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Second Chance Marquess

by Jessica Jefferson


GENRE: Historical Romance



When Wilhemina Turner’s younger sister runs off with a young Lothario, she has no choice but to turn to the notorious rake who broke his promise and her heart, for assistance. George Bartlett, the Marquess of Chesterton, hasn’t forgotten the woman who hurt him so many years ago, but can’t deny her request, knowing that his brother’s reputation, and fortune, is at risk. A series of misfortunes leave the straight-laced widow and committed bachelor stranded, sharing both close quarters and old secrets. But when morning comes, will this unlikely pair find a second chance at love?



Second Chance Marquess by Jessica Jefferson

From Dragonblade Publishing

Excerpt 20

He was in a tub.

George was in the center of the room, submerged in a metal tub of water. Apparently, Mrs. Follmer wasted no time in executing her request. His black hair was slicked back and water was beading up on the smattering of hair across his chest, which trailed into a fine line down the center of his firm abdomen…

Thankfully, she could see nothing below the water line for the soap had created an opaque film across the surface.

“How dare you!” She prayed her voice came out as strong as she’d meant it to, despite her knees threatening to give out at any moment.

Why must he always be naked when they had matters of great importance to discuss?

“How dare I what?” he asked calmly, raising one cocky brow.

“You know what you did.”

“Really, you’ll have to narrow it down a bit. I dare to do things all the time.”

Her nose flared. “You lied about us being married. And you had the opportunity for a second room and failed to take it. You put me in this precarious position.” She tried to stare directly at his face, but it was more difficult than she’d thought it to be.

He pursed his lips. “I’m afraid this little confrontation might go a bit long. Do you mind if I get out? I’m starting to wrinkle.”

“No.” She practically shouted. As distracting as his naked form was, with him being submerged and unable to come close made the fight much fairer. “I don’t even see how you got in there. When I left you this morning you could barely stand.”

“The innkeeper’s wife personally saw after the preparations of my bath. She offered me a great deal of assistance, but I finally convinced her to send me up a young man to help me get across the room instead of going through all the trouble herself. Like she offered. Over a dozen times. And thank you for making the request, the muscle is feeling quite recovered.”

She stomped her foot, a childish gesture, but far less destructive than throwing a pitcher across the room as was her first inclination. “Why did you trap me here with you?”

“I thought by claiming you were my wife, I would be doing you a favor. I wouldn’t want to compromise your reputation.”

“Which would not have been necessary had you gotten the second room.”

“Well, that is true. But I thought it would be a benefit to us both if we were forced to spend the night together.”

“Of course you would.” She balled her hands.

You know what I never see in a historical romance?  This kind of book.  It’s a second chance romance with older characters and you don’t have to tell with the ton at all!!!!!  I know, right?  And yes, the characters are older.  Willie is 28 (widowed) and George is 34 (a rake to the highest degree).  Plus, Willie isn’t a wallflower.  She has had to endure a bunch of stuff to get where is at in the beginning of the book.  She speaks her mind to George and doesn’t pull any punches.  Of course, George is just happy to be in the same room with her.

George, at least for me, never stopped loving Willie.  Regardless of his station, his father and what transpired between them, he always knew that he loved her.  The gambling, tons of women, drinking…he owned up to with Willie.  She needed to know what had happened to him in those ten years.  That said, Willie seemed a bit more closed off when it came to her ten years apart.  It wasn’t until much later in the book that she finally admitted to him what had happened and how she truly felt about it.

Kitty and Henry are nice secondary characters, too.  It took their adventure to have George and Willie take a really hard look at their relationship, younger and older, and realize that they were no better than his dad and her aunt.  Oh and dear old auntie…she really needed to be slapped.  How could she do what she did to Willie and George all those years and still look at Willie and herself in the mirror every day?  Ooooo…

This book has everything I truly like about historical romance.  There is humor, some smexy time, characters that I cared about from the start, a plot twist that I never saw coming and secondary characters that helped our hero and heroine see their own fate before them.  Ms. Jefferson offers up a delicious tale that is definitely on my keeper shelf.



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Jessica Jefferson makes her home in Almost-Chicago with her husband, two young daughters, French bulldog Lulu, and English bulldog Pete.  When she’s not busy trying to find middle-ground between being a modern career woman and Suzy-Homemaker, she loves to watch “Real Housewives of [insert city here]” and performing unnecessary improvements to her home and property.


Jessica writes Regency-era historical romance with a modern twist where she invites her readers to fall in love with romance again.


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#Review of Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny (A Taking Shots novel) by Cindi Marsen w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @cindimadsen

Today we have the stop for Cindi Madsen’s Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny. Check out this fantastic new romance and grab your copy today!

About Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny:

Confession #1: I used to be a puck bunny, but after a hockey player broke my heart, I gave up all things hockey. Now I’m just focused on finding a way to pass my math class so I can graduate college.

Confession #2: Ryder “Ox” Maddox’s deep, sexy voice sends fuzzy tingles through my entire body, and I’m powerless to stop it. Which is a big problem since the hot, surprisingly funny hockey player is my new math tutor.

Confession #3: I can’t stop thinking about how ripped Ryder is from all his hockey training, and how fun it’d be to cross lines with him.

Confession #4: I kissed a hockey player and I liked it.

Confession #5: If I’m not careful, I might relapse and fall for Ryder, and then I’ll be totally pucked.

Read a hockey book they said.  You’ll love it they said.  Don’t worry that you burned that t-shirt when you worked for the Dallas Stars and you don’t read hockey romances because it sets up triggers for you.  Keep an open mind and just read.  I’ve read Ms. Madsen before so I’m confident in her ability to write characters that I will love but this is my first NA from her.  Boy, am I glad that I took a chance.

Ox and Lindsey are absolutely perfect for each other.  They had me swooning, laughing and at times, wanting to bop them over the head but nonetheless, I fell in love with them.  I can totally understand where Lindsey is coming from.  I saw puck bunnies first hand for 6 years when I worked for the Stars but Lindsey is self-aware of why she backed off and why getting involved with Ox would be a bad thing.  Lindsey grew up and evolved from the beginning of the book until the end.  Working as an editor for the school paper showed that she had more to offer about herself than she previously thought.

Ox is hot.  No doubt about it but he’s also a softie and a math nerd.  You knew?  I liked how he really pursued Lindsey.  He never gave up and he wasn’t all alpha about it either.  He didn’t realize why Lindsey didn’t want to go out with him but he knew that she was attracted to him.  Ms. Madsen developed their friendship first and then the romance.  Sure, there are smexy times but this book isn’t about that at all.  It’s about how two people can connect when one of them has sworn off the lifestyle.  Yes, being with an athelete (good or bad) is a lifestyle.  Lindsey just wants to pass her math class.

Ms. Madsen has sold him on her NA books.  Everybody kept talking about them but like Lindsey, I shied away because of the hockey angle.  I won’t be making that mistake again.  🙂


4.5 Harlies


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About Cindi Madsen:

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting, revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a pretty new pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music and dancing and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.

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Happy Release Week and #Review of Unforgettable (Meadow Shores novel #4) by Eva Charles! @evacharles37

* ∼ * ∼ * ∼ * NEW RELEASE * ∼ * ∼ * ∼ *



By Eva Charles



Enrolled in KU!


He didn’t want children.

She couldn’t imagine a life without them—

especially now.



I should have stayed away from her. I knew better.

But instead, I treated every single day like it was my birthday,

and she was a luscious devil’s food cake slathered in creamy icing.



I’d spent my entire life being cautious, never took any real risks.

And I did it to shield the people I loved from needless worry.

To protect them.

I’m the sensible sister.


Redemption and Forgiveness


There are few occasions in one’s life where the body warns of impending doom.

This was one of them.




The Claytons and Harringtons are back with a beautiful second chance love story. Helena and Gabe’s story will leave you with the unwavering belief that no matter how dark the day is, the sun will shine again.


Love, laughter, and loyalty

Welcome to the family!

I know that everyone has had that one book that made them ugly cry.  Like really, really ugly cry.  I can honestly say that this is THAT book for me.  As you know, I love this family.  The novels are richly writing, unputtable down, and at times shocking but this one takes the cake.  I honestly didn’t know how Ms. Charles was going to work towards Helena and Gabe’s HEA after everything that was said and done by these two.

What I love about Ms. Charles’ writing is that she doesn’t prolong the black moment.  She makes her characters work for the HEA.  Once I got to Helena and Gabe’s black moment, I didn’t stop crying until the epilogue.  Yes, it is very sad and the cruel things that Gabe said still haunt me.  Why?  Because my brother faced a similar situation and begged, pleaded with his girlfriend at the time.  He WANTED to be a father.  Hence, I’m going to my nephew’s high school graduation on June 1st.  But I digress…But that’s what Ms. Charles’ writing so powerful.  She gets to the nitty gritty of a relationship and puts the time and effort into to make us love the characters, flaws and all.  I couldn’t hate Gabe at any time.  He was upfront and honest with Helena in the beginning but he never saw it past the good times.  Helena, on the other hand, saw the bad times.  My heart broke for her but she is strong and knew that with or without Gabe, she would be fine.

The sisters, cousins and assorted others make appearances.  Oh, Lord, does Ms. Charles have a spitfire on her hands.  Ella is a force to be reckoned with and I rather enjoyed the friendship that developed between Gabe and Ella.  She cracked me up when I needed it.  Cole *major swoon* is still my favorite Harrington cousin.  He didn’t hate Gabe, tolerate more like it but he was totally there for Helena when she needed it.  The funniest part in the book was when they all compared Gabe to Max.

Of all the books that I have read this year, this is the best of the best so far.  This book will haunt me but in a good way.  The romance, the friendship and ultimately being able to forgive is what makes this book so special.  Gabe has to forgive someone from his past and Helena needs to forgive Gabe for them to get their HEA.  Bravo Ms. Charles.

Can’t recommend it any higher!

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