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Mela Remington Fills in the Blanks on LIKE YOU READ ABOUT (Author Interview/Promo/Giveaway)


Like You Read About

by Mela Remington

Published:  April 21, 2013

Publisher:  Self Published

Length:  150 pages

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Available at:  Amazon



We are so lucky today!  Not only do I get to tell you about Like You Read It, show you the beautiful cover with Jimmy on it but Mela Remington has stopped by to talk about her newest novel Like You Read About.  I cannot wait to get to know her better.  Let’s see what she has to say:
Liberty Ann:  Hi Mela and thanks for stopping in today!

Mela:  Oh my pleasure.  Thanks for having me. *smile*

Liberty Ann:  For those who don’t already know how awesome your latest novel is, please give us a short blurb of ‘Like You Read About‘.

Mela:  The story is a contemporary workplace romance loosely based on how my husband and I met and fell in love.  Our heroine Cora is a normal woman, with body image issues, insecurity and a past that has left her a little weary.  Our hero is a single guy, living alone with his cat and his computer, he’s been burned by a romance with a coworker before so he’s not sure he wants to get involved with Cora, even though she seems like a good idea.  Much of their email banter, and many of the romantic gestures are straight out of my life.  Even though it’s a work of fiction it feels very much life a memoir.  My best friend read it and his comment to me was, “I really loved your book, but it felt like I was reading your diary.”  I really hope people enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it, this was very much a labor of love for me.

Liberty Ann:  Gosh, that sounds fantastic!  What was the Hardest Part of Your Writing Process?

Mela:  Sending it out to the beta readers and waiting for feedback.  This was the first fiction I’d written in 25 years and it was a little nerve-wracking to put it mildly.  Same goes for sending it off to the editor, and then pressing publish on Amazon, so scary to share my thoughts and words with the world, hoping they like it.

Liberty Ann:  Oh yes, I know what you mean.*grin*  How do you develop your plots? Do you use any set formula?

Mela:  Well this first book was much like writing my diary, so there wasn’t a formula.  The newest books I’m working on are a series, and I have an outline of the characters, at least up through book 4, their relationships, how everyone intermingles and interacts.  I’ve outlined the plots beforehand, I know where I want to end up, and I let the words flow out of my head to get me there.

Liberty Ann:  Oooh I love series!  To this point, who has been your favorite character to write?

Mela:  In the first book I would say Dan, bringing my husband to life in written word was weird, wild, and so much fun.  I also love that when he read the book his only criticism had to do with a football reference, apparently the game I had people bitching about was one of their best games ever.

Overall with the writing though I would have to say Jane, who is the heroine in my next book, Dominion 1: Jane.  She’s widow in her early 40’s trying to figure out her life, she’s so complex, and as I write her I’m learning more about her than I knew when I first envisioned her, and  that’s part of the writing process I guess I’d never expected.  I hope readers will connect with her, she isn’t some young, tight little thing, she’s a woman who has lives life and raised her kids.  She is finding a new freedom at this point in her life and helping her navigate it is a blast!

Liberty Ann:  Oh, sounds like I will be looking forward to Dominion 1 as well.*grin* Okay, one last question for you:  What is your favorite line/quote from current work?

Mela:  I’ve got two, one from Cora and one from Dan:

Cora: (this is part of her inner monologue) What says “professional, casual elegance and you know you really want to ask me out, kiss me good night, have some hot sweaty monkey sex and live happily ever after with me”?  It is a lot of pressure to put on one outfit, isn’t it?

Dan: “Dude, you are my best friend, and if you breathe a word of this to anyone, I will personally remove your nuts with a rusted spoon and tell everyone that you write Joanie Loves Chachi fan fiction.”

Liberty Ann:  *giggle*  Oh those are great!  Thank you so much for stopping by our little corner of the Web. I really wish you the best. Before you go…where can we follow you?

Mela:  Oh, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, my Website and Goodreads.  I am also giving away one ecopy of “Like You Read About” at each stop of the tour so be sure to leave your email address below in the comments. Thank you so much for having me on your blog, I had a lot of fun answering your questions!

Liberty Ann:  How cool is that?  Thanks again Mela.  Ladies and Gents, the delightful Mela Remington!



Book Blurb for Like You Read About:

What if your soul mate has been sitting across from you at a conference room table for the last two years?

Cora O’Malley is a shy accountant for a small pharmaceutical company in the Boston area. After years of being single, struggling with her self image and self confidence she finds out that the IT guy she’s been crushing on is single and also looking for possibilities.

Cora decides to take life by the email and see if she and Daniel Santagata, the IT man have anything in common, if there really are sparks between them…

Witty email banter, fumbling new relationships, bossy best friends, New England weather… how can anything but mayhem ensue?



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Fate’s Design by Lola James – Character Interview

Fate’s Design by Lola James

Fate’s Series, Book 1


LJ Publishing



During a summer trip to Italy, a teenage girl falls in love and is pulled into the world of vampires, witches, and magical powers. As she becomes more deeply entrenched, her nightmares begin to make sense, and the girl realizes that she’s been part of this new world since birth.

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Hello as part of the blog tour I want you to meet as many of the characters as possible. For this stop I wanted you to meet Megan and Morgan twin sister and lead characters. Enjoy them they are crazy! Megan: Hey Morgan we are supposed to talk our part in Fate’s Design as part of the blog tour. Morgan: (Folds arms across chest) Why couldn’t we get some cute reporter guy to interview us? You know with the Clark Kent look like Matt Bomer or somebody. *Loud Sigh* Megan: *Rolls eyes* Because Morgan, Matt Bomer is an actor and not a reporter and we are supposed to do this together. Morgan: Fine, should I start with a question or will you? Megan: Go ahead you start you’re the oldest. Morgan: Great, then tell me about your dreams? Megan: Why would you start with that question? *Rolls Eyes* my dreams are crazy, sometimes scary and as of late quite sizzling. *smiles with evil smirk* Morgan: I bet they are sizzling with a certain Italian man! It’s your turn! Megan: How hard was it to leave your boyfriend Evan to go to Italy? Morgan: *Inserts deep breath* Evan *Exhales* I knew I was going to miss him but this is my livelihood and career that we are talking about! I love fashion as much as I love Evan. Ok, it’s my turn! What did you expect from Italy? Megan: Lot’s of pasta, a museum, or five, meet the Pope, you the usual when one goes to Italy. Morgan: Ha, I bet you didn’t think you’d have an Italian Love Affair. *Laughs* Megan: *Bushes*you’re right. I didn’t but I am glad that I did! What about you and your “Italian love affair”? Morgan: *Smiles shyly* I plead the fifth! Megan: You can’t do that! Morgan: Why not? Megan: Because it’s not fair, Morgan! *sticks out bottom lip* Morgan: Fine *rolls eyes* I loved every minute of it! Now that was sizzling and I recommend everyone— Megan: Stop right there don’t even say it! Morgan: I was just going to visit Italy! Megan: Sure, you were Morgan! I don’t think I have any more questions. Morgan: *Holds head* Good, I was getting a headache. Do you think I could get a job with the Italian travel department house? Megan: No, Morgan Stick to fashion sweetie. *Laughs*   Lola James has been reading romance novels since her teens, and fell in love with the paranormal after discovering Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Her love of the dark worlds of vampires and witches, as well as her fascination with Greek mythology led her to create the Spellbound Series, an ongoing Paranormal Romance combining all of the above into tales of suspense with a little bit of humor in an Urban Fantasy setting.   A long time lover of reading and writing with a passion for a great story, James became discouraged by the complicated and arbitrary publishing process, James had initially set down her laptop and her hopes of being a writer. However, with the purchase of her first e-reader, James became re-energized by the new possibilities for an undiscovered author to reach the masses. Dusting off her keyboard she finally finished Bound to Remember, the first book of the Spellbound Series and self-published it. Energized and ambitious, James is now hard at work on both the Spellbound Series as well as the Fate Series, a paranormal romance about dreams and what happens if they come true.   Living in Southern California with her two beautiful children, James finds time to write in between her full-time job as a mother as well as her other full-time job as an HR manager, as well as her academic schedule as she studies for her Master’s degree which she hopes to complete in 2013. With the success of Bound to Remember, James hopes to continue to reach an audience that will allow her to leave her HR job and focus on her writing as a full time career.  

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