or let me beta read for her.  One or the other, she just gets me and my loves.


Naima’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey and Linda Howard many years ago. Though her first attempt at writing a romance novel at 11 never saw the light of day, her love of romance and writing has endured. Now, she spends her time creating stories of unique men and women who experience the dizzying heights of passion and the tender heat of love.

She is the wife to Superman – or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent – and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Newsletter | Amazon Author Profile


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#Review of Alpha Lover (The Alpha Council Chronicles #3) by Brenda Sparks w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @brenda_sparks

Alpha Lover

by Brenda Sparks


GENRE:   paranormal romance



Starved for blood, vampire, Nicholai Peterhof is greatly relieved when two tourists decide to grace his restaurant, but one sip from the pretty brunette and his world is forever turned upside down. Juliette Staint-John is everything he could have asked for in a heartmate; pretty, smart, built with curves in all the right places…and totally unavailable.

Juliette doesn’t want anything to do with the handsome, young-looking Nicholai. As if their differences aren’t enough, the acute grief over the loss of loved ones keeps her heart guarded. He may be her fantasy, but that’s all he can ever be.
To get past Juliette’s defenses and in order to keep her safe, Nicholai must prove himself worthy of her love and trust. Unbeknownst to the couple, her personal demons are not the only ones threatening their relationship. Hiding virtually unseen by the vampires, Demon Royalty plots to destroy not only the couple but the entire vampire breed. Luckily, Nicholai will do anything for Juliette—even if it means sacrificing himself.

Alpha Lover will be on sale at all retailers for 99¢ from February 3 – March 2, 2017


Excerpt Two:

Nicholai took Julie’s hand in his, leading her through the velvet ropes to the Grand Staircase. The fine, white marble stairs rose on either side of the room toward a large landing at the top. Golden, life-size statues stood as sentinels along the gilded iron railing. Penny’s eyes widened as they tracked along the walls, looking at the painted cherubs and golden moldings.

“Let’s take a picture.” Penny shoved the camera into Julie’s hand.

“Come on, Nicholai.” Penny linked her arm around Nicholai’s and pulled him toward the bottom of the immense set of steps.

The two of them situated themselves at the base of the stairs while Julie crossed to the opposite side of the rounded staircase.

“All right, you two.” Julie backed up as far as possible and adjusted the camera. “I think I can get you and those golden statues in the frame. Say cheese. I mean syr.”

“Syr,” Nicholai and Penny sang in tandem with big grins on their faces.

Every nerve ending in the warrior’s body suddenly lit up like the Vegas strip. Fear crept along his spine, circling it before it wrapped around his heart and squeezed until he could not breathe. His senses searched the palace.

A blank spot registered the exact moment Nicholai’s keen eyes noticed movement above Julie’s head. Horror gripped him with its icy tentacles when the statue of the golden woman holding a sickle leaned toward his heartmate. Time slowed his vision as it can only do during a time of danger. The heavy sculpture leaned further and further until it hung upside down, its head directly over Juliette’s. Suspended ominously in midair, it dangled for a second then fell, making a bee line for Julie.


Man, a hot Russian and he’s a vampire.  I know, I don’t typically read PNR but this one got my attention.  Plus, I liked the fact that his mate is human.  I love when the “mates” aren’t the same species.  *giggle*  I know, I said species but it’s the truth.  I also liked that Nicholai had to romance Julie, too.  He had to this while keeping her safe from the demons that wanted to destroy the vampires.

Okay, backing up.  I loved the world building in the story and no, I didn’t read the first two books.  Sure, did I think that I was missing some things but I felt that Ms. Sparks gave me enough information to be able to follow the subplot in the book?  There are vampire councils, royalty, demons (*swoon*) and the fact that this is a series and with the ending of the book, there are still unanswered questions from the overall arc of the book.  There is enough intrigue to keep me engage in the story.  The pacing is slow in the beginning but it picks up quickly and never let’s go.

Julie is breath of fresh air.  I liked the fact that she was a normal looking woman.  The connection that I felt for her was instant and even though she was dealing with her own demons, her connection to Nicholai is quick.  I know, sounds like instant love but for me, it’s not.  But again, he had to romance her.  Sure the smexy times are hot but that’s not the point of their relationship.  Julie had a lot of things to work out and Nicholai had to NOT get her killed.  They had to grow up apart from each other, to make their relationship work.

Overall, I really liked the story.  Did I feel like I was missing something?  Not really but I will definitely be on the look out for the next book in series.  Yes, I’m hooked.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Born in Virginia, Brenda Sparks now resides in the Sunshine State.  Balancing her professional commitment to the local school district with her writing is challenging at times, but writing suspenseful paranormal romances is a passion that won’t be denied. Her idea of a perfect day is one spent in front of a computer with a hot cup of coffee, her fingers flying over the keys to send her characters off on their latest adventure.  Brenda loves to connect with readers.  Please visit her online or stop by her website to say hi. www.brenda-sparks.com


Author Links:Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/forBrendaSparks

Twitter : @brenda_sparks https://twitter.com/brenda_sparks

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Facebook Author Page : http://www.facebook.com/brenda.sparksauthor.1

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/brendasparks/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Brenda-Sparks/e/B00B7AJBBQ/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Website : www.brenda-sparks.com

Blog: www.brenda-sparks.com/blog



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It’s here! It’s here! Nova (The Renegades #2) by Rebecca Yarros! w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @TastyBookTours @RebeccaYarros @EntangledPub

Harlie here:  OMG!!!!  He’s here!  He’s here!  When I read the first book in the series, Wilder, I truly thought I would die.  I don’t read NA but Ms. Yarros sold me on this series and Wilder, the Renegades #1 was on my top 10 list from last year.  I have already bought Nova’s book and will read it on the cruise.  Poetic, I think.  😉  Thank you Ms. Yarros for writing an intelligent, sexy and engrossing NA series.   
The only heart he wants is the one he already broke…
The Renegades #2
Rebecca Yarros
Releasing February 20th, 2017
Entangled Embrace


The only heart he wants is the one he already broke…

He’s Landon Rhodes.
The Renegade they call Nova.
Sinfully gorgeous, broody, tatted-up, professional snowboarder.
Four-time X Games medalist—
Full-time heartbreaker.
They say a girl broke him once—that’s why he’s so reckless, so driven, so careless with his conquests.
But I’m that girl.
They can call me his curse all they want.
He and I both know the truth—
He’s the one who destroyed me,
And I’m not the sucker who will let that happen again.

***NOVA can be read as a

Excerpt #2

“How many have there been, Landon? How many memories are in your bed nowadays?” She forged on ahead, her eyes glossing over with a layer of what I was hesitant to call tears. “Can you remember them all?”

Heat rushed through my veins, a nauseating mixture of anger, shame, and the bitter taste of regret. My brain screamed at me to retreat and lick my wounds, to try again with her when she wasn’t on offense.

My heart reminded me that I was going to have to fight for this woman with every weapon in my arsenal if I wanted her.

And damn, I wanted her. Craved her. Needed her.

She was the only one I’d ever felt connected to—the only one my heart woke up and shook off the ice for. The only woman who challenged me and took me down in the process.

I stepped forward and clamped both of my hands on the table, boxing her between my arms. She craned her head to keep my gaze, unwilling to back down. It was the quality that both frustrated the hell out of me and turned me on faster than anything—her constant refusal to yield for just a fucking second.
 “Can I remember them all? Probably not.”

She snorted.

“You want to know why?” I didn’t wait for her to answer. “Because blonde, redhead, brunette—I saw their features for a millisecond. The moment I had one of them in my bed, they all had eyes the color of dark chocolate and hair so black it was almost blue…” I glanced at her hair. “Or purple. I never needed to remember them, because they were always you.”

“Don’t say things like that,” she begged. As if I could physically see her walls start to crumble, she softened. “You don’t get to say things like that to me. Not anymore.


Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and Paleo. She is the author of the Flight & Glory series, which includes Full Measures, the award-winning Eyes Turned Skyward, Beyond What Is Given, and HallowedGround. She loves military heroes and has been blissfully married to hers for fifteen years.
When she’s not writing, she’s tying hockey skates for her four sons, sneaking in some guitar time, or watching Brat Pack movies with her two daughters. She lives in Colorado with the hottest Apache pilot ever, their rambunctious gaggle of kids, and an English bulldog who is more stubborn than sweet. They recently adopted their youngest daughter from the foster system, and Rebecca is passionate about helping others do the same.


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