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Harlie Has An Annoucement


Harlie has an announcement to make and I hope that you will understand where I’m coming from and celebrate with me.

As some of you know, I am a published author.  My debut short was published on December 26, 2012 with MuseItUp Publishing.  Since then, I’ve been working on three different MS or should I say, they are sitting on my computer waiting to be worked on.  And there lies to problem.  When my debut published, Harlie’s Books exploded, in a good way.  I had more work than I could handle. 😉

I had decided that May was going to be my personal NANO month and well…that didn’t work out at all.  Baseball season started, in laws visited and just plain, getting ready for the end of the school year.  I’m exhausted, cranky and I needed a break.  See, as soon as The Couple was released, I should have been writing on the next book but found myself too busy on Harlie’s Books to do so.  In some ways, I really felt like a failure.  Since my debut was short (20 pages), it didn’t do very well.  I found out that most people don’t read short stories and don’t take the time to read them for what they are worth.  L  I had authors tell me that you are only as good as your next book.  Don’t worry about your debut, write the next one.  Well, that was easier said than done.  I still had a blog to maintain, books to read and a life, too.

To keep up with Harlie’s Books, I hired an assistant, Liberty Ann and we now have reviewers on board to take over some of the slack from me in reviewing.  It’s with that, that I announce that I’m taking a break from reviewing.  Yes, Harlie is taking a break.  I haven’t read a book for pleasure in over 6 months and I need to focus my energy on getting my MS’s ready for submission.  Now, that’s not to say the books that I have read for review weren’t good; they were, but I need a break from the constant review end of things.  Don’t worry about Harlie.  I’ll be fine and will continue to review books, just not as much.  The calendar has eased for the summer and I will honor every commitment that is on the calendar.  I will continue to do the Harlequin Spotlight on Thursday and I’ve got some really good books to showcase in the coming months.  So now I have restructured my schedule and am working on revving up my creativity.  New books, here I come!  Honestly, I don’t see how my fellow reviewers that have been published do it.  Some of them have had two books release since mine in December.  I shouldn’t compare myself to them but in some ways I do.  I should have been right there with them but instead…

On the flip side of things, Pink will still be around with her sass, snarkiness and all around bugging the crap out of me.  I love her and she frees me in some ways that I can’t describe.

I look forward to the summer even if I haven’t figured out what we are going to do but at least, I’m not in the carpool line until August.  Go me!